Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Nice to Meet You, Mr. Royden

Edgar’s face was cold. Behind him, Miles was nervous but didn’t dare to go forward.

He understood his boss’ temper well. It was going to be hard to walk away from this.

“It seems like Mr. Royden has something to do. Let’s go somewhere else,” Hugo said gently. There was still a polite smile on his face, but his eyes revealed his displeasure.

Jean treated Edgar like air and immediately agreed. “Alright. The things here aren’t extensive anyway. I don’t like anything so far.”

The two of them walked past Edgar and into the elevator.

As the doors closed, Edgar looked away. He wasn’t in the mood at all.

After a long time, he moved away. “Miles, to the office.”

“What about your meeting with Mr. Edbert…” Miles reminded him in a low voice. They had agreed to meet at a restaurant on the first floor of the building.

The emotion in Edgar’s eyes was hard to discern. From where he was standing, he could see Jean and Hugo walking out from the hall on the first floor.

She was in off-white sportswear, and it suited her demeanor. It was simple and natural.

He didn’t know if he had bad eyesight, but he felt that when she turned sideways to look at Hugo, the corners of her mouth were curved.

“To the first floor.”

Edgar said in the end as he moved his feet.

In that one week, there had been great commotion internally in Royden Group. He had readjusted the three big departments of the company and fired a few discontented high-level managers.

Some of them were Edbert’s confidants from overseas branches.

It was Edgar’s way of officially declaring war on him and also a reminder.

After all, they were related. If Edbert repented sincerely, he wouldn’t go overboard. No matter how viciously he treated others, he was still sensitive to the Royden family.

And Edbert had taken advantage of this.

Edgar walked into the restaurant, and the server led him to a seat by the window. A beautiful woman was sitting there.

She wore an exquisite dress that revealed her shoulders. Her long hair was tied behind her head, and she seemed very gentle and elegant.

Edgar’s gaze didn’t stop on her. He looked at the server next to him instead. “That’s not the right seat.”

As soon as he said it, the woman smiled and stood up. “It is, Mr. Royden. Please have a seat.”

She instructed the server after that, “Serve the food.”

Edgar’s searching gaze fell on her.

She wasn’t hasty. She was polite as she said, “I was feeling a little hungry just now, and I don’t know what you like but I ordered food. I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s alright.”

Edgar’s tone was indifferent. “Where is Uncle Edbert?”

He knew that Edbert had agreed to meet him here, but he couldn’t recognize the person before him.

“Uncle Edbert isn’t feeling too good, so he left and asked me to stay to meet with you.” She seemed to come to a realization. She took out a name card from her leather clutch and handed it to him. It was pure white and had a simple design. Her name was on it, Sherry Summer.

As part of social etiquette, Edgar received it, but the company name behind it made him do a double take.

“Pinnacle Group?”

Sherry smiled gently. “Yes. I’ve been working there for five years, and I just returned to the country.”

Pinnacle Group was an overseas investment company that was run by a powerful family. They had just appointed a female president lately. It was very likely that she would be the future successor of Pinnacle Group.

Edgar put the name card down, and his gaze on the woman before his eyes deepened. He wasn’t curious about her. There was a sense of warning instead.

He was afraid that Edbert had other intentions for introducing this girl at a time when Royden Group was internally messy.

“Is this how you treat women, Mr. Royden?” Sherry’s expression sank a little. “We’re meeting for the first time, but I waited twenty minutes for you. I thought about it, and there’s nothing I did wrong. It’s very rude how you look at me with your guard up.”

Her voice was clear and cold.

In a trance, a fleeting scene flashed across Edgar’s mind.

It seemed like Jean had also been like this the first time he knocked on Eyer Residence’s doors…

He clenched his fist and said slowly, “I’m sorry. There was traffic.”

Sherry smiled and shook her head.

“Why are you smiling?”

“You don’t know how to lie at all. I saw you and your assistant upstairs just now. This building is under your company, isn’t it? The brands brought in are quite good, but the management is lacking.” Sherry instantly switched to a professional tone, as if the brief interlude had never happened.

“If there are amusement activities for children on the second floor, this can spur the merchants on the third floor…”

The topic had switched to work unknowingly.

When the food was served, every dish was up Edgar’s alley. There wasn’t any exception.

Sherry knew her limits. She said what she needed to and kept quiet if not.

When they got up to leave, she took the initiative to tell Edgar why they had met. “Mr. Edbert hopes that the two of us can keep in further contact. After all, if both our companies can join hands in strength, it will be a win-win situation.”

What she meant was obvious.

Edgar smiled lightly. “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.”

He would always explicitly turn down partnerships that wouldn’t happen.

Sherry raised her head and imitated his voice. “What a coincidence. I’m not interested either.”

Her clear eyes reflected the man’s slightly serious face. “Married life with an ice-cold man like you must be very unfortunate because you don’t know how to respect women at all.”

After that, she smiled at Edgar. “But I felt that this lunch was quite pleasant. I hope that we don’t have to be awkward around each other the next time we meet.”

Edgar watched as she walked out of the restaurant.

He took out his cell phone and called Miles. “Find out about Pinnacle’s developments.”

On the other end, Jean and Hugo went to another children’s department store. She looked at a huge panda plush in the corner. “How about this?”

“There are many toys like these at home.” Hugo disagreed with her.

Jean went up to stroke it, and a shop assistant came up to explain, “The manufacturer was very attentive and included a music button on the bear’s ear for this range of items. It can also record sounds. Children love listening to it.”

“How long can it record for?” Jean turned her head to the side and asked.

There were many details about Ellie that Jean seemed to know more about than Hugo. But how long had they known each other?

Hugo stood at one side and he noticed the light shining in Jean’s eyes. It made him yearn for her.

“Wrap it up,” he said, interrupting their conversation.

Jean looked over, bewildered.

Hugo smiled and said, “We’re almost late. Ellie is about to get out of preschool.”

“Alright. Let’s go with this. I think it’s quite good.” Jean was satisfied with it. She even wrapped it together with the shop assistant.

On the way back, she sat in the backseat and hugged the huge panda plush.

Hugo sized her up from the rearview mirror from time to time. He turned on the heater and said, “Rest for a while. Thank you for today.”

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