Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 410

Chapter 410 A Sudden Chance

Venus asked coldly on the phone, “Have you met the Royden boy? Is he pleased with you?” Sherry answered sweetly, ‘He was pretty pleased with me. I chatted a lot with him and…”

Venus interrupted her, “That’s good. All you have to offer is your pretty face, so you must secure your relationship with him quickly. Your father and I will return next month. We will discuss the details then. You have better not cause any trouble for us.”

‘Yes, Mommy, I understand.” Sherry’s hands shook slightly. Ever since Sherry was little, she was always made to feel inferior in the Summer family. Thus, she believed marrying Edgar would redeem her.

It seemed Edgar had guessed correctly. The Summer family implicitly allowed Sherry to collaborate with Edbert so that Pinnacle Group could borrow Royden Group’s market influence to return to the domestic market successfully.

That way, they would be able to develop further in the future. If she failed to marry Edgar, the Summer family would deem her worthless.


“All right. That’s all,” Venus said sternly and hung up. The car continued to travel ahead. Sherry’s gaze gradually dulled. “Edgar is my final hope. I’m sorry, Jean.”

Half an hour later, Kalel Cordova entered the event hall, holding his partner Judy’s hand. Their presence immediately sent the venue buzzing with excitement.

As it was a private gathering, there were no reporters, and everyone could speak freely.

Since most of the guests were involved in the design industry, everyone’s conversation centered around the next step of Kalel’s plan after returning to the county. Everyone hoped he would collaborate with someone notable and create gorgeous masterpieces.

Jean stood before the stage and watched Kalel speaking charismatically. She suddenly did not know what to do.

Hugo stood beside her and whispered, “Are you not going to approach him?”

He knew she had been doing everything she could to attend this banquet so that she could put down the rumors.

Now, the opportunity was finally before her. If she did not grab it, she would miss the chance.

“He is beyond my reach.”

The eagerness in Jean’s eyes gradually faded. She turned around dejectedly and walked to a corner.

Everyone here had collaborated with Kalel before or was someone notable in the design field.

On the other hand, she was embroiled in a plagiarism scandal.

Thus, going to him recklessly would only incur humiliation.

She had no way to refute the doubts and suspicions people had. Moreover, she could not produce any evidence.

Hugo saw her standing quietly at the back and went to her. “Didn’t you come here to prove yourself? Are you not going to do anything?”

Jean pursed her lips. “I’m sorry for wasting your invitation.”

“That’s not the point.”

Hugo frowned and did not know how to comfort her.

Suddenly, Kalel pulled out a design draft. “I have no idea who sent this design to my studio. It’s a gorgeous piece of work. I’m looking for the designer who did this.”

The lights dimmed, and the design draft appeared on a large screen.

It was the design draft Jean gave to Edna.

Then, someone said, “I see a logo on the paper. Isn’t that La Laux?”

“It must be them who sent it.”

Jean froze. That’s my design draft!

Even though Edna did not use it commercially, exposing it this way meant Jean could no longer use the design.

If Jean had not witnessed this with her own eyes, she would have had a hard time believing that such a shameless person existed.

Someone said, “If you ask me, the design doesn’t seem like La Laux’s designer’s style. Furthermore, there’s no signature on it.”

Kalel nodded. “I feel the same. Therefore, I have a bold idea. My company will organize a fashion design competition reality show. Anyone interested is welcome to participate!”

“A fashion design reality show?”

The guests at this banquet had made some name for themselves in the design industry. Thus, they only smiled upon hearing the news.

They had other ways to make their names known and did not have to join a reality show.

If they embarrassed themselves on the show, they would be a laughingstock among their peers.

“The investor is a long-time collaborator of my studio, so everyone has nothing to worry about.”

“As for the first prize, I’m considering organizing a fashion showcase for the winner or offering a handsome sum.”


“If I get to have a fashion show with Kalel…”

Everyone began to show interest.

Kalel’s studio had ceased all collaboration in recent years. Ever since the fashion show three years ago, he barely appeared in the design scene.

This showcase may be his last before retirement.

The crowd buzzed with excitement again.

Jean stared at the screen. Is this my chance? Kalel liked one of my designs and gave it a high rating. But… I’m not sure whether I can create something like that again.

I drew that in a sudden flash of inspiration.

“All right, everyone. Let’s enjoy tonight’s party to the fullest!”

Jean held a champagne glass, but her mind was busy thinking about the design draft. Hugo noticed how distracted she was and asked, “Would you like me to send you home?”

Jean thanked him softly and said, “I would like to stay a little longer.”

She was not her usual self.

Hugo followed her line of sight and looked at the design draft on the screen. “It’s yours, right?”

“How did you know?” Jean was surprised.

Hugo answered confidently, “I can see from how you look at it that it’s something precious to you.”

He understood that kind of feeling.

“Why didn’t you claim it?”

Hugo narrowed his eyes and looked at Jean curiously. While she kept a low profile, she would not let others take advantage of her.

“I will claim it only after I win first place.” Jean’s heart burned with determination.

She wanted to win.

It was unlike when she was at MON & Co. At the time, she wanted to win to seek revenge against Edgar.

Now, she wanted to win for herself and obtain a new start.

Meanwhile, at Royden Group.

“Mr. Royden, this is Pinnacle Group’s investment trend in the past three years and the projects they took part in. I couldn’t find any problems. Everything’s perfect.”

Edgar did not bother to look at the folder Mr. Gibson, the project manager, gave him.

He looked at Mr. Gibson sternly.

“Have you ever seen a perfect performance since you started in this industry?”

Mr. Gibson answered immediately, “No.”

Even Royden Group had never achieved such perfect results.

Edgar tapped his fingers on the table. “Bring me the documents for the projects Pinnacle Group proposed to collaborate with us.”

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