Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Rage

Since the main character had left, the reporters also left Royden Tower one after the other. But when they talked to each other, they felt that something wasn’t right.

“Have we been used by Mr. Royden?” “As expected of Royden Group. How vicious of them.” Royden Group took the media for a ride. Most importantly, they still had to do free advertising for Royden Group.

Edgar’s intention was clear. It was for everyone to understand that no matter how many people Andy took with him, there was no damage done to the Royden Group at all.

The reporters came to their senses. Although they felt reluctant, photographs were taken, and interviews were recorded. If they published the news later than other outlets, it would mean that they were one step behind.

With such thoughts, they returned and quickly published news about Royden Group’s news conference.

At that moment, in the meeting room on the third floor, Jean looked at the snacks and coffee in front of her with frustration.

Edgar was indeed in control of everything. Not only did he prepare these beforehand, but he had even sent Edbert on his way.

Even if Edbert came to his senses after that, he would have no other way.

After all, this was Royden Group. Edgar was the one in charge.

“Don’t you like it?”

Edgar opened the door, and there was an angry air around him. Although his expression was steady as usual, Jean could tell that he had gotten angry today.

It must have hit him hard that Edbert was the mastermind behind the scenes.

After all, that was his only living relative left.

Since she had to put on a show, she would do it until the end.

Jean put on an affronted expression.

“Edgar, you have no right to confine me!”

He did it at Royden’s family Villa previously, and he was doing the same now at Royden Group.

She was human, not an object that he could manipulate and operate.

The man wrinkled his brows and sat down in front of her. He reached out his hand and poured a cup of coffee for her calmly. “I’m not sure what you like, so I prepared a little of everything. There’s somewhere else we have to go to in the afternoon. Have a bite.”

What he said seemed like he was pretty concerned about her.

Jean didn’t appreciate it at all.

“Thank you for your trouble, Mr. Royden. Now can I leave?”

“Why did you come to Royden Group?”

He finally asked her as he grabbed Jean’s wrist.

“To use the washroom.”

“Eyer Group is in the opposite building. You can’t even hold it in for a few more steps?” He asked as his deep and cold eyes stared straight at her. He suddenly leaned forward, “You don’t know how to lie, Jean.”

“It’s as if you know me very well.”

Jean sneered and took her hand out of his. “As I said, I only came to use the washroom. I don’t have to see what a joke Royden Group is in person. The news has been reporting about Royden Group in high definition since last night.”

She was becoming more eloquent and articulate lately.

Edgar understood it well.

His tightly furrowed brows slowly relaxed, and there was inexplicable exhaustion in his voice. “Other than fighting, can’t we just…”

“We’ve been divorced for almost two years. There’s no meaning in saying this now.”

Jean smiled. “If you just think about it a little, you’ll know why I came. I’m working with your Uncle Edbert. I will do anything to bring Royden Group down,” Jean said bluntly.

As soon as she said it, the last trace of hesitation in the man’s eyes vanished completely.

His expression became nasty.

He suddenly stood up and forced Jean to the corner of the wall, one step at a time. He reached out his hand, clutched her shoulders, and spoke in a frighteningly cold voice.

“You knew about it?”


Jean asked despite knowing what he was referring to.

The man took a deep breath, and his fingertips slowly caressed her face. “Did you know about Uncle Edbert’s intention?”

He was making an extreme effort to restrain his temper.

If it were someone else, he would have already been violent with them.

It was only because it was Jean that he was showing incredible restraint. It was because of her that his heart hurt so much.

He wouldn’t be in so much pain if anyone else in the world lied to him.

Anyone but her.

At that moment, Jean understood the complicated feelings in his eyes. She opened her mouth, and the excuses caught in her throat sank like stones.


One second. Two seconds…

The man stared at her delicate and beautiful face fixedly. After a long time, he looked down and sneered. He asked, “So you dressed so formally to watch me become a joke and watch my only relative betray me?”


Jean’s heart clenched in pain. She didn’t want to say anything else.

But he wasn’t letting go.

If they continued to be in a deadlock, she was afraid that she couldn’t hold back and would tell him everything.

Then, he would be in ten times the pain.

Jean clenched her fist with all her might. She used the pain to distract herself and stay sober.

“Edgar, what I want to see the most in life is for you to be bankrupt, upset, and abandoned by the world. This is my reason for living.”

Every word she said pierced his heart in pain.

This finally made him say fiercely, “Get lost!”

Without turning back, Jean went into the elevator like she was escaping.

Her heart beat furiously. Her frustration and distress reddened the rims of her eyes. Just in case reporters were keeping watch outside, she immediately got herself together and left Royden Group quickly.

Edgar was breaking everything in the office.

Miles and the other employees didn’t have the nerve to go in and stop him. When he heard the noise slowly subside, Miles struck up his courage and knocked at the door.

“Mr. Royden, all the high-level managers of the company other than Mr. Edbert have gathered in the meeting room,” said Miles before he waited for Edgar’s subsequent instructions.

Edgar turned and didn’t say a word for a long time.

The employees behind Miles looked at each other in dismay. They didn’t even dare to breathe.

They never thought that Mr. Royden would be shocked because of what happened. Did Mr. Shaw hollow out the company? After all, he had taken with him so much talent and resources.

Otherwise, why would Edgar be so angry?

But only Miles knew full well that there was one person who could infuriate his boss. It was Jean.

“Mr. Royden?”

Miles asked in a low voice, “Should we postpone the meeting?”

“No.” Edgar’s gaze was fixed on a specific building floor across from them. What Jean said swirled around in his mind.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t accept it. He just couldn’t understand.

“Has Gigi left?”

“No. She said she must meet with you.”

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