Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Not Interested

His cold behavior was what Gigi had expected. She wasn’t the least bit concerned. She even looked at the cameras and waved. “There’s been too much to do at Royden Group, and he’s exhausted over work. Don’t take too many photos of him, everyone.”

She caught up with him from far away after that. The reporters discussed it one after another. “It seems like Gigi hasn’t given up on Edgar. He doesn’t care about her, but she’s sticking to him!”

“There’s no other way. Although Royden Group is in trouble, they still have a firm standing in the finance circle. Gigi is probably thinking that Royden Group can provide her with many resources.”

“Let’s catch up with her. I think Gigi is going to reveal many interesting things today.” Gigi would go all out to grab hold of a man.

Before the press conference started, she acted gentle and considerate. The scene of both of them sitting side by side was broadcast on various big entertainment television stations.

Jean had just finished a meeting at Eyer Group and was on the way back.

She had just stepped through the doors when she received a call from Rachel. “Ms. Eyer, I think you should turn on the television.”

Rachel panicked, and Jean knew that it wasn’t anything good.

But she made her way over and picked up the remote control. Some things she couldn’t avoid.

When a man and a woman appeared on screen, she couldn’t help but frown. Didn’t Edgar need to settle Royden Group’s affairs? Why was he with Gigi, as she caused trouble?

Maybe people would change.

Rain pattered outside and fell on the window, making the whole world seem fuzzy.

Gigi’s voice rang from the television, along with the sound of rain.

“I’m sorry, everyone. I took up public resources for personal reasons. I’m here to talk about everything today. The entanglement between Jean and I isn’t because of Edgar. It’s because… she is my biological elder sister.”

Edgar’s expression grew cold, and he immediately stood up.

Elisa and the bodyguards went over to stop him, but he reproached them coldly. “Get lost.”

A perceptive reporter immediately said, “It seems like Edgar knew about their relationship beforehand!”

Gigi sat there and wept in a grieved manner. “When I found out about it, I wanted to withdraw and help them reconcile, but I thought about how our child needs to be nurtured and cared for.”

“I never imagined that Jean misunderstood me and picked on me in all aspects. She even schemed against my adopted father’s company.”

“The publisher of La Laux wants to terminate my contract and replace the model because Jean was jealous that I was coming out of retirement, so she played tricks behind my back. How can she be so vicious when we share the same blood? She insists on taking me down.”

Gigi started crying on stage.

Elisa controlled the crowd off-stage. She took out her walkie-talkie and said, “She’s feeling it. Let the fans in.”

The door opened, and the fans that had been arranged for rushed in and shouted, “Don’t be afraid, Gigi. We support you!”

“A woman like that isn’t fit to be your sister. Cut her off!”

The clamor came in waves, one after another. The crowd grew more difficult to control.

As the manager, Elisa immediately went on stage to fill the stage as Gigi was led away while dissolved in tears.

“We apologize. Gigi has been diagnosed with mild depression because of this. She won’t accept any jobs any time soon. Thank you for your understanding.”

She left without turning back.

The reporters came across a huge scoop. As it turns out, Jean’s true colors were disgusting.

The live broadcast was disconnected.

Jean’s cell phone vibrated non-stop. It wasn’t phone calls to harass her. It was Edgar.

She smiled in contempt and rejected the call.

No matter what he wanted to say, it wasn’t important.

Late at night, in the Royden’s family Villa, Nathan made a few calls and sighed. “The news is spreading too quickly. It will take some time to cover it up. Most importantly, you were there at the time. The reporters won’t let go of such amusing news.”

Everyone wanted a peek into the private life of the finance circle’s big shot.

Edgar had only made an appearance, but it was enough for the reporters to concoct all sorts of stories.

Edgar’s eyes were serious and cold. There was faint anger spreading in his voice. “What do I need to do to shut out Gigi?”

He wasn’t quite skilled with ‘business’ in this area.

Nathan’s eyes widened. “You’re throwing caution to the wind for Jean. The problem now is that if Gigi disappears from public view overnight, everyone will think that you did it.”

“I don’t care.”

Edgar turned his head to the side, and his gaze was firm. “Do you think that Gigi is a pawn in Uncle Edbert’s game?”

Nathan was dumbfounded.

When Edgar mentioned it, Nathan started to ponder carefully.

In the past, when Gigi chased after Edgar relentlessly and played her tricks, it could never spark anything.

When she gave birth, Edgar had even seen through it that she had cheated on him.

Now, she came out of retirement and made a comeback in such a short time. She smeared Edgar and Jean’s reputations and made it impossible for them to reconcile in public. Other than ruining Jean’s design career, she had also pinned down Edgar’s attention. Gigi couldn’t think of such proper and comprehensive plans with her brain.

Nathan let out a sigh. “You mean to say that he ruined her acting career and ignored the fact that she’s Jean’s sister?”

Killing two birds with one stone. If Edgar solved this matter, he could keep his guard up against Uncle Edbert.

Edgar answered indifferently, “Mm.”

“Sorry for troubling you. I’m going to go out for a while.”

“It’s so late. Where are you going?” Nathan glanced outside. “It’s still raining.”

“To say sorry. To apologize.”

A chilly morning came after a rainy night.

Jean didn’t sleep well the whole night. She kept dreaming, and when she woke up, she felt tired. She looked at the time and dragged her feet to the kitchen to look for food.

She couldn’t turn on her cell phone today.

Otherwise, Gigi’s rabid fans would blow her phone up.

The curtains at the full-length windows in the living room weren’t drawn. When she went downstairs, she saw an indistinct figure that swept past. From the looks of it, it was a man.

Jean was stupefied.

Have they gone mad?

They were hiding sneakily outside her house.

Jean gritted her teeth fiercely and looked around for something to defend herself. She was about to walk around the living room and report it to the police on her landline behind the couch.

But she was walking over when she noticed that the indistinct figure looked a little familiar.

An average man’s figure wouldn’t be so stiff and upright, and fans wouldn’t wear a high couture suit to throw eggs at her house, would they?

A name appeared in her mind.

Jean slowly sighed and made her way over. She knocked on the glass. “You have such wide interests these days, Mr. Royden. Do you like climbing through people’s windows?”

Edgar was frightened by the sudden noise.

He was afraid that there would be people harassing her at her house, so he braved the rain and kept guard outside her house the whole night, but he was met with such a comment from her.

Edgar was upset.

But after all, he had been used to hurt her. He explained guiltily, “Listen to my explanation before you condemn me, alright?”

“I’m not in the mood, and I’m not interested,” Jean said before shutting the windows.

If she saw it correctly, there were traces of rain that hadn’t dried on Edgar’s shoulder. How long has he been standing outside…

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