Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Sorry to Trouble You

Before Jean could say anything, Edna threw dozens of design drafts on the table. “There are so many good designers in the world. I have my eye on yours because you’re lucky. Furthermore, your design draft still needs to be tweaked and modified. It’s not perfect.”

She was gaslighting Jean so that Jean would think the design draft wasn’t worth anything. That way, La Laux could buy the draft at a low price. “Your current financial situation isn’t quite…”

“Ms. Jadot, thank you for helping me understand how deep the water is in the industry. My thoughts won’t change because of my circumstance. No one can use my design draft without my permission. Otherwise, you can wait to receive a lawyer’s letter.”

Jean was straight to the point.

She opened the door and left without hesitation.

Edna’s assistant, Molly, mumbled at the side, “Why are you being so pretentious? The earth can still revolve without you.”

But Edna’s expression grew sinister. “Shut up. What do you know? The boss has settled on the design draft. I have to get it.”

“But Jean seems so stubborn. I’m afraid it’s useless no matter how much money we offer her.” Molly’s voice grew softer as she sized up her boss’ expression.

“Everyone in the world has something that they care about. As long as we find her weak spot, she will have to comply.”

“Do you have an idea, Ms. Jadot?” Molly’s eyes lit up.

Edna’s gaze fell outside the full-length window. She smiled indifferently, “Of course.”

Jean walked out of La Laux angrily. When she calmed down, she was standing on the side of a busy road.

Gusts of cold wind made her sober.

She took out her cell phone and wanted to call Ben, but she thought of how busy he must be recently, so she decided not to trouble him with matters like this.

She was furious, but she had nowhere to vent.

Seeing that she wasn’t signed with any design company and had no reputation, La Laux was taking advantage of the matter with Gigi to reap the benefits of the fisherman.

Although Jean had been vicious with her words, she knew better than anyone that if she went up against La Laux, she might lose in court even if she had a smoking gun.

Unless she could stand firmly on her two feet in the design industry in a short amount of time.

What Edna had said drifted into her mind.

But the invitation to the private party… It wouldn’t be easy to get her hands on it.

Far away, the driver of a black limousine spotted her and drove over after consulting with his boss.

The car windows slid down. Hugo’s long and narrow eyes were shining with warmth. “Are you waiting for someone, Ms. Eyer?”

“No. I just finished work.” Jean smiled.

“Where are you going? Let me send you.” It was as if he knew that Jean was going to turn him down with the excuse of it being too troublesome, so he added, “I want to talk to you about the specifics of the partnership project that I previously discussed with your assistant.”

Jean opened the car door. “Sorry to trouble you.”

The smile between Hugo’s lips deepened. “Let’s go.”

“I’ve been busy with other matters lately and haven’t been to the office much. Are there any problems with the project?” Jean didn’t like to beat around the bush, and she felt that Hugo must be busy. She didn’t want to take up his precious time.

“Are you busy with your design career?” He wrote down an address on a piece of paper before he handed it to his driver.

He turned his head to the side to look at Jean, and his eyes were deep yet shining brightly.

“How did you…”

“I surf the internet too.” Hugo joked with a straight face, but at the next moment, his tone grew serious. “If there’s anything you need help with, let me know any time. I know a few friends who are pretty good in the legal industry.”

He said it in a courteous manner.

In reality, he was worried that Jean would be heavily outnumbered. If she went up against La Laux, she didn’t have much power.

“Thank you, but it shouldn’t go that far.” She would try hard and look for a way to get into the private party.

She had a nervous expression, but she also looked like she had a card up her sleeve. It was intriguing.

Soon, the car stopped at a department store.

Hugo quickly said, “It’s Ellie’s birthday soon. Can you help me choose a present for her? It’s hard for me to make sense of what little girls like.”

Thinking about how Mason Residence was decorated like a fairytale castle, Jean couldn’t hold back her laughter.

“Do you know Ellie told me last time that she doesn’t like the color pink?” Jean said gently.

The man smiled slightly bitterly.

“I thought that she did.” He gestured to Jean in a gentleman-like manner. “Sorry to trouble you today.”

He deliberately imitated what Jean had said. The mood between the two was amicable as they walked into the department store together.

But what Jean didn’t know was that the department store was taken over by Royden Group half a year ago.

Five minutes later, Edgar’s car drove into the parking lot. He had publicly implied for a week that he was sick. It was time for him to make an appearance.

And Edbert said that he wanted to talk to Edgar today.

As soon as Edgar got out of the car, the department store manager welcomed him with a smile. “Where would you like to go, Mr. Royden?”


As the man was speaking, the manager beside him started to sing his praises, but his sharp eyes stared straight at two figures in the children’s area through a full-length glass in the corridor.

Miles observed Edgar’s expression and immediately noticed something odd.

“To the third floor, Mr. Holt.”

“Third floor? Isn’t that the children’s clothing section?” Mr. Holt was baffled. He thought that the section was the last place Edgar would choose to go to in the building.

Edgar didn’t have children. Why would he go there?

But as a subordinate, he had to immediately obey his boss’ instructions.

The employee who was entertaining Jean and Hugo received an order and immediately stopped the two of them frantically. “I’m sorry, this section is closed for the time being. Please head to the other floors.”


Jean was perplexed.

Hugo, who was standing next to her, looked in the direction of the elevators. A few people were walking over aggressively.

The figure at the front was more than familiar.

Edgar’s gaze was fixed on Jean. His voice was icy and cold. “Why are you here?”

Jean understood in an instant.

This department store was his, but she couldn’t understand why Edgar wanted to clear the area.

“I came to the department store because there’s obviously something I want to buy.”

The coldness in Edgar’s eyes grew. “You came to buy children’s clothing?”

Jean was flabbergasted.

She felt that he was deliberately finding fault, so she looked at the man next to him, who seemed like the manager. “Do you have some sort of rule in your department store? Do you not sell things to people with a certain last name?”

“No, there’s no such thing.” Mr. Holt came to his senses at that moment. Isn’t the person before him Mr. Royden’s ex-wife?

He was done for.

This was the first time that Mr. Royden had come to inspect since he took over the department store, and he met his ex-wife, who was shopping at the children’s clothing section with another man…

Mr. Holt said a silent prayer for himself, hoping that he still had a job the next day.

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