Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 392

Chapter 392 The Winning Game

No one would doubt Edgar’s capabilities. Since he made such an assessment, it amounted to a declaration that Andy’s career had ended.

Numerous cameras pointed at Edgar. This press conference had suddenly turned into Edgar’s promotional campaign.  Meanwhile, Edbert sat at the side. His expression sank.

Never did he expect Edgar to turn everything in his favor. If this goes on, won’t all my preparations come to nothing?

He hit his cane against the floor. His assistant rushed out of the conference room. Soon, the assistant returned to his side and whispered, “I can’t find Ms. Eyer.”  “What?”

Edbert raised his voice, attracting many reporters’ attention. He smiled at them awkwardly before clenching his cane tightly. That d*mn brat! How dare she trick me?

Edgar looked at Edbert and turned off his microphone before asking, “Uncle Edbert, do you have something to say?”

Edbert’s expression turned solemn. He lost the mood to watch the show. He had no choice but to wave his hand. “It’s okay. You can speak for me.”

“In that case, would you like to go upstairs to rest, Uncle Edbert? You seem pale.”  Edbert was choked for words and forced himself to smile before walking out of the conference room.

Edgar looked at Edbert’s back profile coldly from the stage. Then, he turned on his microphone and announced, “Everyone, don’t worry. As long as I’m in Royden Group, it will never change hands.”

The words seemed to be directed at someone.

As Edbert was about to look back at the stage, a shout sounded outside the door, “Let me in! Let go of me!”

Is that Gigi?

Edbert frowned and glared at his assistant. “Why is she here?”

The assistant was confused too. “I… I’m not sure.”

Only the higher management of Royden Group knows reporters are invited here. It is not revealed to anyone else.

Did someone tip off Gigi, or did she come here by coincidence?

Edbert gripped his cane and saw the door was about to be kicked down by someone outside.

He immediately stepped aside and ordered his assistant, “Go look for Jean. I don’t care what you do; bring her here.”

“Yes, Mr. Edbert.”

The assistant slipped out during the commotion.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Miles had long since left Edgar’s side.

Edgar focused his gaze on the door and clenched his fists tightly.

The reporters also heard Gigi’s voice and rushed over to watch things unfold.

Some of them even tried to open the door for Gigi.

Gigi would create something newsworthy if she got in. Thus, to obtain trending news, the reporters did not hesitate to climb onto the platform to let Gigi in.

The door opened, revealing Gigi, dressed in designer goods from head to toe.

She rushed in and grabbed Edbert’s arm. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Let go.”

Edbert had dispensed with all civility and raised his arm to shove Gigi away.

Luckily, Gigi expected that and gripped his arm tightly.

“Mr. Edbert, we have collaborated well together. Yet, you are trying to kick my father and me out. Don’t you think you have gone too far?”


Edbert frowned immediately.

He tried to shake off Gigi again. Unfortunately, she lost her balance and crashed into a statue by the side. The statue shattered loudly, prompting everyone to look in their direction.

“Point the camera at Gigi. Hurry!”

“What about Edgar?” The cameraman asked.

The reporter grabbed his arm. “Don’t bother with him. This is a golden opportunity. We must not miss it.”

Any reporter who managed to dig up news about Edgar’s private life would have their article occupy the headlines on Monday.

Gigi slumped onto the floor and cried profusely.

It was different from the past when she was acting. She was crying for real this time, and tears dripped down her collarbone before sliding into her clothes.

Even the reporters could not bear to look at her. Their eyes were red with pity.

Gigi said in between sobs, “Mr. Edbert, how could you shove me away? I’ve done so much for you.”

“Security, get this crazy woman out of here.”

Edbert shouted and refused to give Gigi any chance to speak.

Security guards immediately rushed over to his call.

Gigi quickly clung to Edbert’s arm and said through gritted teeth. “I still have a lot to say, and I haven’t talked to Edgar. I’m not going anywhere. Edbert, you will receive retribution for what you’ve done!”

Gigi was planning to rest at home when she received an anonymous message telling her that Jean had arrived at Royden Group.

Furthermore, Edgar would also be announcing measures against Andy in this meeting.

Thus, she panicked and rushed here in a taxi. She had promised to collaborate with Edbert and obey him.

Yet, it turned out she was kept in the dark.

“Nonsense!” Edbert shouted viciously and pushed her away.

Then, the security guards caught her and dragged her out of the conference room.

After the dramatic incident ended, the conference room turned silent again. Then, Miles returned to stand by Edgar’s side and whispered. “Everything’s been dealt with.”

Edgar looked at the door and stood up gradually.

“That’s all for today’s press conference.”

He had obtained the answer he wanted.

He was the one who arranged for an anonymous message to be sent to Gigi. It was to find out who in the Royden Group had secretly manipulated the situation.

Now that the truth was before him, he had no choice but to believe it.

Edbert turned around with an expression of disbelief. “Edgar, you won’t mistake me for having dealings with the Reece family, right?”

Edgar walked down the stage and came to Edbert with a smile.

“Why would I, Uncle Edbert? We are family and are different from outsiders.”

His casual tone allowed Edbert to let down his guard and nod. “Yes, that’s right.”

Then, he glanced outside and saw his assistant with his head down. His expression darkened immediately.

“Uncle Edbert, what’s wrong?”

“Cough, I suddenly feel unwell and will head back first. Can you deal with the rest of the matter?” Edbert had always acted this way, giving people the impression that he did not care for wealth and influence.

That was why the company directors were happy to befriend him. It was also why Edgar never suspected him.

Who would have known someone like him was the mastermind who secretly manipulated everything?

Miles stood beside Edgar and slipped his hand into his pocket to press a button.

Then, he watched Edbert and his assistant enter the elevator.

“Where is she?”

“She’s in the lounge on the third floor,” Miles answered and pressed the down button of another elevator.

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