Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Unable to Leave

When Jean heard his steady voice, she lowered her head even further. Before arriving, Jimmy had told her that this was a VIP event. If it was discovered that she was here on Melody’s behalf, it was very likely that she would be thrown out.

“I–” She opened her mouth, but she didn’t know how to explain herself.

After hearing the news, the manager quickly smiled apologetically at Edgar. “I’m very sorry, Mr. Royden. How may I help you?”

Then, Jean felt a familiar gaze on her.

Under that situation, she made up her mind and said in a low voice, “Thanks, Mr. Royden.”

Edgar looked at her hesitantly.

When the manager felt the atmosphere between them, he did not dare to interrupt and quickly left with the rest of the staff.

Jean heaved a sigh of relief. Until then, she had never spoken to Edgar in that tone. Now that they were left alone, she lifted her head slightly, showing a pair of dark eyes covered by a black satin veil, making her look mysterious and alluring.

In that instant, an unfamiliar emotion started brewing in the depths of Edgar’s eyes, but she couldn’t decipher it.

“I’m here on another person’s behalf. Please don’t expose me.”

Since she had already promised Melody that she would get the necklace, she did not want to break her promise.

Edgar’s gaze traveled down her body. Even though the dress she was wearing was not too revealing, the slight tease of flesh was even more tempting. On top of that, she was blessed with an exceptional figure.

She never wore anything like that before.

Realizing his gaze, she frowned and took a step back instinctively, but a waiter was walking toward them with wine glasses in his hands.

“Excuse me.”

Edgar quickly wrapped his arms around her waist to pull her in. Not letting go of her, he said, “Follow me upstairs.”

“I don’t–”

She struggled against him, but his cold voice rang threateningly. “Should I tell them that you’re an impersonator then?”

She bit her lips, having no other choice but to listen to him.

When the rest of the guests saw this, they huddled together and gossiped.

“Who’s the woman with Edgar? She has a great figure, but I can’t see her face because of her hat.”

“She looks like Melody, who once seduced a married man. This time around, it looks like she has her eyes on Edgar.”

“Gigi is due anytime soon, isn’t she? Alas, it’s difficult being married to a wealthy man.”

The seats at the auction hall were separated into inner and outer circles. According to the rules, the guests in the inner circle had more advantages.

As soon as they reached Edgar’s private room, he loosened his grip, making her fall to the couch.

Her delicate neck seemed even more alluring under the light.

When they were walking upstairs just now, she accidentally tore her stocking. Just as she was about to inspect the damages, a suit jacket thick with the smell of cologne fell on her head.

“I don’t need it.” She frowned and put the jacket away in disgust.


Nonetheless, he cocked his head and lowered the temperature of the air-conditioner in the room.

Soon, Jean started sneezing because of the cold, so she gritted her teeth and put on the jacket.

When Edgar saw that, there was a faint hint of smile playing on his lips.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the auction will officially start now!”

Through the windows, Jean could see everything that was happening below her, but the people below could not see into their room.

With her back to Edgar and both her hands on the couch, her posture showed her amazing waist, making him unable to focus at all.

He frowned and gulped down a mouthful of coffee.

She got on the cruise wearing that? Who made her wear that?

While she was looking at the auction stage, she felt a furious gaze on her and turned around with a frown. As expected, she met his gaze.

“It seems like you are in a bad mood. I think I’ll go away now.”

With that, she lowered her hat and prepared to leave.

However, just as she was returning the jacket to him, he grabbed her wrist. “Where are you going?”

“This is the VIP room; I’m not allowed to enter. And I don’t want to create any rumors with a married man.”

With that, she was about to walk away. For a man as prideful as him, I’m sure he won’t stop me.

Unexpectedly, his fury intensified. “Is it fun to have rumors with Jensen?”

“It’s none of your business!” Jean countered harshly.

A cold glint appeared in his eyes as he stared at her. Out of a sudden, he pinned her down on the leather couch crudely.

“You won’t be able to leave this room today.”

Being pinned to the couch, Jean lifted her chin to look at him, revealing a perfect jawline that would arouse any man.

Though her wrists were hurting her, she tried to endure it.

“Jean, since the beginning, you are the only woman I care about. Even if it’s hate, you’re also the only one I’ve ever hated.”

Though it seemed rather flirtatious, he spoke through gritted teeth before pressing his lips onto hers.

As the kiss deepened, she felt like her lips were being crushed by him.


She struggled against him, but she did not dare to move after seeing his gaze.

When he was done unleashing his desires, he bit her collarbone, leaving a clear mark on her body.

She panted helplessly and shuddered when he got up from her.

There must be cameras somewhere on such a high end cruise. How many people will see how I was being humiliated just now? This dress doesn’t cover my collarbones at all. How am I supposed to go out with this mark on me?

She clenched her fists so tightly that her nails scratched her palms.

To him, my dignity is something he can easily trample on.

With her head hung low, she remained silent for a while.

As he frowned at her, his annoyance slowly turned into guilt.

He walked to her, but just as he was about to stretch his hand toward her, someone knocked on the door.

Then, Miles’ voice rang. “Mr. Royden, your coffee is here.”

“Send it in.” With that, he placed the jacket on Jean again.

Miles opened the door, and a few waiters walked into the room with coffee and some cakes.

Jean kept her head lowered throughout the entire process. The waiters did not dare to linger too long in the room, so they went out as soon as they placed the food down.

Right after the door was closed, she snorted out laughing.

“Edgar, you are such a p*ssy! Worried that others might see what you have done to me? You only dare to take advantage of me when no one is here. Are you a man?”

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