Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 411

Chapter 411 A Troubling Future

After the blind date, Pinnacle Group’s intention gradually came to light Pinnacle Group had long desired to return to the domestic market but never found a good chance due to market oversaturation. Thus, they were unable to carry out their plan.

However, Royden Group recently underwent problems, leading to various public speculations. This prompted Pinnacle Group to finally set out their devious plan.

The meeting had just ended when Nathan rushed to Royden Group.

It was past midnight. Nathan saw Edgar’s grim expression and advised, “Perhaps your uncle knows nothing. He’s advanced in years, so he may have been tricked. Maybe he hopes for you to have a new start.”

Since things had come to this, Nathan could only say this to comfort Edgar.

Not many could withstand the pain of being betrayed by one’s only relative.

Edgar gave a sarcastic smile. “I have experienced true human nature all these years. I wouldn’t believe such words even if you told me ten years ago.”

Nathan heard a hint of sadness in his tone and could not help but sigh.

“Then… Will you be able to be as heartless as him?”

Will he disregard blood ties and get rid of him?

Furthermore, Edbert is much older than Edgar. It will be more challenging than getting rid of Andy. Although Edbert neither made contributions nor committed any wrongs, he is considered a respected elder of the Royden family. Since Royden Group reemerged after its downfall, Edbert’s shares have increased significantly.

If Edgar removes him without proof, it will anger the senior directors of Royden Group.

That will lead to various problems detrimental to Royden Group.

“If Edbert leaves the company and takes a group of people with him, Royden Group will lose its leading position in the industry.” Nathan considered far ahead. It might not be evident in the next one to two years, but Royden Group would show a considerable decline in three to five years.

It was commonly known that the business world would ostracize someone they deemed proud and arrogant.

Edgar also knew this. “Royden Group cannot withstand any turmoil. Edbert knew this and grabbed the chance to collude with the Summer family.”

Nathan looked at Edgar’s expression and roughly guessed what he was thinking.

“All right. If you need my help with anything, I’m…”

Edgar shook his head.

Nathan understood the matter was Royden Group’s internal problem and that it was inappropriate for him to get involved.

But before he could say anything, Edgar suddenly asked, “Have you heard of Kalel Cordova?”

Two days later, Kalel’s studio announced the participant requirements and rules of the design competition.

There were few requirements. Anyone interested in designing could participate. The competition would proceed for a week. It would be a large-scale reality show competition.

That meant the contestants’ daily lives would be broadcasted all over the world.

It was also a competition for amateurs, who would be assessed for their skills and abilities. To keep up with the recent trends, the competition also invited a few mentors from the design field.

Jean registered for the competition at the first opportunity. The registration went well, and she soon received a notification to join the competition next week.

She breathed a sigh of relief and began to pack her bags.

At the same time, she received a message from Ben, saying that he would return to the country in the evening and asked to meet. Jean confirmed the time with him and went to the airport to pick him up.


Jean looked at the entrance for a while but could not find Ben.

Suddenly, she heard someone call her name and glanced in that direction. She nearly jumped from shock. Is that really Ben?

He was not dressed in a suit but in a set of sportswear.

It felt like he had left the business field and returned to being a racecar driver.

“Were you in a motor race?” Jean was more than familiar with his get-up.

Ben grinned. “Hehe, let’s get out of here first.”

He placed a hand on Jean’s shoulder. “I happened to come across a small-scale motor race. I was itching to compete, so I raced a couple of rounds.”

“But your…” Jean’s words were stuck in her throat. She was not sure she should ask further.

After that incident, the doctors said Ben should never race again to avoid triggering his injuries and causing complications.

“I know my condition.” Ben opened the car trunk and put in his luggage. Then, he gave Jean a confidential document. “Take a look at it. We can talk about it as we travel.”

Jean accepted the document and saw the words ‘Pinnacle Group’.

The words looked familiar, but she could not recall where she had seen them.

On the way, Ben talked about Pinnacle Group’s strong background and ambition to return to the domestic market. Jean frowned upon seeing the company’s development trend.

“Do you notice the same thing? Their company’s development trajectory is too similar to Royden Group. It’s nearly a perfect replication. However, Pinnacle Group has been in business for more than twenty years and is of a bigger scale than Royden Group. They didn’t need to copy Edgar’s business model.”

Jean flipped through a few more pages and asked, “How did you get this?”

Such confidential information was not accessible by someone outside the company’s higher management.

“Someone left Pinnacle Group and wished to collaborate with Ludwig Group. They planned to exploit Pinnacle Group and Royden Group’s market resources and profit from it.” Ben turned the steering wheel and continued in a firm tone, “Of course, I rejected the offer.”

It was not worth risking oneself for such shady gains.

“But someone must have accepted it.”

There were plenty of unscrupulous people who had no qualms about doing this.

Furthermore, Royden Group had developed rapidly in recent years and had plenty of hidden enemies in the business world. It would be unsurprising if any one of them grabbed the chance. Jean already had a person in mind.

She and Ben voiced out the name at the same time. “Andy.”

Ben nodded. “I returned this time because my father wanted me to be prepared for changes in the market. If anything happens to Royden Group, he doesn’t want it to affect us.”

Jean did not say anything.

Ben was worried she misunderstood what he meant and was about to explain.

But Jean mumbled, “Ben, how did such confidential information get leaked?”

It seemed someone was deliberately connecting Pinnacle Group and Royden Group.

Ben stepped on the brake and frowned. “I felt the same initially, but the content of this document is too realistic. Furthermore, what’s the purpose of spreading fake information?”

Jean looked at the words ‘Pinnacle Group’ and recalled a beautiful and elegant face.

“Ben, do you remember my neighbor from when I was little named Sherry Summer?”


Ben immediately turned to her. “Isn’t she the heiress of Pinnacle Group?”

“I think she also knows Edgar.”

Jean remembered what Edgar had said when he took her aside during Kalel’s private banquet. She was standing on the balcony then and looked behind her.

At the time, Sherry stood beside Edgar.

They were discussing something.

Judging from Edgar’s character, he usually wouldn’t…

“Ben, do you think Pinnacle Group and Royden Group have joined forces to conquer the market?”

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