Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Pretending Not to Care

Edgar immediately instructed Miles to investigate. There were results very soon. “Mr. Royden, it’s real. Ms. Eyer and Ms. Reece are indeed working with La Laux. Furthermore, Ms. Eyer is working in the capacity of designer, while Ms. Reece is the cover model for that magazine publisher.”

“The strange thing is that according to the entertainment industry’s trade rules, it seems like Ms. Reece is not very qualified, but she surpassed so many levels of restrictions and was chosen as next season’s magazine cover model. This must be motivated by money behind the scenes.” The sequence of events was very clear.

Edgar turned to look at the falling leaves outside the window. The silhouette and corners of his side profile were sharp. His thin lips slowly opened and closed. “Contact the person in charge at La Laux and find out through which connections Gigi got the job, as well as why they chose Jean.”

Isn’t she leading Eyer Group down the path of investing? Why did she change professions and become a designer?

Edgar felt that his head was hurting more. Why was it that when he wanted to get close to Jean, it felt like he understood her less? These confusing feelings made him feel tormented.

Miles was slightly dumbfounded when he heard it. Was his boss concerned about Gigi or Jean? Why did he have to investigate both of them?

“Why are you still in a daze? Do it now!”

“Yes, Mr. Royden. There’s one more thing. There are still some problems in the partnership proposal with Rukh. Mr. Mason wants to meet you to talk about it.”

Edgar looked away and said coldly, “Invite him to the hospital and tell him that I’m not feeling well.”

“… Yes.”

No one knew, but Miles had single-handedly managed all of Edgar’s admission procedures. Edgar didn’t have upper gastrointestinal bleeding. He didn’t even have a cold.

Miles left the room quietly and carried out his boss’ instructions one after another.

He also found a very reliable private investigator to secretly find out Gigi and Jean’s relationships with the magazine publisher.

After that, a few media that Edgar had been secretly instructing started to play the emotional card at the same time.

The news headlines were more conspicuous than the last.

In other words, the company was badly affected because Andy had betrayed Royden Group. Edgar had to pay for damages that amounted to a great sum. As he worked under such a high-pressure situation, he fell sick.

The news didn’t publish photos of Edgar being sick, but every word made people feel that he was beyond cure.

But such an extent was not enough to appease Edgar’s expectations.

He wanted to seem more pathetic, like Royden Group was about to go bankrupt, the accumulated debt was more than he could take, or certain shareholders were starting to dump Royden Group’s shares.

It would lead to abundant rumors, some of which were awful to hear.

Nathan scrolled through two news articles and couldn’t continue reading. “Edgar, aren’t you going overboard?”

Even he couldn’t quite believe it.

Yesterday, Edgar was still as glorious as an emperor, but was he in such dire straits today?

He knew that the higher-level board members were concerned about him, but he didn’t let anyone come and visit. He deliberately created a facade of being snubbed and abandoned.

Even if he did it for a woman, it…

“It’s not enough,” Edgar said coldly. His gaze grew icy.

Nathan held his forehead in exasperation, afraid that Edgar had a bigger plan. “Stop thinking about it. Jean only reads the news occasionally. Her attention is on the newly opened studio. She doesn’t have the time to care about you.”

His voice grew softer because Edgar’s expression changed.

At the next moment, Nathan realized. “Don’t you know about it?”

Edgar coughed dejectedly and explained. “You know that I’ve been busy recently filling in the gaps that Andy created when he left. Didn’t she want to develop Eyer Group in the direction of being an investment company? Why did she start a studio?”

Starting over?

Nathan sighed heavily when he saw Edgar’s expression. “It’s no wonder you can’t pursue her. You don’t understand what she wants at all! Learning about design, studying overseas, and starting a design company. These are lifelong dreams of designers like her.”

As Nathan chattered on next to him, Edgar’s thoughts drifted back to three years ago.

Jean had called to tell him that her ex-classmate had organized a design exhibition and asked him if he had the time to go together.

At that time, he was about to pull in the net for the trap he had set for Eyer Group, so he naturally wouldn’t waste time with her. He came up with an excuse and changed the subject.

He didn’t know why but at that moment, it was as though he could feel Jean’s anticipation and envy from back then.

Edgar sighed slowly. “Does she need my help?”

Nathan’s eyes lit up. “You brat. You’re finally getting it!”

But at the next moment, the two of them were lost in thought. What was the point of Edgar getting it? Jean still had to accept his help.

For days on end, Jean had been busy with the design studio. She rarely even went to Eyer Group.

All of the company’s work had been entrusted to professional management teams. She would only go to meetings to discuss important matters.

She was so engrossed in her design work. Other than it being her former dream, she also needed an avenue to expend her energy. Otherwise, she would be unoccupied and be concerned about other news.

Like Royden Group and Gigi.

She really wanted to live for herself.

Her cell phone rang. She didn’t want to answer, but she accepted the call when she saw that it was Ben.

“Is Royden Group in trouble?”

Ben had just finished a meeting. He was so busy that he hadn’t had the time to care about other news.

“Mm,” Jean answered absentmindedly. She pressed the speakerphone button as she moved the paper cutter slowly, making a rustling noise.

“Only Andy left. How could it have affected Royden Group so much? Even my dad told me that many companies have wanted to terminate their contract with Royden Group lately. Along with the problem of the capital chain, Edgar can’t free himself so easily this time, can he?”

Although he didn’t have much of a good impression of Edgar, he couldn’t help but admit that Edgar represented a certain era of business power in Yorktown. If his company went down, the whole market would have to go through a reshuffle.

When the time came, it would be beyond chaotic.

Furthermore, with Royden Group around, small and unpopular companies would be pushed out of the market. This was why Royden Group kept receiving sponsorship and support from institutions.

“Jeannie, are you listening?”

“Mm…,” Jean answered.

Her hand slid down, and the blade cut her fingertip.

She threw the blade aside in pain. Looking at the blood ooze out, the pain she was feeling in her heart surged again.

“Ben, I don’t want to talk about him. Is there anything else?”

“… No.” On the other end, Ben gripped his cell phone as his fingers tightened and loosened. “Jeannie…”

Before he could finish, the call ended.

The disconnected dial tone was so hurried, just like Jean. Desperate to escape, panicked and helpless.

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