Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 408

Chapter 408 I'm Sorry, I Already Have It

One hour later, Sherry sat in Edgar’s car, heading to Kalel’s private party. But she was alone. Edgar took an extra invitation with him.

Sherry bit the corner of her lips. Thinking about Edgar’s cold demeanor, her heart went crazy with envy. That man only cares about his ex-wife! She had put so much thought into it, but she still couldn’t approach him.

She turned her head to the side to look at the street view outside the window. The gentleness in her eyes faded completely. That’s right. This will make the game more fun.

Edgar rushed to Eyer Residence with the invitation. The car had just stopped when he saw Jean. She was in a pretty pink dress, and her hair was draped behind her head. Her back was facing him as she locked her doors.

When she turned, her fair face was revealed to the man. She had light makeup on, and there was an independent yet gentle air about her.

At that moment, he lost his mind.

“Where are you going dressed up like this?”

He didn’t compliment her. When he thought about how he had seen her with Hugo in the department store the day before, his heart slowly swelled with anger.

Jean didn’t answer him. She looked at him with her guard up instead.

It was getting late. She had to leave soon.

“No matter what it is, please step aside. I have something important to do today.”

Edgar’s hand beneath his suit tightened abruptly. He grabbed her wrist. “Didn’t you say that you have your heart set on starting your career? Are you rushing to be someone’s stepmother instead?”

Jean was dumbstruck.

She pushed his hand away in frustration and said rudely, “It’s none of your business!”

“If you take one more step forward, Jean, you’ll regret it.”

He stood on the steps, and for the first time, he realized how powerless he was when he was with her.

“My greatest regret has long been…”

“Kalel Cordova has a private party tonight. This is an invitation. Get into the car. If not, I’ll burn it.”

Hearing what he said, Jean stared fixedly at his hand.

Her change of expression was shown clearly on her face.

Edgar held onto the invitation and felt ridiculous. He was using such a way to ask her to stay.

Just as he was about to redeem himself from his confrontation, Jean laughed magnanimously. “It’s fine. You can burn it if you want to because I already have an invitation.”

Edgar’s heart suddenly tightened.

He didn’t expect it.

Isn’t this invitation hard to come by? How did she get it?

“Next time before you want to blackmail others, think about if your bargaining chip is strong enough.” Jean turned and got into a cab. She would rather pay for a cab than get into his luxury car.

The man stood on the steps and didn’t move for a long time.

When Jean arrived, she was almost too late.

She showed the invitation at the entrance before calming herself down and walking in.

A lavish and dazzling crystal chandelier made the entire hall shine brightly. Guests were talking to each other everywhere, and everyone was a big shot in the design industry.

Jean saw MON & Co.’s founder, Mr. Hansel, but it was a shame that she didn’t see anyone else she recognized from MON & Co.

She leaned next to the bar alone, waiting for an opportunity.

She needed a chance. An opportunity to meet with Mr. Cordova alone.

“You must be Jean, the intern in MON & Co. who plagiarized?” Someone walked over and sized her up with a disdainful expression. “You couldn’t even come up with anything after working with La Laux. Pfft. You’re like a bedbug that crawled here. How pathetic.”

Jean wrinkled her brows. She knew that other people had been sizing her up and paying attention to her since she walked through the doors. There were also people discussing her behind her back.

It could only be the news about her plagiarism.

She had been prepared for it, and she thought that it didn’t matter, but she had never imagined that someone would come up to her to provoke her.

After all, this was a high-profile private venue.

By doing so, it was clear that the other party wasn’t holding back for Mr. Cordova’s sake, or maybe he had been incited by certain people.

Jean was pondering how she should deal with it when she heard a woman’s graceful voice that came to her rescue. “Can you trust unsubstantiated news on the Internet? I remember when I met Mr. Hardy from La Laux overseas last week, he complimented Ms. Eyer’s design draft.”

This broke the silence of the scene.

The person who had come to pick a quarrel was about to retort when he noticed that it was a gorgeous woman.

“Who are you? Do you have the right to lecture me here?”

Sherry’s lower lip curved. Someone at the side couldn’t bear to look on any longer and said, “This is the general manager of Pinnacle Group’s Athutia region, Ms. Sherry Summer.”

She had endless resources and connections within her grasp.

The whispers grew after that.

But it was talking about Sherry’s great background. She was pretty and capable. If she succeeded Pinnacle Group, the person who married her would marry into boundless wealth.

“Ms… Ms. Summer, I’m so sorry. I’ll leave right now. Right away.”

He apologized at once and slithered away with his tail between his legs to another corner.

Sherry said, “I don’t know how these low-quality people managed to come in.”

She raised her brows and looked at Jean before taking the initiative to give her a name card. “It’s been a long time, Ms. Eyer.”

Jean was slightly surprised at this.

She put aside her words of thanks for the time being and thought hard about it, but she had no recollection of Sherry.

“Have we met before, Ms. Summer?”

Sherry’s smile deepened. A server happened to walk past with drinks, and she took a glass. “Let us talk over there.”

Jean took the name card from her and nodded.

After talking for a while, Jean found out that they had met when they were young. They were even neighbors for a short while, but Sherry migrated abroad with her parents, and they lost contact.

Under Sherry’s lead, Jean recalled many things that had happened when she was young. A smile slowly appeared on her face. Her memories from back then were beautiful and worry-free.

As they spoke, the air around them became friendlier.

“On the flight back, I saw the news about you and your younger sister…,” Sherry said tactfully. “are you alright?”


Jean was slightly baffled.

“If it was me, I wouldn’t feel good after a private family matter was suddenly exposed. There’s an uneasy feeling of being seen through by the whole world.” Sherry patted Jean’s wrist in a gentle and friendly manner. “If you need me, let me know any time.”

Jean suddenly felt warmth in her heart.

After it happened, no one was able to empathize with her.

“Also, there’s something I want to tell you.”

Jean saw her hesitation and was perplexed when a figure walked in. His sharp gaze swept past the crowd before landing on Jean.

“Come with me.”

He walked up to Jean and pulled her without saying anything else.

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