Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 413

Chapter 413 An Unusual Competition

Her expression was full of anger and indignance. Those emotions were also clearly expressed through her eyes.

Edgar was surprised and thought to let go. However, he was reluctant to do so.

He looked down at her coldly.

“When will you ever face your true feelings?”

Jean was rendered speechless.

Edgar suddenly let her go and took a few steps back. He took a bag from his car and gave it to Jean.

Then, he left without saying anything.

Jean looked into the bag reluctantly and was stunned.

The bag contained the few sets of children’s clothes she looked at with Hugo at the department store.

Is this his way of apologizing?

Jean snorted and grumbled about Edgar under her breath as she entered her house.

Meanwhile, a suspicious figure hid behind Jean’s neighbor’s wall and turned off the camera before rushing into a car.

“Ms. Summer, I’ve taken the photos. Yes, I will send it over.”

Later, in Starling Hotel’s VIP suite, Edbert sat on the couch and looked at Edgar and Jean on the computer screen. “I didn’t expect my nephew to be so dedicated. They have been divorced for a long time.”

Yet, he still can’t let go of his ex-wife.

Sherry was not amused.

For the past few days, she devised various plans to approach Edgar deliberately while making it seem like a coincidence. Unfortunately, none of them worked.

On the other hand, Edgar was still willing to wait for Jean in front of her house even after days of working overtime.

Sherry could not help but be jealous of the blatant favoritism.

“Mr. Edbert, I think you underestimated him. He easily settled the deadlock in Royden Group and did not need my help.”

The initial plan was to force Edgar to a dead end. Then, she would offer help with Pinnacle Group’s fund, and everything would go well.

If that had happened, he would have been happy to marry her.

But in reality, Sherry had run out of plans before she could even begin.

Edbert clenched his hands and sneered, “If he were that easy, I wouldn’t have to seek help from the Summer family. Since you’re here, you should find a way. He is a man, after all.”

Then, he stood up. “In around half a month, there will be massive turmoil in Royden Group. You should make the most of it.”

Sherry turned off the computer in annoyance.

Edgar is like a cold and impenetrable steel wall. What am I to do? He only cares if it is something concerning Jean.

Suddenly, her eyes brightened as she thought of a plan.

She quickly called her elder brother overseas. Although they did not get along, the matter now concerned the whole family’s interest. “I need your help.”

It was early morning on Monday.

Jean carried a twenty-inch-sized box and entered the competition venue.

The competition would be held across a line of villas toward the city’s couth, which were already fitted with cameras. When Jean arrived, there were already a few people standing there. Two of the contestants were highly notable and had appeared in the international fashion scene. Their names were Layla Taylor and Sean Regan.

However, Jean did not know the other three contestants.

Then, she went over and quietly stood at a spot near them.

The camera pointed to her, and the staff raised a sign to remind her. ‘Greet the audience.’

Jean frowned.

She was not used to filming this way. Thus, she only nodded and continued to stand still without doing anything.

The camera soon turned away. Although Jean was beautiful and looked good on camera, she did not know how to act before it and was a relatively unknown figure in the fashion industry.

Later, more contestants gathered. Once there were fifteen people, the assembly came to an end.

“Everyone, welcome to the competition. You will each receive a message containing a number. Then, you will form groups of three based on it and participate in a challenge this afternoon.”

The contestants instantly turned anxious.

We have just arrived. Is it already beginning?

There was only one week of competition. Thus, it was normal for the schedule to be condensed.

Jean adjusted her breathing and waited to be assigned to a group.

“It’s best to be in a group with Sean and his team. Wouldn’t that be a free ride to winning?”

“Of course. Sean’s team has collaborated with Kalel five times!”

Then, everyone stood according to their group assignment and was allocated their rooms. Three people would share a room.

Jean took a blue badge and glanced to the side to find many people watching her. She walked toward Layla and Sean under their curious gazes.

Layla and Sean were the most reputable among the contestants.

“She’s so damn lucky.”

“Isn’t she… The one who plagiarized. Isn’t that…”

The other contestants began to discuss amongst themselves. Jean could hear them.

Still, she suppressed her emotions and greeted, “Ms. Taylor, Mr. Regan, it’s an honor to work with you.”

Layla snorted. “I can’t say the same for you. You have better not drag us down.”

Meanwhile, Sean was not as sarcastic as Layla. He merely nodded and did not say anything.

Jean knew why they were cold to her. It was because of the plagiarism rumors. Plagiarism was the biggest taboo in the design field.

She became crestfallen and tightened her grip on her luggage handle.

I will prove myself.

“All right, everyone. Please go to your rooms to rest before heading to lunch. We’ll gather in the meeting room at two in the afternoon.”

It sounded simple enough.

Thus, everyone relaxed and set aside their concerns about the competition in the afternoon. The contestants left for their rooms in groups.

However, they realized things were not so simple once they arrived at their rooms.

It was because each room had only two beds.

Where should the third person sleep?

Suddenly, the speakers in the corridors sounded, “Each group has a workroom. There’s a bed there.”

“What the heck? Are they trying to cause dissension on the first day? What’s the point of assigning groups?”

“You can also take a sleeping bag and stay in the room.”

The purpose of such an arrangement was to inform the contestants that there was no equal standing. Everyone had to compete.

Layla frowned and complained to Sean. “Why did you have to get us into unnecessary trouble? You’ve enough standing to organize a showcase. Why must you participate in such a low-level competition for that design draft? Is it worth the trouble?”

Design draft?

Jean glanced at them with surprise. She did not expect Sean to approve of her design.

“I want to meet that designer and happen to be free to join this. Furthermore, you join this of your own volition,” Sean responded coldly.

Jean frowned slightly. There were rumors that they were a couple.

Layla became even more furious due to Sean’s attitude.

“Why should we do now?”

“Both of you ladies can take…”

“I’ll leave,” Jean interrupted him.

Layla looked at her with astonishment and warned, “You might not know because you arrived late. All the workrooms are in the basement.”

The basement had no floor heating.

Thus, it would be very uncomfortable for a woman.

Jean smiled and replied, “It’s all right. I can accept that. Anyway, I’ll be going there.”

As she was leaving the room, she could hear Layla say, “She is willing to accept the basement because she knows being assigned to our group means she can win without doing anything. The least she can do is suffer a little discomfort.”

Sean warned her, “Can you shut up? She can hear you.”

“So what? She relied on plagiarism to…”

Jean dragged her luggage and walked faster.

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