Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 756

Chapter 756 Garrick’s Girlfriend

When Shirley arrived at Garrick’s home, it was already an hour after their conversation at Cyberten Holdings.

Looking at the many luxury cars outside the manor and the crowd that spanned everywhere, she concluded that his home must have some sort of ongoing gathering, so she did not think or ask about it.

After she stopped the car by the entrance, she urged Garrick, “President Brennan, we’ve arrived. Go on quickly. You wouldn’t want your family to wait.”

The man seated in the backseat looked out the window and a faint light flashed across his eyes before he looked at his watch and offered, “It’s already 11.00AM. You should stay for lunch.”

“What? No, no, no. I shouldn’t.” Since Shirley was sitting in the driver’s seat, she turned around and smiled at him. “It’ll be just in time for lunch when I head back.”

“You just said we were friends. If you reject my appreciation offer to my home for lunch, wouldn’t that mean you don’t see me as a friend?” He sincerely invited her and threw out a great opportunity.


“Stop hesitating and let’s go.” Without giving her any chance to hesitate, Garrick alighted from the car and stood aside to wait for her.

He was, after all, the president of Cyberten Holdings, so Shirley could not offend him or dare to disrespect him. As a result, she could only muster the courage to descend the car before accompanying him inside the manor.

Upon entrance, they were welcomed with fresh flowers and balloons that were wrapped in bright and beautiful ribbons. Beside them was a huge poster with a picture of Sofia and the text, ‘Happy Birthday, Little Princess’.

When Shirley saw the poster, her expression went stunned and her steps stopped abruptly. Then, she finally remembered the day at the restaurant where Garrick had told Skyler that Sofia would be having a birthday party couple of days later and that his grandfather had invited Skyler to attend it.

Whenever people in Destor said ‘a couple of days later’, they usually meant a few days later, but Shirley did not expect Garrick to mean it so literally.

“Hey, Gary, you’re finally home. Oh, my. Is this your girlfriend? She looks so pretty.”

“Garrick, how could you still go to work when you know it’s your sister’s birthday? That’s outrageous.”

“So, Gary finally found himself a girlfriend.”

“No wonder he insists on going to the company. It’s to find a reason to bring his girlfriend to Sofia’s birthday party.”

“She looks so beautiful. I’m sure your father will be overjoyed when he sees this.”

Then, there was even more incoherent chatter.

Right after Shirley and Garrick came in, a few women with heavy makeup and lots of jewelry came and surrounded the two. The women observed both of them while continuously chattering.

When Shirley heard what they were talking about, she felt speechless. “I…”

“My dear aunts, please stop joking around. This is my friend. Just call her Shir.”

Though Garrick looked like he was clearing their names, the nickname ‘Shir’ was proof of their relationship.

Before Shirley could voice her explanation, the crowd had become more welcoming toward her after they heard what he had said…

“Oh, my dear Shir, you look stunning.”

“She’s indeed a cute-looking young lady. No wonder Gary hasn’t found a girlfriend for so long. It turns out he’s into this type of woman.”

“Garrick is so lucky to have found a pretty and young woman like you.”

“Come on, Shir. Let’s go inside to have some fun. I’m sure his dad will be very happy to see you.”

All of Garrick’s aunts were exceptionally interested in Shirley and were enthusiastically conversing with her as if they had known each other for a long time.

The sudden turn of events made Shirley blush bright red as she shook her head to deny, “You guys have mistaken something. I’m—”

“Shir, you head inside with them. I need to take a call.”

Without waiting for her to finish her sentence, Garrick waved his phone at her, showing an incoming call, after which he went aside to take it.

Now, there was no way that she could explain their relationship.

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