Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Useless Piece of Paper

“What happened to your neck?” “None of your business,” Gigi said viciously. She seemed like a different person from the one outside who had been begging Jean to open the door.

She looked around and sized up the Eyer family’s villa. “Now that everyone knows that I’m also an Eyer, I have the right to inherit half of Eyer Group’s properties and everything in this house, right?”

Without waiting for Jean to say anything, Jean went up the stairs to the second floor. She sized up the decorations and furniture as she assessed the value of the house.

Jean shook her head in a self-deprecating manner. She poured away the glass of water that she had poured out for Gigi.

If not for the fact that Jean was afraid that Eyer Residence’s peace would be disturbed, she would have chased Gigi out right away.

She didn’t care if Gigi lived on the streets or if she was sold off by Sam to whomever!

Hearing footsteps walking down, Jean asked coldly, “Are you done counting?”

“This house is too old, and upstairs is too small. It’s not in a good area, and it can’t go for much.” Gigi clicked her tongue.

Jean laughed lightly. “Is it very different compared to Reece Residence? Why don’t you go back now and continue being a Reece? No one is begging for your return here.”

Gigi’s expression froze.

She gritted her teeth and said fiercely, “Fifty million. Give me what I deserve.”

Jean looked at her seriously for a while. “I don’t have the money.”

If Gigi had a smaller appetite, perhaps she would have agreed. But under such circumstances, Jean had extended a helping hand. Not only was Gigi unrepentant, but she also trampled all over Eyer Residence.

“Then I’ll play this game with you.”

Gigi took out her cell phone to contact the paparazzi and reporters.

After all, her life wouldn’t improve, so she would drag Jean down with her.


Jean smacked her cell phone away and said coldly, “Leave my house.”

“No! I am also part of this…”

“Have you asked about mom and dad since you walked into the house?”

Gigi’s gaze dulled completely. She held onto the branded bag in her hands and mumbled, “This is what you owe me. You must satisfy me no matter how much I want.”

She recognized the reality of things. Edgar would never want her, and her reputation had been destroyed. She couldn’t return to the entertainment industry.

She could only escape after she took assets from the Eyer family that belonged to her.

She picked up her cell phone and glared at Jean reluctantly. “Wait and see. I will make you understand the consequences of abandoning me.”

She ran out without turning around.

The door closed, and Jean frowned in frustration. Her cell phone suddenly rang. It was a call from Edna.

Ever since rumors broke of her plagiarized designs, Edna and her assistant had been avoiding Jean, but she was now calling Jean of her own accord?

“Ms. Eyer, can you come to the office if you have the time? Some things are better said in person.”

Jean gripped her cell phone and slowly agreed.

Under the circumstances, she didn’t have any expectations about the design of La Laux’s cover.

When she arrived at Edna’s office, a signed and sealed letter of termination was in front of her.

“Ms. Eyer, the company has investigated, and most of the dirt on you is false. We have contacted the people in charge at MON & Co., and they were willing to testify for you. We had quite a poor attitude previously, and I apologize.” Edna played down what had happened as she talked about the matter.

Jean was amused. She looked at the letter of termination and didn’t say anything.

Edna coughed lightly and signaled to her assistant, who immediately shut the door.

Jean looked over, and her tone was serene. “Is there anything else, Ms. Jadot?”

Under such circumstances, she knew that La Laux wanted to draw a line with her.

Clarifying misunderstandings and apologizing was just talk.

“Ms. Eyer, I regret not being able to work with you, but I think that your design is quite good, so I want to give you an invitation as part of a personal apology.”

Edna took out an envelope and pushed it to Jean.

“The godfather of the fashion industry, Mr. Kalel Cordova, will be holding a private party tomorrow night. Perhaps you may find an opportunity to make a comeback there.”

Why is she being so kind?

Jean hesitated. If she could get into that private party, maybe there would be some kind of miraculous opportunity.

It was Kalel. He was a legendary figure who could hold up the entire fashion week. He had a very high standing in the areas of fashion and jewelry design as well.

“I admire your talent. You shouldn’t fall into oblivion here. Furthermore, Mr. Ludwig introduced us to each other. I hope that we can stay friends in the future.”

Jean blinked and took out a pen before signing her name quickly.

“There’s no need for that.”

She smiled and pushed back the signed letter of termination. “Ms. Jadot, you shouldn’t stay in magazine publishing. You should be a businesswoman instead.”

Edna was disgraced. Her smile was a little awkward. “What do you mean? I’m trying to help you out of the kindness of my heart. You should know how hard to come by this invitation is!”

Jean looked down. “It isn’t just hard to come by. It’s more difficult than climbing to heaven. If I turn this down, I might never meet Kalel in person for the rest of my life.”

“It’s good that you know.”

Edna folded her shoulders and revealed a haughty smile. “I’m doing it for Mr…”

“But I’m also aware that there is no such thing as a free lunch. You rejected my calls a few days ago, but you’re taking the initiative to express goodwill to me today while telling me that I’m talented. I think that you have your eye on that design, don’t you?”

Jean had been inspired by Edgar and sketched that design.

It was breathtaking, and it was enough to hold up an entire season’s jewelry line from a high-end luxury jewelry brand.

As soon as she said it, Edna’s expression was nasty. At that moment, Jean knew that she was right.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Jadot. I’ve applied for patent rights for the design draft. If La Laux makes any modifications to the base of my design, it will be considered plagiarism. I will ask my lawyers to get to the bottom of it.”

“You… you don’t have to go so far, do you? With your current circumstance, you will never make a comeback. The design will never see daylight in your hands.”

“That’s right. I would rather it become ash than let it get exploited.”

Jean got up and looked at her coldly.

“Everything started because of Gigi, but La Laux’s indifferent attitude seeped into the outside world and silently pressured others. Perhaps you wanted to devour my design as your own from the start.”

Edna was dumbstruck.

The truth of the ruse was always bloody.

Edna couldn’t put on an act any longer. She said fiercely instead, “So what if that was the case? Although your design is good, without a good reputation and financial backing, it’s just a useless piece of paper!”

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