Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Ruthlessly Exposed

Sherry looked up. Just as expected, she was absorbed by Edgar’s deep and cold gaze. She smiled gently and didn’t say anything. Jean furrowed her brows and struggled. “What are you doing?”

She tried her best to lower her voice to avoid attracting the attention of people around them. Could it be that he flew into a rage out of humiliation because she turned down his invitation, so he wanted to chase her out?

“What did she talk to you about?” “Sherry?” Jean was momentarily startled. She never thought that the two of them knew each other.

“No matter what she said to you, forget it all.” It seemed like there was something he was implying. He stared at Jean with a particularly complicated expression.

At this time, Kalel’s assistant walked out. Jean immediately shook Edgar off and went forward. The man wrinkled his brow and reached out to pull her back, but his hand grabbed at air.

Seeing Jean push her way forward, his cold expression intensified. Would he always look at her from afar like this?

“I knew that you would come. It’s because of her, right?” Sherry appeared silently on his right. She ignored his animosity and smiled indifferently. “Don’t worry. I’m good friends with Jean. I won’t fight over you with her.”

Edgar’s eyes shivered, but he didn’t say anything. His gaze was fixed on the figure not far away.

“We’ve known each other since we were young, and we talk about everything. We just lost contact for the past few years that I’ve been living abroad.” Sherry didn’t pause and continued, “I was planning to tell her about our blind date.”

Blind date?

Edgar sneered.

“Ms. Summer, you must be mistaken. It was just a business meeting.”

Sherry couldn’t quite maintain the smile on her face.

She knew that Edgar was hard to approach, and she knew that he had a short temper, but she never thought that he would disgrace her to her face.

He didn’t look at Jean with the same icy expression.


Edgar suddenly leaned close to her.

Staying within the boundaries, what he said to her was as cold as a blade. It made Sherry completely stunned. Her hands grew cold, and she couldn’t come to her senses for a long time.

Jean walked around and only heard Kalel’s assistant’s opening remarks.

The general meaning was that Kalel was stuck in traffic and would arrive in half an hour, so they asked the guests to keep calm.

Jean could only turn and walk back.

She didn’t see Edgar’s figure, only Sherry standing alone with a pale face, as if she had been frightened by something.

“Are you alright?”

Sherry nodded furiously. The smile between her red lips was awkward and helpless. “I… I suddenly have something to do. I’m going to leave now. Have fun.”

It didn’t hit Jean for a while.

“Ms. Eyer.” A voice rang beside her. Hugo had walked past other people to come to her.

Jean was bewildered, and it was shown on her face. “I thought you gave me the invitation because you’re not interested in parties like these.”

Had she taken advantage of him?

There was an exasperated smile on Hugo’s face. “Did it ever occur to you that I wanted to invite you to come with me?”


Music started to play at that time and blocked out what Hugo said.

While they were speaking, Sherry held her bag and quickly left the lavish banquet from the side.

She had just walked out of the door when Edgar’s car was waiting there.

Sherry walked down the steps one at a time in heels.

She reached out her trembling hand and looked into the car. She gritted her teeth as she opened the car door.

“When did you find out?” Sherry felt indignant. No one else knew that she was the illegitimate daughter of the Summer family!

Edgar’s family background couldn’t compare to the Summer family, but he held up Royden Group alone. What he needed the most was a woman with a background.

And it just so happened that she could fill in that gap and bring his career to another level.

This was the reason that Edbert took the initiative to look for the Summer family.

But Sherry never imagined that Edgar had seen through it all.

“The Summer family’s business power has always been overseas, but in the last three years, they’ve pivoted to the domestic market. I just instructed people to pay a little more attention to it.”

He looked at Sherry from the side, but he couldn’t muster any sympathy for the pretty face.

He hated being tricked.

“With the support of the Summer family and Pinnacle Group, no one will stop you from doing anything. But there’s one thing you can’t do. You can’t lay a finger on Jean.”

Sherry grasped the branded bag in her hands.

The smile on her face disappeared completely.

With the last sliver of arrogance, she said fiercely, “Aren’t you going overboard, Edgar? Even if you found out that my personal history is tainted, you can’t baselessly accuse me! Why would I deliberately approach you and Jean? You’re divorced, and your uncle introduced us to each other. Do you think you’re the only one I can marry?”

“You’re quite self-absorbed.”

Sherry pushed the car door open and got out after speaking fiercely.

Under the night sky, she looked quite pitiful as she stood on the steps alone, but Edgar’s car drove away without stopping.

In the car, the man’s ice-cold gaze swept past his cell phone screen.

“Mr. Mason gave Ms. Eyer her invitation.”

Edgar turned out to be one step slower.

The ferocity hidden in his eyes slowly surfaced. “To the company.”

“Are you going to the company at this hour, Mr. Royden?” The driver was momentarily baffled.

Although Edgar had always been a workaholic, it would be almost midnight if they went to Royden Group now, even if there was no traffic.

There was silence in the back seat, and the driver immediately stepped on the gas as the car sped off.

Sherry was in an evening dress as she was abandoned on the steps. When the driver came to pick her up, she had a cold.

The driver opened the door at once and asked something that he shouldn’t have.

“Ms. Summer, why are you alone?”

Everyone could tell that Sherry wasn’t there just to attend a private party. She was there for a date. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have put so much effort into dressing up.

But now, there was a man who abandoned such a pretty companion like her!

Sherry bit the corners of her lips.

“Let’s go.”

“Ms. Summer, Mrs. Summer just called. Do you want to call her back?”

Sherry’s eyes dulled. She clenched her fist tightly but still made the call obediently. She instantly hid the ferocity in her eyes and called out sweetly, “Good evening, Mommy.”

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