Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Bluffing

It would have been fine if Matthew did not enunciate that, but when he did, Veronica was so scared out of her skin that she reflexively observed their surroundings. She released a sigh of relief after seeing that no one was around them.

“Be careful of eavesdropping,” she reminded. “I know.” While tilting his head to look at her, he raised an eyebrow and smiled. “If it wasn’t because our situation disallows it, do you think I’d keep such a huge distance from you?”

Veronica did not notice it earlier and only just discovered that. Ever since they descended the mountain, Matthew had been keeping a constant distance of twenty inches from her so that no one would suspect anything.

Back in Bloomstead, Shirley accompanied Skyler for lunch, which lessened his anger a little. Subsequently, she shared a coffee break with him before he was finally satisfied.

As for the matter of ‘acquiring’ Vincere Games, he told her that he would head back and think about it.

After hearing that answer, Shirley felt a ball of anger inside her, but she could not do anything about it and only stormed to the hospital in anger to visit Wade’s mom.

Inside the hospital ward, Monica was taking care of Wade’s mom when she saw Shirley, who she then reminded of a few things before leaving.

Shirley spent the night on the hospital’s folding bed and helped Wade’s mom wash up the following day. After that, she went out to buy breakfast and cared for the patient.

Due to Skyler’s warning when he came to the office yesterday, Jayden and Shawn did not dare to cause any more commotion. Instead, they even welcomed Shirley with a smile despite her being late to work.

“Hahaha. Shir, you came. Have you eaten breakfast? I bought some extra food today. Would you like some?”

“Yes, he’s right. I also bought some extra food this morning. Why don’t we have breakfast together?”

The two had been agonizingly waiting for Shirley to come to work. As such, they began flattering her after she came out of the elevator, wanting to find out the latest news about the company.

“I don’t like eating with people I dislike. It ruins my appetite.”

While holding her purse, Shirley glanced at them coldly before walking past them and leaving. She knew those two were overly pragmatic as she witnessed everything that happened yesterday. Therefore, she did not even pretend to be polite to them.

Once she left, Jayden and Shawn looked at each other while helplessness and anger surfaced on their faces; they were frustrated but afraid to say anything. After that, the two immediately chased after her and occupied both sides.

“Haha… Today’s weather is quite sunny. How about taking your boyfriend out for a walk while you’re free? Shawn and I will be here, so there’s nothing to worry about.” Jayden chuckled and promised.

Meanwhile, Shawn nodded repeatedly and suggested, “That’s right. Very right. It’s just the right time to take your boyfriend out for a walk.”

Hearing that, Shirley stopped in her tracks abruptly. She scrunched her beautiful eyebrows before looking at both sides with disdain on her face. “Don’t you two have somewhere to be? I still need to get sponsors or I might get kicked out of the company.” Her words were clearly expressing her displeasure.

How could Jayden and Shawn not know how much she liked to hold grudges?

“Uh… It’s our fault the other day. We were being too impulsive, but we did it for the company’s sake. Our company is stagnant in its development stage, which is why we decided to put pressure on you. We hope you can understand where we’re coming from.”

After that, Shawn pipped in, “President Robins must be kidding when he said he was going to acquire our company, right? Our company is so small, so it must not be of interest to him.”

“I’m not Skyler. What’s the use of asking me?” Shirley retorted and went directly into her office.

The two immediately went after her, but when they arrived at the door, they saw her slamming the door in their faces and almost hitting them in the nose.

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