Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Inside the Bathroom

“Why are you so flustered?” While trapping Shirley against the wall, Skyler braced his hand beside her head and used the other to hook her chin to make her look into his eyes. “Huh?”

The sound of him dragging his question resembled a hammer hitting her heart with a bang, making her even more terrified.

“I…” Not knowing where to look, she dodged his gaze and bit her lip while lowering her head to mutter, “I’m not… flustered.”

Not flustered? Just look at how she’s biting her lips until they’re almost bleeding, yet she says she’s not flustered.

“I seem to have underestimated you. You’ve made yourself Garrick’s girlfriend so quickly. Are you trying to get back at Sofia by becoming her sister-in-law?” While gnashing his teeth, Skyler wanted to crack Shirley’s head open and see what she was thinking inside.

“What? Sister-in-law…” Her mind went blank as she stared confusedly at Skyler while her mind was frantically spinning.

A while later, she finally figured it out. Skyler has misunderstood me.

“About that… President Brennan and I… Our relationship doesn’t concern you. Young Master Skyler, don’t you think you’re sticking your nose into other people’s business?” She straightened her back and reasoned with him.

“What did you just say?” At that, his face fell as he stared at her with grim eyes while slightly exerting more strength on the hand that was pinching her jaw.

“I said, I-I want to be Garrick’s girlfriend, so please keep your distance in the future, alright, Young Master Skyler?” Shirley never wanted to have anything to do with Skyler, but that guy always seemed to stick to her like glue. Also, he even made Sofia misunderstand her several times and enticed Sofia to pick on her. Such events were deeply inked into her memory.

When she finished and noticed that Skyler was not replying, she continued, “I forgot to tell you. I know about you and Sofia’s past, so don’t try to use me to attack and take revenge on her. I’ve let you do it once, but I won’t let you do it again. Also, please have mercy and stop using me as your shield. I can’t afford the consequences of that.”

At first, it was the tens of thousands he promised that made Shirley agree to become his fake girlfriend. It was also during then that she was clueless about Skyler and Sofia’s relationship, which was why she so stupidly agreed to the deal.

Later when she gradually understood the relationship between the two, she discovered that Skyler was only using her to break and take revenge on Sofia, who had betrayed him. As for her, she was just a sacrificial item in the mix.

“I dare you to say that again.” With both fists tightly clenched together, rage gradually appeared in Skyler’s eyes.

“Everything I said is the truth.”

“To you, am I such a despicable person?” His good-looking eyes were squinted into slits while the depths of his jet-black pupils hid an indescribable emotion.

After a moment of silence, she finally replied, “Yes, everything I saw with my eyes is the truth… Hmph…”

Before she could finish her words, Skyler leaned in and kissed her on the lips. His burning lips touched her slightly cold ones; it felt like ice mixing with fire, and sparks were flying everywhere.

While the kiss deepened gradually, Shirley felt her mind going blank and was stunned for a while before starting to struggle. However, Skyler caught her wrists with one hand and easily popped the button on her waist open.

Since Sofia was wearing a pair of black chiffon pants, the heavy material dropped straight to her ankles when it was unbuttoned.

“Hmph… Skyler, have you gone mad? We’re at Brennan Manor!” Shirley was so terrified that her face was blushing red while she frustratedly glared at him.

A smirk appeared on Skyler’s face as he raised an eyebrow. “Oh, here you’re shy? I remember you being eager when we were at the apartment the other day. Why are you pretending to be a good girl now?”

Sometimes, it was better not to bring up history as it might distract one’s soul.

At that moment, her oval face instantly turned red like a ripe peach while she reprimanded him in shame, “You said you would forget about what happened that day!”

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