Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 415

Chapter 415 I Won't Let Anyone Control me

Meanwhile, Edgar was in a negotiation the whole afternoon in Royden Group. He was already exhausted when the other side signed the contract.

“Mr. Royden, I hope we can continue to work well together. I hope there won’t be any more negative news from your company.” The other side made a veiled statement.

After all, if a company’s reputation deteriorated, it would adversely affect its business partners. “Don’t worry, Mr. Lanier. I assure you that there won’t be any problem. Miles, please send Mr. Lanier downstairs.”

“Mr. Lanier, please come this way.” Once they left, Edgar headed to his office. As he was nearing his office, he saw a lean figure standing by the door. Her back profile and the way she dressed resembled Jean.

He quickened his footsteps and rushed over, only to discover that the woman was Gigi. His gaze turned cold, and his expression clearly showed how he felt about seeing her.

Gigi smirked awkwardly and knew he had mistaken her for someone else. “Jean is in a fashion design competition. Of course, she won’t show up here. I wanted to talk to you about something. Can we speak somewhere private?”

Edgar glanced at the staff behind him and coldly led her into his office.

After the door closed, Gigi took off her scarf and sat down carefully. “Edgar, I’ve decided to go overseas and will not be causing you trouble again. I have written a letter, and I hope you can help me give it to Jean.”

Her acting was now completely useless against him.

He looked at her without a hint of emotion.

“I know I’ve done many wrongs in the past. It was my fault, and I won’t let anyone control me anymore.” After saying that, she stood up straight away. However, she suddenly paused when her fingers touched the doorknob. “I heard you recently went on a blind date with Ms. Summer. You… You should consider it carefully.”

She left right after saying that.

Her words spread through Edgar’s mind, prompting his gaze to darken. He raised his hand and pressed on the intercom. “Miles, come here for a moment.”

That afternoon, news about Royden Group’s close relationship with Pinnacle Group and the possibility of a marriage alliance spread like wildfire.

Sherry was seated in an office above the competition area when she heard the news from her assistant.

“I haven’t done anything. Who released the news?”

“We do not know yet.” The assistant continued softly, “The news spreads rapidly because it involves two major corporations. We need time to investigate.”

Sherry pursed her lips and laughed. She suddenly seemed amused. “Still, this is good news. It will show Edgar how influential Pinnacle Group is.”

Then, he won’t dare to look down on me again.

“But, Ms. Summer, are you really going to invest in the competition? Your parents seem to disapprove.” The assistant was worried. It was a considerable sum.

Sherry would be in trouble if the spending failed to achieve anything.

“Of course, I’ve already promised to invest. How can I renegade on it? Moreover, I’m doing this to pave the way for the future.” Sherry glanced out of the window. “It will be sunset soon. It’s almost time.”

The assistant sensed a deeper meaning to her words. She stood at the side with her head down and did not make a sound.

Ever since Sherry graduated, she was gradually given work in Pinnacle Group. However, she had never been in charge of any large projects, and her position as a regional vice president was only in name. Still, she was confident that once she secured Edgar, no one in the Summer family would dare to look down on her.

‘Knock, knock.’

A staff came to knock on the door. “Ms. Summer, please head to the main hall downstairs.”

“Sure. I’ll go now,” Sherry responded with a smile. She looked elegant and beautiful.

The staff blushed slightly. She is gorgeous, unpretentious, and gentle. She is truly a perfect lady.

At the same time, the contestants gathered in the main hall.

The last group to rush there was Jean’s group. All three of them appeared grim, especially Layla.

She secretly glared at Jean a few times.

“All right, please go backstage to make the final preparations. Each group will be assigned three models. The fashion show shall begin in half an hour. Before that, let’s meet tonight’s judges.”

“First, we have Heidi Bloom, a star in the fashion world.”

“Our second judge is Mr. Hansel, the president of MON & Co.”

“We also have Mr. Kalel Cordova, the godfather of fashion.”

“Lastly, we have a special guest, Ms. Summer, vice president of Pinnacle Group in Athutia.”

Kalel had made a significant concession in allowing Sherry here. However, he did not grant it for her sake but for the powerful family she came from.

He had been in the fashion industry for many years and understood a principle deeply. Even the best masterpiece needed a patron. Furthermore, the patron needed to be someone with deep pockets to fund the artist. Otherwise, it would be useless.

He used that mysterious design draft as an excuse to organize this competition so that he could obtain more capital support. Then, Sherry approached him on her own and provided just what he needed.

The contestants clapped enthusiastically. They had to applaud Kalel’s decision no matter what.

On the other hand, Jean’s confusion grew as she looked at Sherry standing under the bright light on stage. But before she could think further, another unexpected guest arrived.

As the program was on live broadcast, a staff came forward and whispered something to Kalel.

Kalel smiled. “Welcome. Please come in.”

The massive door opened, prompting everyone, including Jean, to look over curiously.

However, she turned away as soon as she saw the silhouette shrouded by shadow at the doorway.

She was more than familiar with that silhouette.

Then, she looked down and saw the push notification on her phone. It said Royden Group and Pinnacle Group would soon have a marriage alliance.

Perhaps, Edgar came here for Sherry.

The thought made Jean uncomfortable, but she was not jealous. Instead, she was annoyed that a fashion design competition had become a tool for their personal gains.

This is a blatant disrespect to fashion design!

Her beautiful face appeared indignant.

Next to her, Layla suppressed her desire to laugh and said, “Why? Are you uncomfortable seeing your ex-husband with another woman? In that case, you should have known better and stayed away from Sean.”

Jean opened her mouth but decided against retorting her. She did not wish to argue over such a pointless matter.

“You have better be mute from now on and let me and Sean do the talking.” Layla snorted softly.

Sean heard her soft voice and glanced at the two ladies. His gaze turned a little cold.

He needed to win.

The contract with his company was ending soon. He needed to win this fashion design competition to secure his position.

He did not care who it was, but he would never forgive whoever ruined his plan.

Jean keenly sensed a wave of anger from him. Then she recalled how Layla treated Sean in the workroom and could not help but frown.

Being in the same group as them might not be a good thing.

“Mr. Royden, welcome. Please have a seat.”

Kalel smiled and raised his hand. “I didn’t expect to be able to invite two distinguished judges.”

Edgar stood on the stage and was deliberately assigned to sit on Sherry’s right. The two people looked well-match, next to each other.

People began to whisper below the stage.

“Did you see the news? Are the two of them together?”


Many people turned to look at Jean.

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