Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Acceptance

A few people began to head toward the workroom. Those who stayed in the bedrooms saw Jean leave and sneered, “See, I knew she would be kicked out of the room. She committed plagiarism. How dare she show up for this competition?”

“One does wonder what kind of luck she has to be in the same group as Sean.” “I heard Sean broke up with Layla. Is it true?”

“I don’t think they were ever together.” Jean was tired of hearing the gossip. She quickened her footsteps and headed to the workroom.

She pushed open the door and was instantly greeted with a light wood scent. The room was spacious. There was a single bed tucked in a corner. As it had no windows, lamps were its only source of light.

Still, it had a large workstation and was fully equipped with tools, fabric, and cutters. There were seven to eight kinds of scissors alone. It was also complete with accessories. There was jewelry of gold, silver, and pearls.

Jean smiled. “It’s the workroom of my dreams.”

At this moment, cameras in various rooms were activated.

What the contestants did in the workrooms and bedrooms would be broadcasted live. As this was an amateur competition, there were few viewers.

Yet, a certain man had started watching the broadcast and did not hesitate to put all his schedule aside.

At this moment, Edgar was seated in his office and staring at his computer screen.

Miles stood beside him, alternating between looking at the screen and his boss before saying, “Mr. Royden, Ms. Summer will be here soon.”

Edgar grunted distractedly and gave no other response.

“About the collaboration with Pinnacle Group…”

Before Miles could finish his question, he noticed Edgar frowning and glaring at the screen.

It turned out Sean was taking the fruit the staff had sent to his room to Jean.

Edgar’s brow tensed with dissatisfaction.

What made him even angrier was that Jean accepted it readily.

Furthermore, they even began talking about recent works in the design field and became engrossed in the conversation.

“I’m quite surprised that you differ from what the news says.” Sean’s brow softened with a touch of gentleness. He had always been a friendly guy. Being a designer allowed him to make friends with people easily.

He came here to show some friendliness. After all, Jean volunteered to leave and let them have the bedroom.

Jean replied, “Mr. Regan, you are brilliant, as the rumors say.”

Sean raised his eyebrows and asked, “We have just met. How do you know I’m brilliant?”

The staff noticed them chatting for a long time and immediately zoomed in on them.

After some adjustment, the camera focused on Jean’s beautiful face. She considered briefly and answered, “You are the youngest winner of the Halston Design Award and the only winner of the Odell Prize from our continent. How can you not be brilliant?”

Sean’s eyes flickered slightly.

“You are very specific with your compliments.”

Many people would praise Sean for his achievements, but none was as sincere about it as Jean.

Due to this, Sean suddenly had a thought. “This field is not as simple as you think. You will gradually come to understand.”

What does he mean?

Before Jean had time to ponder it, he had already left the room.

Meanwhile, the audience watching the live broadcast rushed to comment that there was no animosity when Jean and Sean were together. Instead, it felt like they were watching a romance variety show.

Some even commented. ‘I want to see romance blossom among the designers!’

The staff soon received orders from the director to give longer screen time to Jean and Sean.

Meanwhile, an important guest came to Kalel’s studio and requested to be made a special judge for the competition.

After Kalel and his assistant learned about the request, they welcomed it.

“Ms. Summer, I’m honored that you are willing to participate in this project. Since tonight is the first round of the competition, I will introduce you to everyone.”

Sherry smiled. She seemed polite and gentle. “Thank you for granting me this chance. To be honest, I wanted to participate in this competition because a good friend is in it. I hope you can take care of her.”

At two o’clock sharp, the contestants separated into five groups and gathered in the main hall. However, there was only a brief instruction for them.

“There will be a fashion show at six in the evening, and each group is to dress three models. That includes attire, hairstyle, and accessories. The groups will be ranked according to online votes. The bottom two groups will be eliminated.”

The competition instruction was too cruel.

Are they going to eliminate six people in one day?

It will be humiliating if I get eliminated in the first round. How am I to continue in this field if I am eliminated?

Instantly, each group began to look at the others with animosity.

Layla yawned. “This is boring. Why don’t we begin?”

I won’t be eliminated this round. Why should I be scared? I have Sean in my group.

The surrounding contestants heard her grumblings and instinctively turned to Jean. They all thought she was in Sean’s group for a free ride and was jealous of her.

“Could she have bribed an internal staff? How could she be assigned to that group? It’s so unfair.”

The staff’s words soon ended the other contestant’s complaints. “You have four hours.”

“Quick, let’s go.”

The contestants rushed to their assigned workrooms.

Only Jean’s group headed to their workroom slowly. As soon as they entered, Layla frowned. “What is this? The lights are too bright. Damn it. This…”

Sean glared at Layla, warning her that the cameras were on.

Layla cleared her throat. “I meant the lights are too bright. You won’t be able to see the gem’s true colors. It will affect your work.”

After saying that, Layla smirked and pointed to the packages in a corner.

“You. Go open those boxes of materials.”

She ordered Jean around like a servant while she sat at the side to rest.

Sean frowned and went to help Jean.

Layla glanced at them and snorted with disdain.

She and Sean came from the same design company. The company wanted to build a good relationship with Kalel’s studio and hyped Layla and Sean’s relationship as lovers to promote the next season’s apparel. Thus, the company insisted that they join this competition.

Judging from the situation, Layla was sure that they would win.

Thus, Layla rested the whole afternoon and did not lift a finger.

If it were other groups, the staff would come over to warm them. However, their group…

Kalel shook his head. “Let them be.”

On the other hand, Sherry said, “The two of them likely won’t be able to finish on time. Can you give them some help or special treatment?”

Since Pinnacle Group invested in this collaboration, Kalel would naturally do his best to fulfill her request.

“Sure, we can help them to a certain extent.”

Soon, the staff brought some dazzling fabric to Jean’s team’s workroom. The other contestants cried out with envy.

“What right do they have to receive such good treatment?”

“It must be due to Sean.”

“No, I heard the staff talking in the washroom just now. It seems Jean brought in an investor.”

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