Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 760

Chapter 760 An Enraged Matthew

After that, the sibling gradually walked away. Inside the bathroom, Shirley finally could not bear the load as tears flowed down her eyes and she began sobbing while feeling aggrieved. However, Skyler had no intentions of letting her go and mercilessly went at it for half an hour before setting her free.

While they sat on the counter, he embraced her while using his thumb to wipe away the traces of tears around her eyes. He suppressed the displeasure in his heart while grimly warning her, “Remember. Garrick Brennan will never have anything to do with the woman that I, Skyler Robins, had slept with, even if she is a woman I discarded.

After saying that, he leaned in and pecked her red lips. “Shir, you’ve crossed the line. In the future… be more obedient.” He gently patted her cheeks and ignored her red eyes and fearful sobs.

That day, Shirley did not know how she left Brennan Manor. Also, she had discovered something new about Skyler and felt even more terrified of him.

At the hidden clan, Veronica and Matthew descended the mountain and shopped at a few clothing stores to pick out some clothes for him before taking a stroll along the night market. Yet, at that moment, an uninvited guest reappeared before her.

“Hello, Miss Murphy.”

Liam appeared from inside the crowd and greeted her while waving the thing in his hand. Then, he offered, “I heard Hendrey say that you don’t have a phone, so I bought one specifically for you. Although you don’t understand the hidden clan dialect yet, it doesn’t affect your ability to answer my calls.”

Back when Veronica saw Mateo’s injured face, she thought Liam would be in the same situation, but it was then she discovered that Liam only had a small bruise at the end of his eye while the rest of him was intact. In comparison to Mateo’s situation, it seemed that Liam’s strength was not to be underestimated.

Before she could speak, she suddenly felt a cold aura enveloping her, making her shiver. Turning to her side, she saw that Matthew’s face was gloomy as he looked at Liam with unfriendly eyes.

It was obvious when someone wanted to kill another. At the very least, Matthew’s gaze looked very sharp.

Subsequently, a slight smile crept up her red lips. Why have I not discovered that Matthew gets jealous so easily?

“Thank you, but no thanks. We can afford to buy a phone.” Matthew took a large step forward and used his body to shield Veronica and obstruct the greedy gaze Liam was throwing at her. This gaze is very bothersome.

Having his vision blocked, Liam subconsciously tilted his head, but Matthew moved his body along with him and securely blocked Veronica from Liam’s view.

Liam withdrew his gaze while scrunching his eyebrows together and eyeing Matthew up and down. “Where from you? Scram.”

As soon as he said that, the others knew he did not learn English well.

“Sorry, but no.” Matthew kept his words short and simple.

Although his ordinary ‘appearance’ gave others the feeling that he was a humble and honest person at first impression, the gloomy gaze he was shooting at Liam had a trace of a domineering aura, which made Liam feel a little under pressure. Who am I? I am the youngest son of Tanya Ledger, the man who can do whatever he wants in the hidden clan. How can I be afraid of such a small fry?

“I’ll only count to three. If you still won’t move, I’ll make you leave here on your knees.” After snorting contemptuously, he glared at Matthew in disdain. “Three, two, one… Very good. You’re dead meat.”

With a raise of his right hand, Liam ordered, “Break this insolent being’s legs.”

“M—Iron Pillar, you…” Veronica tugged on Matthew’s sleeve, reflexively wanting to call him ‘Matt’, but she quickly realized and changed titles. “Let it be. It’s better to have fewer troubles than more.”

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