Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 757

Chapter 757 Skyler Went Crazy

The few women enthusiastically held Shirley’s hand and brought her inside. “Adam, your family just struck gold! Gary finally found a girlfriend.”

“Quick. Come over and have a look. Gary’s girlfriend is a beautiful young lady.” “You can finally rest assured. Gary has a girlfriend, so all of you can finally stop worrying about him.”

No matter how many times Shirley explained that she was not Garrick’s girlfriend, the others all turned a deaf ear to that. Just as she was feeling defeated, she finally saw a familiar figure sitting among the group on the couch…

It was Skyler! Since she had noticed him, he had naturally noticed her as well.

Old Mr. Brennan, Old Mrs. Brennan, Adam, Sofia, and Skyler all rose to their feet and looked over to see Shirley being pushed over by a bunch of ladies.

“Adam, she’s Shir, Gary’s girlfriend.” “Have a look. What do you think?”

“Doesn’t she look pretty? At a glance, she looks like a clean child.” “She looks quite young. So, it means Gary likes his girlfriends young.” “Hahaha…”

The crowd was amused and burst out laughing when they heard that. There was one exception, though, which was Skyler. He was staring at Shirley with grim eyes when he questioned, “When did you start dating him?”

This damn woman sure knows how to attract men. I just dealt with Wade and now she has Garrick hooked as well. Why didn’t I ever realize she was so attractive to men?

“I…” When faced with Skyler’s question, Shirley felt her heart thumping wildly as she nervously pursed her lips. “There must be a mistake. I’m—”

“Drew, she’s my guest. You’ll scare her by acting so fiercely.”

Coincidentally, just as Shirley was about to explain, Garrick appeared. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her behind him to shield her from Skyler.

Instantly, Shirley and Garrick’s relationship shifted to the next level. If she was to keep trying to explain, it would seem as though she was being pretentious. Of course, her explanations were unnecessary to the others in the room.

“Gary, when did you guys get together?”

Today’s protagonist, Sofia, was wearing a white tube-top princess dress that hugged her waist; her slightly curly hair was let down and the silver crown was decorated with diamonds. She looked incredibly stunning, just like a real princess.

She took a step forward and tilted her head to look at Shirley. “So, you’re actually Gary’s girlfriend. Gosh. I’m so sorry for misunderstanding you back then.” As she said this, she affectionately grabbed Shirley’s hand and smiled.

At that moment, Shirley had a sudden realization and finally understood what was going on today, as well as Skyler’s reminder the other day. I have fallen into Garrick’s trap. He’s trying to use our relationship to create a fake scene and make Skyler misunderstand that Garrick and I are a couple. That way, Garrick can make Skyler stop liking me. However, God’s plans supersede their own. They don’t know that Skyler doesn’t like me! she innocently thought.

So, Sofia’s hostility must be because she misunderstood that I like Skyler, so I can use today’s chance to play pretend with Garrick, which counts as an indication to her that I don’t like Skyler.

“I-It’s alright. Everything is now in the past.” Shirley smiled, tacitly admitting her and Garrick’s relationship.

That answer also made Skyler’s face fall and turn as dark as ink. His sharp gaze was looking at her like he was trying to pierce a hole through her, which terrified her to the point that she was trembling and afraid to look up at him.

After that, Shirley was led to sit on the couch and was forced to converse with Garrick’s aunts.

Meanwhile, Skyler sat opposite her and was staring intently at her with his cold gaze, which scared her so much that her heart was constantly trembling.

“Excuse me. I’d like to use the bathroom,” she suddenly spoke up mid-conversation.

“The bathroom is at the end of the hall. Turn left and walk to the very end.”

Old Mrs. Brennan, who liked Shirley a lot, pointed in a direction before turning to Sofia and urging, “Pia, bring her to the bathroom.”

“There’s no need for that. I can head over on my own.”

After that, Shirley sprinted in the direction of the bathroom like her life depended on it and was so nervous that she thought she would faint. She stayed inside the bathroom for a while and composed herself before preparing to head outside. However, at that moment, a dark shadow pushed the door open and dashed in before locking it from the inside.

“S-Skyler, why did you come in?” She was so nervous that she stammered.

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