Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Take It as the Truth

What she said made sense. Jean had worked for MON & Co. previously, and there were many unofficial rules in the industry. Many things couldn’t be changed with just one person’s power.

“If you’re not happy with it, I will ask for a replacement as soon as possible. Please believe my sincerity, Ms. Eyer. I hope to work with you,” Edna said with a smile.

Since she was already there, Jean didn’t want to just leave. Even if Gigi was the model, it didn’t affect her much. “It’s fine, Ms. Jadot. Things can run as you’ve planned. I’ll go along with it.”

“Thank you so much. Let’s go back now.” The smile on Edna’s face deepened, and her beautiful eyes were filled with warmth.

Gigi sat on the couch and sized up their expressions as they came in. There was a mocking smile between her lips. “Ms. Jadot, if someone told you that they can’t work with me, I can…”

“Ms. Reece, I’ve spoken to Ms. Eyer, and we are very confident about this partnership.”

Gigi was startled. It was evident she didn’t think that Jean would actually agree. She looked over at once only to see Jean flipping through the proposal quietly.

She was outsmarted by Jean’s tranquil demeanor. Gigi gritted her teeth fiercely. “Alright. That would be the best, of course.”

After that, they started to discuss follow-up work arrangements, but Gigi was restless. She wanted to eat, and then she wanted to go to the washroom to touch up her makeup.

Edna’s displeasure could be seen in her brows, but she let Gigi go. Once Gigi left, Edna covered her forehead and seemed to criticize Gigi inadvertently. “Ms. Eyer, I can almost understand your feelings just now.”

Jean smiled and looked at the time. “I’m going to the washroom too.”

“Alright.” Edna smiled and watched as Jean left. When the door shut, the smile on her face completely vanished. In the washroom, Gigi looked in the mirror that reflected her and Jean’s faces. She was filled with discontent.

“If you don’t want to be in this shoot, you can quit now,” Jean said calmly as she washed her hands.

Gigi panicked. “Why must I leave? You’re the one who should leave! I don’t know what tricks you played to convince this magazine publisher to work with you.”

“What about you?” “What?” Gigi frowned in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Whose connections did you rely on to become the cover model of La Laux?” Jean retorted harshly as she sized up Gigi’s outfit. “With your current relationship with Sam, he wouldn’t spend money to package you up. I see that the assistants with you are different. Even if you come out of retirement after giving birth, you don’t have to do it in such a high-profile manner, do you?”

She didn’t understand the entertainment industry, but she understood human nature.

Showing off too much of one’s ability wasn’t a good thing, especially in Gigi’s current situation. Other people would always talk about her behind her back.

She should save up her strength for the big push instead and avoid the crises before her.

However, Gigi mistook her good intentions as malicious.

“You can’t bear to see me prosper, can you? You want me to be inferior to you in every way! Jean, you’ve overestimated yourself. You’re just a woman that Edgar doesn’t want. Oh, that’s right. He isn’t any better. The both of you can live on air together. Don’t beg me to lend you money when the time comes.”

Gigi spoke arrogantly. She shook off the water on her hands recklessly and bumped Jean away as she walked out.

Jean’s clothes were a little wet. She sighed in frustration and went out after a while.

In a washroom cubicle, an employee from the magazine publisher secretly recorded their conversation and uploaded it online.

When Gigi returned to the office, she changed her previously arrogant behavior and was very compliant with Edna and her assistant.

“I think the style can be changed. These are quite good. I really like them.” Gigi smiled coyly, and her eyes curved. On top of her thick makeup, there was an inexpressible charm to her.

“Alright, Ms. Eyer. I will instruct my people to prepare the outfits along with hair and makeup. The photoshoot will be next week. Ms. Eyer, how do you need us to work with you on the design?”

Edna shifted her line of sight and noticed that Jean was looking at pictures of the styling. “Is there a problem?”

Jean pointed at two pictures. “These don’t seem very suitable.”

Gigi leaned over to take a look. “The clothes are just more revealing. What’s wrong with that?”

She was sure that Jean couldn’t bear to see her flourishing.

Jean was exasperated at how prickly Gigi was, but she stayed professional and stated her opinions. “The range of the necklace and bracelet is too wide. It overpowers the model’s individuality and makes it seem too formal. It isn’t dazzling enough. The results won’t be very ideal.”

Edna and Molly were slightly astonished after hearing her unique point of view.

“You’re full of ideas, Ms. Eyer. Let us leave out these two for the time being. Let’s look at the next…”

Half an hour later, Gigi and Jean walked out of the building together.

“What do you mean by using those ways to be in the limelight? I can make any outfit look stylish. I don’t need your fake kindness,” Gigi said before she went into an SUV and left.

Jean looked at the car. It was new. And by looking at the car plate, it shouldn’t be cheap.

If Gigi were doing well, Jean would be happy for her, but if someone were using her, the consequences would be unbearable.


She was lost in thought as she stood on the steps and saw a luxury sports car that had stopped in front of her.

Nathan’s face appeared behind the window.

“Get in. Something has happened.”

Jean hadn’t come to her senses, but hearing Nathan’s anxious tone, she didn’t hesitate. She opened the car door and got in.

After she put on her seatbelt, Nathan stepped on the gas, and the car sped off.

His speed was well-matched to a racer.

Jean had been in Nathan’s car previously. She never knew that he drove in such a wild manner.

Did something happen?

“Are you in a rush, Mr. Knox?” Jean asked as she wrinkled her brows.

It was dangerous for him to charge around town at such speed.

Nathan gripped the steering wheel and took a deep breath in. “The capital chain of Royden Group has broken. Edgar stayed up the whole night, and he had upper gastrointestinal bleeding. He’s in the hospital now.”

Jean was dumbstruck.

She couldn’t come to her senses at all.

The capital chain of Royden Group broke? What a joke.

She had researched a lot about the Royden Group when she wanted revenge. With their state of business, it was impossible for there to be such a huge mistake unless someone deliberately…

Upon thinking about it, her heart rate increased.

Perhaps Edgar fell for it.

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