Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 412

Chapter 412 You're Negotiating a Marriage Alliance

Ben gasped. If that is the case, there will be serious trouble. “Jean, I’ll send you back first. I need to rush home.”

“No need. You can let me off in front. I need to prepare something. Next week, I’ll participate in a fashion design competition organized by Kalel’s studio. I might have to turn off my phone for one week, so let’s talk afterward if there is anything.”

Jean put down the document. She understood why Ben told her this. He did not want her to remain unaware and be the last to find out about it.

Jean stood by the road, waving Ben goodbye. Ben was relieved to see that she was unaffected by the information. He responded with a relaxed pose and stepped on the accelerator, speeding out of her sight.

Jean took out the name card Sherry gave her that night and looked at the numbers before dialing them.

Half an hour later, Sherry walked to Jean in a pink suit and wearing light makeup. “I’ve been tremendously busy these days and couldn’t contact you. Luckily, you called me today, and I got to leave a video conference.”

She seemed so friendly that Jean could not help but feel guilty.

“Am I disrupting your work? It’s nothing much. I didn’t have anyone to go shopping with me, so I thought of you,” Jean said.

“No, I’ve been looking for an excuse to skip work. Where do you want to go?”

The two continued to chat and entered a mall side by side.

They chatted about many things for the whole afternoon. They talked about their lives and work, but no one mentioned Edgar.

All this while, Jean secretly observed Sherry but could not find anything wrong with her. She seemed kind and sincere. Jean could not find any flaw in her; she was perfect.

In the end, Sherry brought up the question.

“Jean, have you resolved the matter with your sister?”

They had talked about the matter that night.

Jean shook her head and answered flatly, “No, I don’t plan to resolve it. She is free to walk her path, and I’m powerless to stop her.”

“True. Even sisters have unresolvable issues.” Sherry seemed to recall something sad. Her eyes flickered with regret.

However, that was only for a moment. She then smiled and said, “Let’s meet another time.”

“Wait, was there something else you wanted to tell me that night?” Jean asked.

Sherry did not expect her chance to come so soon.

She had long wanted to meet with Jean but could not find an excuse. Thus, when Jean called, Sherry rushed over immediately, fearing missing her chance.

After all, her family was planning to act soon.

Sherry immediately appeared downcast. “The thing is, I… I returned to this country for a reason. My family wanted me to go on a blind date with Edgar.”

Jean was stunned.

She had guessed all kinds of reasons but never this.

“I know you were married to him. That night, I wanted to tell you that I don’t love Edgar. When I first saw him, I felt he was not the kind of man I could handle.”

“Therefore… I wish to ask for your help.”

“My help?”

Jean shook her head. “If it’s anything else, I’m willing to try. But I truly can’t do anything for you.”

“Are things truly over between you two?” Sherry asked tentatively. “If you are still with him, I can tell my family about it, and they won’t force me to be with him.”

“We are truly over.”

Jean smiled bitterly. She would not have asked to meet Sherry if she had known that Sherry wanted to talk about this.

It seemed she was causing trouble for herself.

After that, Sherry talked about something else, but Jean was too distracted to listen.

Then, they parted, and Jean got into a taxi alone to get home.

She kept pondering Sherry’s words. A blind date? Did she return to this country to have a blind date with Edgar?

She pressed the switch to lower the window and tried to clear her mind with the cool air.

Why did I think that Pinnacle Group copied Royden Group’s business model?

In reality, the two families seek a marriage alliance and will join forces to gobble up the whole market.

Jean felt like an idiot.

For a moment, she thought someone as shrew as Edgar was about to be tricked.

She even stupidly invited Sherry out to probe her intention.

I must have lost my mind.

I should go home early and prepare for the fashion design competition. That should be my priority.

Edgar has long been untouchable. Who am I to be a busybody and worry about him?

Jean paid the taxi fare and walked along a small path toward her home. It was a path she frequently took when she was little. The lights were dim, giving the place a nostalgic atmosphere.

In the past, her father would frequently stand under the lights at the door to wait for her.

Suddenly, she looked toward the house and saw someone standing at the door.

“No way!”

Jean shook her head. She thought she was hallucinating out of over-exhaustion.

However, there really was someone standing there.

Unfortunately, she could not see his face due to the dangling lights.

Jean quickened her steps and began to run. Who is he? It’s…

She saw the person’s face as soon as she got close and was immediately disappointed.

Edgar noticed her disappointment as she ran to him. He looked at her expression and frowned with a slight annoyance. “Are you disappointed because I’m not Hugo?”

Jean was so frustrated; she was not in the mood to deal with him.

Then, she recalled how she had invited Sherry to meet out of concern for him. It made her even more annoyed.

People like him are not worth my concern.

“Step aside. I want to get in.” She refused to answer his question.

However, Edgar viewed it as a deliberate attempt to avoid his question.

“Did you have fun with him that night?” Edgar took a step to the side and blocked her way. Edgar had been busy with Royden Group’s matters the past few days. Otherwise, he would have come earlier.

Jean’s frown grew more apparent.

He went on a blind date with another woman and is discussing marriage with her. How dare he interfere with my right to make friends?

In anger, Jean clenched her teeth and said, “I had quite a good time, and it was helpful to my future career development. In fact, I’m thankful to Mr. Mason and would like to treat him to a meal. Mr. Royden, if you know somewhere nice, please recommend it to me. However, it should not be too expensive as I can’t afford to spend too much.”

Edgar glared at her. His gaze was so cold that it seemed to freeze the air around him.

“Jean, have you fallen for him?”

He suppressed his fury beneath his cold exterior.

Jean looked down calmly and said in a detached tone, “I’ve said it before. It’s none of your…”

“It is.”

He gripped her shoulder and blocked the street lights with his large stature.

In that instant, Jean could keenly sense the hot fury surging in his body.

Yet, his eyes were cold as ice.

His voice rang threateningly in her ears.

“You and I are not over.”

‘Thump, thump…’

Jean’s heart was beating rapidly.

She felt their situation was getting out of control. She thought to struggle, but Edgar had already pulled her into his embrace.

Strangely, she was unable to vent out the anger in her heart.

In the end, all she could voice was a furious accusation.

“You are already in negotiations to marry someone. Who are you to mind my life? Are you bullying me because I have no family? Edgar, who do you think you are?”

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