Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Unwilling to Be a Pawn

“Tell the Reece family to pick her up and tell her that I will never see her again.” He didn’t want to see anyone who was connected to Jean.

The meeting passed like thunder and moved like the wind. Everyone could feel the sharp air emitted from Edgar.

Not only did he get rid of companies that Andy had collaborated and worked with, but he also demoted and punished the managers involved. Everyone else felt in danger and couldn’t help but wipe their cold sweat.

“Royden Group will not keep idle people. I won’t do anything if you want to stay on, but if there are people who still want to work with Andy, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Everyone was on alert after he said that. They immediately said in unison, “Don’t worry, Mr. Royden. We are loyal to the company.”

“Miles, start preparing the report for next quarter.” Edgar’s broad back leaned against the chair. He lifted his eyes to look at the screen as the marketing department manager started to report.

He was very cool, and he had restrained the restlessness in his heart. But he couldn’t calm down. His heart was beating fiercely. Every shadow he saw reminded him of Jean.

He felt that he had lost control of his mental state when the meeting ended. “Mr. Royden, let the driver come and pick you up at night.” Miles was quite worried as Edgar was in a bad state.

He had never seen Edgar so out of control in the years he had been employed at Royden Group. “No,” he said as he opened the car door and got in.

His car flew out of Royden Group’s basement and went straight to Aurore Bar. Nathan was waiting there for him with alcohol.

When he saw Edgar, he immediately grumbled. “The old lady at home is pressuring me to get married again. Help me figure this out!”

Edgar glanced at him coldly. “How do you think I can help you in my state?”

Nathan was dumbstruck.

He thought to himself. Edgar is right. As a divorced man who is slightly older, what advice can he give me? Furthermore, with Royden Group’s current state, Edgar should be pretty troubled.

Thinking about it, Nathan couldn’t help but straighten out his good friend.

“You don’t have to take what Andy did to heart. He only took away a few people. It’s nothing to Royden Group, isn’t it?”

Edgar looked at the ice in his glass and didn’t say anything.

Nathan was still chattering and mumbling.

“You have to look ahead and get yourself together. If other people find out that you’re down and out because of Andy, they will sympathize with your tragic experience.”


Edgar seemed to have thought of a certain possibility.

“Why… why are you looking at me with such an expression?” Nathan’s eyes widened as he stepped back a little.

He had known Edgar for so long. Edgar always had such a gaze when he was scheming!

Nathan suddenly felt his eyelids twitch.

“Mr. Royden, I’m dizzy from being pressured to marry. Stop exploiting my value of use.”

Edgar narrowed his eyes.

“I need you to do this.”

Nathan didn’t need to think about it. He knew that it had something to do with Jean!

He raised his hand and finished his drink in one shot.

“I’ll help you if you can help me solve the problem at home.”


Edgar narrowed his eyes. The rage from the afternoon seemed to have been suppressed by the ice-cold beer.

Nathan looked at his expression and suddenly realized something.

He had been tricked.

Edgar could come up with many excuses to help him deal with his family’s pressure, but Edgar didn’t have a way with Jean. How could he help?

Nathan felt that his life was depressing after a few more drinks.

Early the next day, Jean received a call from Edna’s assistant, Molly, inviting her to go to the magazine publisher. There were certain details that they had to discuss in person.

When she arrived, she realized that the scale of the magazine publisher was beyond what she had expected.

Celebrities that made it onto the magazine cover were gorgeous men and women who were popular then. Moreover, numerous designers and luxury brands were interviewed.

There were also many pictures of designers that Jean respected highly.

“Ms. Eyer, please come this way.” Molly smiled as she turned around. “Ms. Jadot is with a visitor. Please wait for a moment.”

Jean nodded.

Not long after she sat down, she saw a slightly familiar figure walk past.

She was slightly curious, but she thought that she was mistaken.

Not long after, she saw Edna lead Gigi in. They were both smiling.

“Ms. Eyer, let me introduce the model for the next issue’s cover, Ms. Gigi Reece.” Edna was polite and instructed her assistant to serve coffee.

Gigi was wearing a fashionable and pretty leather skirt at that moment. Her body had recovered quickly postpartum. Although her complexion didn’t look too good, it didn’t matter with the thick makeup she had on.

She smiled as she took off her shades and sat on the other end of the couch that Jean was sitting on. Her high heels were beautiful and dazzling.

“You don’t have to introduce us, Ms. Jadot. We know each other well.”

“You do?” Edna was momentarily startled.

Molly placed the coffee down and whispered to Edna.

In an instant, Edna looked at them with astonishment. “I just returned to the country not long ago. I’m not too knowledgeable about what has happened here.”

“It’s alright, Ms. Jadot. This is work,” Gigi said. “I look forward to being on the cover of La Laux and seeing what lovely jewelry Ms. Eyer will design.”

Jean didn’t say anything as she looked down.

Edna coughed lightly. “Jean, should we go out and have a chat?”

Jean got up and walked out.

The door closed, and Edna led her to an office nearby.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Why don’t I replace her with a different model? If you want to, I’ll discuss it with them at once.”

Edna was expressing her sincerity.

Jean shook her head lightly.

“Ms. Jadot, can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Why did you choose to work with Gigi? As far as I know, she has just given birth, and her image doesn’t match the image of La Laux’s previous models. Is this because of a change in style, or did money drive this change?” She asked bluntly.

Was there someone supporting Gigi behind the scenes? Did they purposely set up a scene for her and Gigi to work together?

If there was, it would most likely be Edbert manipulating from behind the scenes.

She didn’t want to get mixed up and become a tool in someone’s plans for revenge.

Furthermore, in this mystery where she couldn’t see the truth, she and Gigi would be the ones to get hurt the most.

Hearing it, Edna said slightly awkwardly, “Even though I’m the editor-in-chief, my subordinates are the ones who do things like choose the models. I never took part in the specifics, but from what I heard, Gigi’s talent agency asked to work with us. Is there a problem?”

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