Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Thank You for the Invitation

Jean was indeed feeling tired. The car slowly drove forward, and she fell asleep in a daze. She had an unhappy dream. Her forehead was filled with cold sweat when she opened her eyes.

And in front of her was a wet towel from Hugo. It was still warm. “Are you alright?”

Jean swallowed and nodded. “Are we at your house?” When she raised her head, she saw an extravagant children’s playground outside the car window.

Slight awkwardness was revealed in Hugo’s eyes. “You were sleeping too deeply. I called you a few times, but you didn’t respond, so I decided to bring you here.”

He continued, “Dinner is prepared. Eat before you leave.”

After he said it, he didn’t give Jean a chance to respond. He held on to the big panda plush and walked into the villa.

He didn’t tell Jean that today was his daughter’s birthday party.

With one glance, Hugo knew what she was thinking about. He patted Ellie’s shoulder.

The little girl immediately smiled sweetly as she ran into Jean’s arms. “Jean, I asked Daddy to invite you. I celebrate my birthday with only Daddy every year. Can you stay this year?”

She blinked and looked innocent.

Her little hand grabbed on tightly to Jean’s clothes as if afraid that Jean would turn and leave.

Looking at the small face, no one could turn her down.

“That’s great!”

Ellie cheered happily after Jean nodded. She went to the kitchen and took out the cookies that she had made with her nanny to share with Jean.

“These cookies are her treasure. I only got one.” When Hugo talked about his daughter, his eyes were filled with gentleness and warmth.

Seeing Jean being plied with cookies, he picked up his daughter indulgently. “Go upstairs and put on your new outfit. We’ll wait for you here.”

Ellie blinked and nodded furiously. “Okay!”

He watched as Ellie went up the stairs before he turned to Jean. “I’m sorry for not telling you earlier. If you have something to do, you can…”

“It’s alright. If I knew beforehand, I wouldn’t have come empty-handed.” Jean felt a little embarrassed and suddenly glanced into the kitchen. “Why don’t I make a dessert for Ellie? Do you have milk?”

“You…” Before Hugo could say anything, Jean opened the fridge.

She took out eggs and milk from the compartment and repeated to herself, “Butter and strawberries!”

Hugo stood at the doorway, and his tall figure was in a daze.

Other than servants, no other woman had used the kitchen before.

At a certain moment, his heart stopped drifting indefinitely. He thought about starting afresh seriously instead.

He stood under a beam at the doorway of the kitchen. He seemed to say sorrowfully to himself, “There hasn’t been a sign of life in this house for a long time, but everything seems to have changed after you came today.”

At that moment, Jean turned on the kitchen exhaust hood.

She pushed the frying pan and glanced at the doorway before she raised her voice, “What did you say?”

Ellie’s shouts happened to come from upstairs. “Daddy, come quick.”

Hugo’s voice deepened. “It’s alright. I’m going upstairs to take a look.”


Jean’s gaze returned to the stove in the kitchen. The hand that was holding the eggs stopped.

Her clumsiness revealed the truth. Why did she need a frying pan to make desserts?

In that split second, she didn’t know how to deal with it.

Ellie was ecstatic that night. After the cake was cut, she gave Jean a huge slice and kept clinging to Jean. She refused to let go and let her leave.

Hugo had to bring Ellie upstairs forcefully.

It had been a long time since Jean had been so joyful.

She took off the paper crown on her head. The scenes of her birthdays that she had spent at Eyer Residence appeared in her mind. At least back then, she still had her dad. She was a girl who had someone to rely on when she was in trouble.

But now, she could only bear it on her own.

Footsteps rang out behind her. Jean immediately got herself together and looked up.

“I should be going. I had fun tonight. Thank you for inviting me.”

She had been happy, but the sadness and disappointment that she felt at that moment were real.

Hugo stood across from her, but he didn’t intend to send her back. “Do you want to stay and have a drink?”

Jean looked up at him, and there was a trace of confusion in her eyes.

“I think you must have been exhausted recently.” His voice was casual and gentle. It gave others a strong sense of security. “If you need someone to talk to, I’m always available.”

The feeling of having no one to rely on seemed to disappear.

She looked down and hesitated for a moment. “Maybe next time. Thank you.”

Because of her moment of hesitation, the smile in Hugo’s eyes deepened. She was still unwilling to open up. He would wait for her for the day that she was willing to understand another person.

Hugo sent her out as Jean insisted on getting a cab back.

Before she got into the cab, Hugo gave her a small gift box.

“What is this?”

“Just a small gift in return. Good night.” He opened the car door and waved to Jean.

His tall figure was elongated by the streetlights.

Jean weighed the box in her hands. It wasn’t an expensive gift, was it?

She yawned as the car drove her home.

On the other end, Hugo lulled Ellie to sleep. Nothing was coming from his cell phone and his brows furrowed. “Has she not seen it, or does she not need it?”

He held his cell phone and was thinking about calling Jean.

At this time, her call came in.

He answered the call and heard her delighted voice. “Mr. Hugo, am I disturbing you? Thank you so much for giving me this invitation!”

What was in the box was the invitation to Kalel’s private party.

Jean was about to go to sleep when she remembered her cell phone in her coat pocket. That was when she opened the box.

“I’m glad you like it.” Hugo let out a sigh of relief as he held his cell phone. “So tomorrow night…”

Before he could finish, Jean kept thanking him.

“I’m too excited, so I took the liberty of calling you. I won’t disturb you anymore. Goodbye.”

Before he could ask to pick her up and attend the party together tomorrow night, he was interrupted by the dial tone of the call being disconnected.

Hugo patted the chair in the study room.

He mumbled to himself, “Jean…”

Jean put down her cell phone and held on to the invitation. She was so excited that she couldn’t sleep.

There was an opportunity for her to make a comeback!

The next evening, Sherry knocked on the door of Royden’s family Villa.

“Mr. Royden, something came up for my friend at the last minute, so I have an extra invitation. I don’t have many friends here, so I thought of you.” Her voice paused. “Maybe it’s a second chance for the both of us.”

“I’m not interested.”

Edgar’s face was cold, and he was going to shut the door.

Sherry stuffed the invitation between the cracks just in time.

The man’s cold gaze fell on her.

Sherry steadied herself and pretended to be calm. “This is an exclusive party in the design industry. Are you sure you don’t want to go?”

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