Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 399

Chapter 399 He Was Passing By

Maybe it was the fact that Jean had too much of a surprised expression. Edgar knew what she was thinking of with one glance. Did this woman forget about the other person in her house?

But then again, how could she have been so focused if she hadn’t forgotten about him? Edgar got up and quietly stood on her right. He looked at the colored drawing, and it was a stylish and tasteful sapphire necklace.

Even as a man who didn’t know about jewels, he thought it was quite good. “It’s good.” The two simple words he said gave Jean a different feeling.

She replied, “Thank you.” “Is this for the La Laux cover?” He asked candidly. Jean glanced at him. She thought about what he might say but didn’t avoid it.


She walked into the washroom and washed her fingers that she had accidentally stained with paint. When she came out, she saw Edgar looking carefully at her design draft.

There seemed to be an awed expression in his deep and cold eyes.

Jean coughed lightly.

“You’ll be the first I suspect if my design draft is leaked before it’s released.”

Edgar looked up and chuckled. “There should only be one necklace like this in jewelry design, right?”


Jean walked to the other side and started to clean the desk. She didn’t notice the deeper meaning of his question.

Her hands were moving non-stop as she looked down. She threw out her question. “Why did you come looking for me?”

“What do you think it’s about?” Edgar’s voice was very low. He had thought of many excuses before coming, and he didn’t know why but when he saw her, he gave up on his clumsy arguments.

Any excuse he could come up with would be unconvincing.

He never imagined that she would look at him seriously and mumble, “I don’t have money to lend you.”

“… What?”

“Royden Group’s problems with the capital chain isn’t something that I can solve. Moreover, I won’t lend you money.” Jean answered frankly.

Other than that, she couldn’t think of why Edgar had come to see her.

“The only property under my name other than the debt-ridden Eyer Group is this house. If you want to take back the house and the furniture to sell, I won’t stop you.”

She really seemed to be seriously thinking of ways to help him.

Edgar wasn’t happy at all. In fact, his head hurt even more.

After Jean was done, she saw that he wasn’t saying anything, so she thought that he didn’t believe her. “I don’t have any money.”

“Alright. Let’s not talk about it. You can stay in this house without worrying. I don’t want it,” Edgar said before getting up and walking to the door. “I was just passing by.”

Then, the door opened and closed as the man’s tall figure walked out of the courtyard.

He was passing by?

Jean’s gaze returned to the design draft. It was thanks to him that she had such a good spark of creativity and inspiration.

Thinking about Edgar’s unwell complexion, Jean’s feelings were slightly complicated.

They had separate lives. Even if Royden Group announced bankruptcy the next day, it had nothing to do with her.

With such feelings, Jean slept through the night. The next morning, she went straight to the magazine publisher and met with Edna.

She had forced herself not to look at her cell phone ever since waking up.

That way, she wouldn’t have to see wild news articles on her news feed, and she wouldn’t have to know about what happened to that man.

She arrived at Edna’s office and took out her design draft.

“Take a look, Ms. Jadot. Is there…”

“Did you design this?” Before Edna could look at it carefully, she was pleasantly surprised at the design draft. “It’s quite good. I was previously worried about your ability because you don’t have much experience, but it seems like I don’t have to worry at all.”

“Thank you. I tried my best to fit into the main theme of the design. If there’s anything that isn’t suitable, I can change it.” Jean was quite satisfied with the design.

“It’s quite good.” Edna looked at it carefully. “It’s a pass for me. I have an idea. Maybe we can buy one batch of materials and look at market response after the magazine is published to release haute couture styles. What do you think?”

If that were the case, the design would come to life.

“The entire series will be driven by your name. It’s a good opportunity for you.”

If that happened, Jean would have her own work!

It would be different from the situation in Jimmy’s shop. She would reach a higher level.

“That would be great. I will cooperate wholeheartedly.”

Jean didn’t hide her excited feelings.

Edna curved her red lips and smiled. “There’s still a problem right now. Is this necklace suitable for Gigi’s image? I feel like she usually doesn’t seem so noble to others.”

The design of the sapphire necklace was inspired by Edgar’s dignified actions and ice-cold presence. Even if he was in trouble, he still had a noble air about him.

This creative concept didn’t match Gigi at all.

Jean was startled. When she was inspired, she was in a rush to sketch the necklace.

She had never considered if it would match the model.

She looked at the design draft and was feeling slightly reluctant.

“Let me modify it.”

Edna stopped Jean as she extended her hand. “I was also a designer. Inspiration comes in a split second. If you modify the final product, its essence will change. Furthermore, are you confident that it will look better after your modifications?”


There was a clear answer.

Any modifications wouldn’t be more breathtaking than this necklace.

Edna didn’t make things difficult for Jean. She just smiled indifferently. “Why don’t you take my suggestion? I can ask the boss to replace Gigi.”

“If they don’t agree, I will think of a way to make Gigi quit.”

She was very confident. “You may leave. I’ll deal with everything else.”

Jean came to her senses at this time. “Haven’t you signed a contract with Gigi? Isn’t replacing her at the last minute a breach of contract?”

And Gigi’s company released a statement stating that Gigi would make a high-profile comeback out of retirement. The La Laux cover would be her first appearance.

“You don’t have to worry about it. I’m sure that I can make Gigi quit. I’m sorry, I have another meeting. Let’s talk next time.” Edna answered her cell phone and walked away with a smile.

Soon, Gigi received news that her contract was terminated.

“This must be because of Jean.” Gigi was in a photo shoot in a television studio. Her expression changed abruptly. “She can’t bear to see me thrive.”

Her new manager, Elisa, stood at the side and coughed. “I will negotiate with them. Don’t speak so loudly. It won’t be good if other people overhear.”

Gigi gritted her teeth fiercely. “I must be on this cover. I want Jean to be the one to leave.”

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