Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 396

Chapter 396 No Use in Feeling It Out

She listened and didn’t say anything. Nathan swallowed. He didn’t know if he should continue. If he said too much, it would arouse Jean’s suspicion.

“Which hospital is he in?” Jean tried to calm down and opened a navigation app on her cell phone. “… Grace Hospital.”

Nathan heard the voice from the navigation app. Jean said, “There’s no use in panicking now. Drive safe. Let’s talk about it at the hospital.”

“Alright. Okay!” Nathan said. He wasn’t as nervous as he had been. It would be alright as long as Jean believed him. Otherwise, he didn’t know how to report back to Edgar.

But Nathan didn’t know if Jean would believe him so easily. She was a bright and calm woman. Could it be that concern would lead to confusion?

Nathan felt bad. He silently apologized to Jean and hoped that she wouldn’t blame him when she found out the truth someday.

“He’s on the fifth floor. You can head up first. I need to call Miles,” Nathan frantically said after he parked the car. Jean didn’t suspect anything. She nodded and got out of the car.

Nathan sat in the car and let out a deep sigh of relief. He felt terrible lying to others.

He had just taken out his cell phone and was about to inform Edgar that Jean was heading upstairs when he saw a headline on his news feed that made his hair rise. He clicked into it.

Nathan let out a sigh. “Oh no. It’s getting worse.” In the hospital, Jean arrived on the fifth floor. She headed to Edgar’s room after finding out his room number.

There were no assistants or bodyguards. There was even defeat in the air of the hospital corridor. She knocked on the door, but there was no response.

She opened the door and saw the man’s back facing her as he lay on the hospital bed. “I don’t need anything. Get out.” His voice was frighteningly hoarse, and there was an intense rage.

In the past, Jean would never have imagined that Edgar would be in such a state, but there was a traitor in the Royden Group, and it was his biological relative, Uncle Edbert. No matter how much defense Edgar had in place, could he have defended against a trusted person colluding with others inside and outside the company?

Furthermore, Andy worked fast. If something happened to Royden Group, maybe…

Jean sighed silently. There was a dull pain spreading in her chest.

She knew that perhaps she didn’t have the right to sympathize with Edgar with her circumstance, but she understood too well the pain of being betrayed and battling the truth.

With Edgar’s arrogant personality, could he accept it?

Jean didn’t respond to him. She walked to the cupboard at the side and looked at the fallen medicine and overturned utensils.

“I said, get out!”

He roared in a low voice again.

It was evident that he felt the footsteps approach him.

The man turned and glanced. His eyes were filled with thick coldness.

His expression was nasty and very pale. On top of the scent of disinfectant that permeated the air, Jean’s emotions were affected.

There wasn’t any pleasantry or avid concern from her. She asked indifferently, “What did the doctor say?”

Edgar shut his cold eyes and didn’t say a word.

There was an unapproachable air about him.

Jean wasn’t in a rush to ask. She picked up his hospital records next to him and was about to look at them when the man’s clear voice rang with animosity. “If you came to laugh at me, you don’t have to pretend that you care about me.”

His behavior was ice-cold.

Jean was about to say something when there was a knock at the door.

“Room 509, time to take your medicine.”

The nurse came in with a pushcart. Seeing that Jean was in the room, she said at once, “The family has to pay more attention to the patient’s emotions. He still needs to stay two more days for observation.”


Before she could finish, Edgar’s cold voice interrupted. “She isn’t family.”

Jean wrinkled her brows.

Indeed. She wasn’t family.

But she was about to make it clear. Why did he rush to explain? Was he afraid of something?

The nurse put the medicine down and left.

Jean poured a glass of water, but Edgar didn’t even glance at it. The medicine was placed on the bedside table, but he didn’t intend to take it.

She stood straight and looked at Edgar from the side for a while.

Her clear eyes were filled with indistinct feelings. “Nathan brought me here. He’s very worried about you.”

Edgar didn’t say anything. He looked pale.

Jean hesitated for a moment and handed him the glass. “I’ll leave now if you don’t want to see me. Take your medicine.”

Since he wanted to be alone, she wouldn’t stick around. She didn’t think so highly of herself and thought she could console Edgar in such a situation.

When she saw him in such a desolate state, she didn’t feel the thrill of revenge in her heart.

There was a sliver of complicated feelings instead.


She had just handed him the water when he pushed away the medicine in her hands.

“Do you understand what I said?”

Jean was startled. She looked down at the medicine on the floor, and her eyes trembled.

Edgar’s hands gripped the glass tightly after he shouted at her.

Before he could say anything, Jean looked down and picked up the medicine before throwing it into the trash. With her back facing him, she said in a low voice, “I didn’t come to laugh at you. I was just curious what you’d be like under such circumstances. Now that I’ve seen it, it’s time for me to leave.”

“It has nothing to do with me if you don’t want to take your medicine or don’t want to continue living.”

Jean opened the door and made her way out.

On the hospital bed, Edgar held the glass of water and sighed deeply.

Did he go overboard?

He was silent for a long time. He was about to go to the window to see if she had left when the door was opened again.

A trace of anticipation streaked across his eyes.

But it was only the nurse who had given him medicine.

He informed the hospital and forged his hospital record so that he could make it seem more authentic.

He never thought that it was so authentic that it infuriated Jean and made her leave.

Edgar leaned against the head of the bed and told Nathan about it weakly. “What should I do next?”

“How should I know! You thought of this bad idea all by yourself.”

Edgar’s throat was choked up. He couldn’t say anything else.

He had to admit that what Nathan said made sense. He had wanted to try something out…

He sought but failed and reaped what he sowed. Who could he blame?

“But there’s an opportunity before you right now. It’s up to you to grab it.” Nathan said calmly. “Look at the news and think about what you should do.”

Edgar didn’t hesitate at all. He looked for the news headlines, and his brows tightened deeply when he saw what was written.

The headline was very unsightly.

‘Female celebrity coming out of retirement and rich ex-wife go head-to-head for love.’

There were pictures and recordings. It was a true scoop.

Is this the good opportunity that Nathan is referring to? Edgar felt his head hurt and his temples throb.

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