Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 759

Chapter 759 The Dangerous Skyler

Shirley would have forgotten about it had it not been an exceptionally memorable event. Now that the matter was mentioned, it was safe to say it was all Skyler’s fault back then.

Last year, at the entrance of the First Meeting, Shirley was beaten up by Sofia and felt humiliated, so she called Veronica, who then told her that she had arranged a blind date for her. At that time, Shirley did not take it to heart and thought Veronica was only trying to comfort her.

That night, she was in such a bad mood that she went to a bar to get drunk and then hailed a cab back to her apartment in her drunken state.

The drunk Shirley saw Skyler and lunged at him while hitting and chastising him, but she soon felt like doing that was not enough. As a result, she slept with him under the influence of alcohol.

When she woke up the following day and saw him sleeping beside her, she was so shocked that she fell from her bed and repeatedly apologized to him while begging him to forget about what happened that night.

Seeing that Sofia had beaten up Shirley, Skyler felt guilty, so he agreed.

Since then, both of them had never mentioned that incident, and no one else knew anything about it besides them. However, she did not imagine that Skyler would suddenly go bonkers and bring up this incident today.

“Yes, I did. I have already forgotten about it for ten months and just happened to remember it today.”

“H-How could you…” A flustered Shirley kept her voice extremely low, afraid someone outside might hear her.

“Do you know what I hate the most?”


“I hate it the most when someone takes away what I used to have!” As he maneuvered the hand that was pinching her jaw, he turned to forcefully pinch her cheeks to relieve the dissatisfaction inside him.

Right when Shirley’s eyes had reddened from the pain, he pushed her against the counter and leaned toward her. He was quick to skillfully locate the meeting point and merged their bodies before she had the chance to react.

Feeling wronged, she wanted to cry for help but did not dare to make a sound and even bit her lips to stop herself from groaning.

“Skye? Skye?”

Suddenly, Sofia’s shouts were heard from the corridor.

When that voice entered Shirley’s ears, she was so nervous that she felt her heart inside her throat. She turned her head and looked at Skyler pitifully, begging him with her innocent eyes. Please let me go…

Meanwhile, Skyler held her waist and pulled her into his embrace so that they could be closer together. He was enjoying the process even more and leaned in to whisper in her ear, “Do you believe that she wouldn’t dare to come inside even if she knows you and I are in here together?”

“Have… Ugh… Have you gone mad?” Shirley’s reddened eyes were filled with tears.

“Skye, where are you?” Sofia’s voice sounded closer as she approached step by step. For some strange reason, Shirley felt nervous but also excited. Her body began to produce more dopamine, which caused her to feel like she was floating in the clouds.

At that moment, Skyler suddenly piped up, “What’s the matter? I’m inside the bathroom.”

While he answered Sofia’s calls, it did not affect his progress while strongly attacking Shirley’s body.

That reply also shocked Shirley out of her wits and made her entire body, even every pore on her skin, unknowingly tense up as well.

“Ugh…” The man let out an almost inaudible groan from under his breath.

“Pia, have you seen Shir?”

Another man’s voice sounded in the corridor. It was Garrick.

The already nervous Shirley instantly became even more nervous and felt as if her heart was about to fail and her breathing was about to stop.

“What? Shirley…” With a slightly pale face, Sofia subconsciously glanced at the bathroom before forcing a smile and saying, “She might have gone to the garden. I’ll go with you to look for her.”

“Sure. I happen to have something I need to talk to you about.”

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