Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Her Time to Shine

“They are a good fit for each other. As for you, he has already dumped you, so stop trying to push yourself between them.” Jean’s expression turned stern as she heard Layla’s mockery. “Layla, stop it.”

Sean chose to defend Jean this time. “This is a competition and not a place for gossip. Furthermore, the three of us are in a team. If you insist on causing trouble, you should withdraw from this competition. Stop making things difficult for me.”

Layla’s eyes quivered. Although Sean said it for appearances’ sake, Layla saw it as him defending Jean. She gritted her teeth. “Heh… Fine. I want to see how you two can win without me!”

The other groups watched them argue. “Why are the two aces fighting?” “It’s best that they fight. Then, we’ll have a chance to surpass Sean. That would be wonderful.”

Jean heard discussion around her and sighed helplessly. This competition was not what I expected. Especially that man on stage. Why is he here?

Did he come for Sherry? He will only act in ways that benefit him. Perhaps getting involved with Sherry is advantageous to Royden Group. After all, he married me for the sake of revenge. There’s nothing he won’t do.

For some reason, her stomach burned with pain.

She tried to bear with it, but her hearing gradually blurred.

Then, the host said, “Judges, please have a short break. We will begin with the fashion show in half an hour.”

Everyone rushed backstage.

Someone bumped into Jean, causing her to lose her balance and fall toward Sean.

“Are you okay?” He frowned as he looked at her and touched her briefly. “You…”

“I’m fine. We should prepare for the competition.”

Jean wiped the sweat on her forehead and bore the discomfort.

Sean raised his eyebrows. “You can handle the accessories. Remember to alter the wrist jewelry for the second model.”


Sean wanted to win. Jean also wanted the same.

When two people dedicated to fashion design collaborated, they worked together amazingly well, prompting the cameras to focus on them quietly.

As for Layla, she behaved as she did in the afternoon and sat at the side, refusing to do anything.

Thus, she had no screen time.

“Jean, is the first model ready?”

“Yes!” Jean helped the model put on earrings and checked them carefully. “All right.”

“Next one.”

Sean finished all his work and saw that Jean was still busy with her tasks. Thus, he went to help her.

“It’s all right. I can do it myself.” Jean refused his help and bent slightly to adjust the model’s clothes. She ensured the clothes would not cover the waist chain when the model walked.

Layla stared at them and snorted with jealousy.

She believed Sean had lost his mind to allow a newbie designer to replace her.

Thus, she was determined to let them fail so that Sean would experience the consequences of abandoning her.

The host announced from the stage.

“Now, let’s welcome the first group!”

Jean’s hands shook. She accidentally pricked her finger on a pointy part of the waist chain.

She hissed with pain and quickly wiped off the blood.

Then, she said to the model, “All right, you are ready to go. Don’t worry. This won’t prick you.”

The model nodded. “Thank you.”

Jean retreated a few steps and slumped into a chair.

She was so tired that her gaze turned blurry. At the same time, she wondered why the music outside sounded a lot softer than before.

Five groups would compete tonight, and fifteen models would walk the runway. It was nearly time for the models from Jean’s group to go on stage.

Five judges sat before the stage.

Edgar placed his hands on the buttons of his suit and looked ahead coldly.

“Mr. Royden, what brings you here?” Sherry looked at him curiously.

The two looked at each other and seemed like lovers from afar.

Sherry knew the cameras were filming them, so she deliberately leaned toward him. “Could it be that you’re worried about Jean? I came here because of her.”

Edgar finally reacted at the mention of Jean’s name.

His gaze remained indifferent as he looked at her. “No.”

Sherry raised her eyebrows. “Why then?”

“Ms. Summer, you traveled a long way to have a blind date with me. Shouldn’t I be accommodating and pose for a few photos with you? It will be beneficial to you and me.”

Sherry was stunned.

Edgar’s gaze remained cold. There was not a hint of emotions in his tone.

He openly admitted his aim and put all of Sherry’s hope to death.

“Mr. Royden, you are blunt.” Sherry could not bring herself to smile.

She was a proud woman and was highly sought after wherever she went. Yet, to Edgar, she was merely a means to an end.

Still, there were more infuriating things to come.

“Once this event ends, you can ride in my car to your hotel. If you want, we can even have coffee together.”

He was asking her out, but his tone did not contain a hint of warmth.

Sherry looked into Edgar’s eyes. As expected, they were so deep and unfathomable that they seemed to suck her soul.

He behaved coldly to show her that she was merely a pawn offering herself to him.

Sherry gritted her teeth and answered, “Thank you for the offer, Mr. Royden. But that’s unnecessary.”

The fashion show was still ongoing. Edgar looked away from Sherry and did not speak anymore.

On the other hand, Sherry frowned hard and was on the verge of losing control of her fury. How dare he come here to humiliate me?

“Next shall be the final group for tonight.”

Edgar heard Jean’s name and looked at the stage. This was the only one he paid attention to throughout the fashion show. All for the reason that it was Jean’s work.

Sherry took out her phone and sent a message.

The other contestants gathered at the back to watch the fashion show and were astounded. “That’s incredible. We only had four hours, and they could do so much.”

“These are not the work of a competition. Those designs are good enough for a fashion week showcase!”

“Jean is damn lucky. She gets to ride along and win without doing anything.”

Meanwhile, a design director, Sadie Shepard, saw the live broadcast and smirked. “Bring me information about Jean Eyer immediately.”

The assistant beside her asked, “But Ms. Shepard, she is accused of plagiarism and has previous convictions. Is it all right to let someone like her join the company?”

Sadie glanced at the assistant. “Are you the director?”

“I will go get the documents.” The assistant did not dare to argue and rushed out of the office.

Sadie narrowed her eyes.

“I was the one who discovered Sean and Layla’s talent, but they have run out of inspiration in their designs in recent years. I need new talent with an instinct for design to dampen their spirit. It will be even better if she can replace them.”

“She’s the ex-wife of a wealthy man and is pretty well known herself. Interesting.”

Sadie called Kalel’s assistant, “I don’t care how you group the contestants after this, but you must put Sean and Jean in the same group. Otherwise, Sean will leave the competition.”

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