Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 402

Chapter 402 Face to Face but Far Apart

Edgar smelled the faint smell of mud in the courtyard. He pressed on the bridge of his nose in exasperation. It had been a long time since he established Royden Group that he had been in such a tight spot.

He took out his cell phone and called Miles. “Send two sets of break… lunch here.”

Hearing the address that Edgar told him, Miles flew down the stairs. His boss had gone to apologize and ask to reconcile. He had to plan the logistics well.

Otherwise, it would be the end of his job as an assistant. “Don’t worry, Mr. Royden. I’ll be there right away.” Miles grabbed breakfast and a bouquet of roses quickly.

When he arrived hurriedly, Jean hadn’t opened the door for Edgar. “Why did you buy flowers?” Edgar’s voice deepened, blaming Miles for being meddlesome.

Miles said at once, “Even if Ms. Eyer has a cold personality, she’s a woman after all. All women love flowers.” Edgar looked at him half-disbelievingly.

“Leave the things. You may go.” Miles nodded immediately. “Good luck, Mr. Royden. If there’s anything, call me any time.” Two minutes after Miles had left, the door opened.

“Bring it in.” Jean’s face was cold, and her tone was unhappy. She had been forced to stay at home for a few days. She was about to go out for groceries yesterday, but she couldn’t because of the press conference.

There was now nothing to eat at home. Edgar’s face lit up. He held on to the things and walked in, but the big bouquet of roses in his hands was flashy.

“Throw that away.” Jean walked in without turning around. The man walked up the steps and did as she said. They ate quietly. Although Edgar sat across from her, Jean treated him like air.

The air was too still. Edgar wanted to say something a few times, but he couldn’t think of anything to say and admitted defeat.

She put down her cutlery, and the food in front of her was wiped clean.

Jean was quite pleased with the food.

She raised her eyes to look at him. “I don’t care what you have to say. I don’t want to hear it. I’ll pay you back for this meal.”

“Are you angry at me?”

Jean wrinkled her brows and looked at the serious gaze on his handsome face. She wanted to scold him.

If he hadn’t gone to the press conference, it wouldn’t have turned into such a big deal.

“Mr. Royden, you should be very busy now. Royden Group is in such difficult straits. Do you have the time to make idle conversation with me here?” Jean couldn’t understand him.

He was completely different from the Edgar she knew in the past.

“You understand what I mean. Jean, how long are you going to hide for?”

He could indulge her.

Once or twice was fine.

But he had already done so much. Wasn’t she going to give him a chance to talk nicely?

“You know that I didn’t go to the press conference for Gigi’s sake, I did it…”

“For me, right?” Jean turned around. Her eyes were bright and beautiful yet indifferent. She enunciated each word. “I’m guessing that someone blackmailed you or reached some sort of agreement with you, which was why you went. When you left on the spot, I knew that Gigi broke the promise with you.”

As expected, she was very smart.

Edgar’s suspended heart fell to the ground. If that was the case, he didn’t need to waste time explaining.


“So you should be able to understand that I don’t want to see you not because I want to avoid you but because there is so much on my plate. I’m not in the mood to play games with you.”

Jean laughed in a rage.

“Royden Group isn’t in as bad a state as you and Nathan say it is, right? You said that you’re not feeling well, but in actuality, you’re healthy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t stay outside and get drenched for half the night, like someone who has nothing to do.”

When Jean closed the windows, she came to her senses.

Edgar and Nathan had worked together to trick her.

News about his company being on the verge of bankruptcy and his upper gastrointestinal bleeding were nonsense!

She had gone to the hospital to see him like a fool.

Edgar’s expression sank.

He had been in a rush to explain things to her but neglected that.

It was too late for him to pretend to be ill.

“So I don’t dare trust what you have to say. Please leave. There’s nothing that we can talk about,” Jean said calmly. There was no trace of hesitation in her voice.

Edgar was dumbstruck.

At that moment, it was as though there was a void in Edgar’s heart as he looked at her thin yet steady figure.

His explanation came too late, and he had put on a show for too long. It had upset her.

Opportunities only came once.

He didn’t let her walk into her room. He walked up to her and grabbed hold of her. “You still have me in your heart, which was why you let me in. I was there that day when you came up with the design. I can be the person who understands you the most in the world. What’s done is done. Let us start again, alright?”

Jean took a deep breath in.

She pushed him away forcefully. “How do you understand me? Do you think you know me well by seeing me come up with my design draft or keeping Eyer Residence’s furniture for me? Edgar, other than scheming in relationships, can you be a little more sincere?”

“Back then, when you schemed against my dad and planned for us to get married, you were very diligent indeed. But I don’t appreciate anything that you’ve done.”

Jean turned on her cell phone after that.

A stream of messages scolding her flooded in. Jean opened a few and showed them to Edgar. “I’m tired of living like this as an ordinary person. Stop making things difficult for me.”

“If you’re not going to leave, I’m going to call the police.”

After all, she didn’t mind appearing on the news again.

In the end, Edgar didn’t say anything and left in a desolate manner.

But the thin figure standing in the living room was sobbing silently.

In the afternoon, Gigi was having a good sleep. She had just woken up when she decided to look at comments scolding Jean so that she could feel happier today.

She never thought that her personal account had been restricted.

Then, she received two messages on her cell phone.

The first was from Elisa, telling her to rest and not go to work or other schedules.

The second was a message from La Laux sent personally to her. “Ms. Reece, the letter of termination has been sent to your talent agency. Please sign it as soon as possible.”

Gigi held onto her cell phone, and her fingers trembled uncontrollably.

“It’s impossible. This is impossible…”

She did as Edbert had instructed, and Jean was taking all the blame now. La Laux was supposed to back her as the cover model to retain their reputation and extend the contract.

Perhaps her schedule would be affected, but not so much that she had to rest at home. Wasn’t that a lie to the reporters?

Gigi called Elisa, and Elisa only answered after a few tries.

But she was rude to Gigi.

“The message I sent to you is clear enough. What else do you want?”

“How long do you want me to rest for? I just came out of retirement. I still have many schedules waiting for me.” Gigi was distraught. “Can you afford to compensate me if you ruin my career?”

“Pfft. Ms. Reece, stop dreaming. If not for the money supporting you from behind the scenes, do you think you would be able to do it? You have to wait for further instructions regarding your rest period. From the looks of it right now, it should be indefinite.”

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