Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Blackmailed

Elisa tapped on her laptop and casually said, “A piece of cake. Leave it to me.” Gigi didn’t trust her and said indifferently, “If you don’t deal with it properly, I don’t want to see you again.”

She strutted away to continue with her photoshoot after that. Elisa laughed in disdain. “If it wasn’t for Mr. Boyle, who told me to look after you, do you think I would be willing to wait upon a has-been like you?”

Gigi’s new talent agency was Milky Way Entertainment, which was established last year. The CEO was Zach Boyle, but the biggest shareholder of the company was Edbert.

Gigi had been locked up for three days and three nights after she made a scene at Royden Group. When she came out of the room, she was faced with a contract.

There was only one requirement in it. She had to be incredibly popular and continue pursuing Edgar.

Before going to the La Laux office, she knew that Jean would be there. She wanted to laugh when she saw how determined Jean was.

What was the point of Jean being pleased with herself?

Everything was a match that the Royden family had set up.

When the outside world received word from Milky Way Entertainment, they didn’t terminate their contracts with La Laux. Instead, they thought that it wasn’t very wise for the magazine publisher to make an exception for a designer who had been tainted and plagiarized.

There were even comparison pictures from when Jean had plagiarized other works since she had been working for MON & Co.

Some expressed anonymously that Eyer Group was planning to develop and expand into investment, but Jean was pivoting into design. This was putting the cart before a horse.

Or maybe she wanted to launder money.

Gigi hadn’t been very popular with the public, and many people resisted her coming out of retirement.

But now, people were defending her against injustice. “Gigi’s child was previously hurt in the hospital because of Jean. How can this woman be so evil? She keeps pestering others like an evil spirit.”

In one afternoon, Jean received countless abusive and uncivil messages.

She never thought that there would come a day when she would be cyberbullied because of Gigi.

When she called La Laux, they only said, “We apologize, Ms. Eyer. We are currently verifying. We are very sorry if it has caused any harm to you, but before we get to the bottom of things, we have no way to take action.”

Were they ignoring it and letting it be?

Jean couldn’t contact Edna at all. The calls she made to the office were all transferred.

She was still receiving all sorts of messages and calls. She had no other way and could only turn off her cell phone.

On the other end, Edgar had publicly expressed that he wasn’t feeling well, so he was resting at home.

Miles rushed to Royden’s family Villa only to see that his boss had a cold expression and a threatening chill around him.

“What happened?”

“Mr. Royden, this is a problem within the design industry. I’ve instructed people to investigate, but there is still no conclusion for the time being.” It was the first time Miles felt so helpless.

Their different industries felt like worlds apart.

“Miles, how long have you been at the company?” Edgar threw out such a query instead of following up with questions.

“Almost six years, Mr. Royden.”

“It’s been long enough. If you want a different position, let me know anytime…”

“Just a moment, Mr. Royden. I will go to La Laux now.”

He reacted quickly and left before Edgar lost his temper.

Edgar didn’t know much about design, but he had seen with his own two eyes the process of Jean sketching the draft.

How could she have plagiarized? She didn’t even have a point of reference.

He took out his cell phone and made a call to Nathan.

One hour later, Edgar created an authenticated social media account.

He posted in support of Jean.

‘Her design was not plagiarized. I’m available to testify any time.’

A simple post like that took over media interview articles in mere seconds.

And it instantly became a trending topic.

The statements that Gigi’s talent agency had put out were replaced unknowingly.

But what followed was speculation by the outside world about their close relationship.

“Why does her ex-husband know about it?”

“I’ve heard previously that they’ve reconciled…”

Gigi looked at the comments on her cell phone screen and cried out in rage. “Why is this happening?”

Previously, no matter how much she begged Edgar, he would never say anything on her behalf on a public platform.

But now, Edgar couldn’t help but jump out when Jean met with a little trouble.

Not to mention, Royden Group was now at an important juncture.

“It seems like he likes Jean.” Sam sneered at the side. “Don’t forget what you promised us. You have to deal with Edgar in two months. Otherwise, I will ship you overseas to be married. Many rich old geezers are interested in celebrities like yourself.”

Ever since their falling out, Sam wouldn’t hide his malicious plans from Gigi.

Gigi raised her eyes, and there was the scent of blood from her gnawed lips.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you sell me off again.”

She had been sold from the Eyer family and currently had that kind of life. She had to make Jean experience such pain.

Gigi held on to her branded bag and left.

She entertained for the whole night at the bar and only walked out of the hotel doors in the morning, drunk. Countless reporters were waiting for her.

“Ms. Reece, were you an escort last night?”

“Jean was slandered for plagiarizing a design draft. Did you frame her?”

There were endless flashes aimed at Gigi’s face, clearly capturing the bruises on her neck.

Gigi came to her senses as she was led into the car by Elisa and bodyguards, who had just rushed over.

“Are you crazy? Why did you come out to entertain guests at a time like this? You deserve all the ugly pictures that were taken. Your reputation is down the drain.” Elisa berated her fiercely.

Gigi leaned back in the car seat and took out her cell phone before sending a message.

“The worse my reputation, the better.”

“What?” Elisa felt that she was furious.

Gigi smiled in an unconcerned manner.

“Arrange a press conference for me and send out a notice saying that Edgar will be present.”

“You’ve gone mad. Edgar’s assistant has blacklisted me. How can he show up for your sake?” Elisa had seen the news about Edgar speaking up and clarifying for Jean in the morning.

“He will be there.”

Because the message that Gigi had just sent him said, ‘Come for my press conference. Otherwise, I will make it public that Jean and I are sisters. Do you want her to have a younger sister like me with such a bad reputation?’

As she expected, Edgar ignored the pressure from Royden Group and appeared in person.

He had just gotten out of the car when he saw Gigi standing at the entrance and welcoming him. “Thank you for coming, Edgar. Let’s go in.”

She held on to Edgar’s arm of her own accord, creating the illusion that the two of them had a very good relationship.

The reporters raised their cameras in succession.

Edgar’s face was cold. “You…”

“So many people are watching. Do you want me to tell the world now?”

“I hate being blackmailed.” The man’s quiet and deep gaze swept past the reporters before he made his way in and flung away Gigi’s hand.

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