Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Agreement

Edbert had always been a sympathetic person. Edgar lowered his lids and reflected before saying in a calm voice, “Don’t worry, Uncle. I will think it through and talk to Andy. I won’t let things get worse.”

“That’s good then, we are partners, after all. Let’s not make things too complicated. He was in charge of quite a few of the company’s projects. You must think carefully about the loss and gains.”

“I understand.”

“Also, I saw the news. Are Jean and the boy from the Rocher family together?” Edbert asked curiously. “I’m not too sure.” Edgar said after a few moments.

Edbert said a few more things to Edgar before leaving. After sending Edbert out, Edgar thought for a moment before pressing a button on his landline.

“Make an appointment with Mr. Shaw for the afternoon.”

“Yes, sir.” Andy was sitting in the president’s office at Eyer Group when he received the call from Edgar’s secretary. Jean sat opposite him. There wasn’t a more apt word than unwelcoming to describe the current situation.

Jensen Rocher and Rachel Sander stood by the door. They had their ears pressed against the door to hear the movements inside.

“Mr. Rocher, do you think Ms. Eyer is in danger? Should I call the security guards up? Just in case.”

“No need, let’s just listen quietly.” Jensen frowned. The muscles in his face tensed with alertness.

In the office, Jean sat, composed. “I didn’t realize you were so free to come for tea, Mr. Shaw.”

Andy put down his phone and answered her with a laugh, “Of course, I’m here to talk business. Eyer Group is expanding so well.”

He passed over an envelope of money and a name list.

“This is a record of the bribery and corruption going on within the higher-ups in Royden Group. I need you to pass this to Edgar.” He said blatantly.

“What do you mean?”

“You can use this to threaten him and make your comeback. And I will be able to benefit from it too. Two birds with one stone.” The grin on Andy’s face grew deeper.

The atmosphere in the office became indescribable.

“No.” Jean said obstinately.

It wasn’t the answer Andy was expecting.

“Ms. Eyer… you really are different from the others.” The despise in him was showing. He leaned forward. “This isn’t your first time rejecting me. There’s a limit to my patience.”

“Not everyone wants to work with you. We do not welcome you. Please leave.” Jean answered steadfastly.

“Ha… Do you think you can take revenge on Edgar with this attitude of yours? You will never be able to do it in this lifetime!”

Jean’s expression darkened, but after a moment, she turned away from him. There was no point continuing the conversation with people like Andy.

“Whether I succeed or not is my business. It has nothing to do with you.” Jean’s fingers dug into her palm. “Rachel, please see our guest out.”

Andy smirked coldly and walked out the door.

Rachel was about to follow behind him but was stopped by Jensen. “I’ll go, stay with Ms. Eyer.”

Rachel was frightened by Andy’s expression, so she nodded her head in agreement.

Jensen went up to Andy, “Mr. Shaw, what brought you here?”

“It has nothing to with you.” Andy was chewing on a piece of gum. His gaze became calculative when he gave Jensen a once over. “I heard you were pursuing Jean Eyer. How’s that going?”

“Please be mindful of your words.” Jensen replied frostily.

Andy got into the elevator.

“Hmph, what a show.” He scoffed, and the elevator door slowly closed.

Just as it was about to shut completely, Jensen pressed the down button and got in.

“I know why you’re here. I can help you with your request.”


Andy was skeptical of those that offered themselves like this.

Jensen brushed aside the hair on his forehead.

“As long as we reach the goal, does the process matter?”

“I didn’t realize Zenith Rocher’s son was so bold.”

In the office upstairs. Jean stayed quiet, and Rachel also stood by her quietly.

“Ms. Eyer, should I go make a cup of coffee?”

“It’s okay.”

Jean couldn’t get Andy’s expression out of her head. She knew that something was off, but she did not know what.

All of a sudden, her phone vibrated. It was a news alert.

‘Early Celebration for Royden Group’s President, A House as Dowry.’

Jean clutched her phone tightly, and iciness flitted through her eyes.

I didn’t know he was so generous to Gigi.

Jean did some breathing exercises to calm herself. “Could you bring me the collaboration projects from Ludwig Group? I’m going to look through them again.”

Jean threw herself into work.

A while later, she drove to Jimmy’s shop as there was another design for her to look at it. At the door, she bumped into Melody Chance.

The last time they had met, Melody had already rejected many schedules. It was almost as if she had a foot out the door.

Jean saw her but was contemplating on greeting her or not.

“Jean, long time no see. Are you distancing yourself because of what happened before?” Melody greeted her first with a smile.

“No way. It’s your choice to choose the lifestyle you want.” Jean said.

“I’m so glad I ran into you. I have a favor to ask of you.” Melody said with a twitch of her lips.

Jean listened to what Melody had to say, but when she was done, all Jean could do was shake her head.

“I don’t think I can…”

“You’re the only person I can ask. I’ve got urgent business overseas; I have to go back tonight.” Melody took out an invitation for an auction and placed it in Jean’s hands. “That pearl necklace is really important to me. I’ll leave it to you.” She said and walked away briskly after putting her sunglasses on.

Jean could only sigh in response. Melody wanted her to role-play as a celebrity to go win a pearl necklace at an auction. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help; she just did not want to run into someone she knew. One of the sponsors for the auction was Royden Group.

“It’s just a disguise; let me help you.” Jimmy said with a snicker.


“Melody is one of my regular customers. I’ll make sure to dress you up so well, no one will be able to recognize you!”

Jean could only nod her head in agreement.

At eight o’clock that night, she arrived at the harbor and got on a yacht.

Jean wore a black off-the-shoulder dress, which showed off her figure. Jimmy had paired it with a black lace hat, which covered half of her face to protect her identity. She was sure no one would recognize her as she had makeup on and wore extravagant jewelry.

“This way, Ms. Chance.”

She was quickly led to her seat. As she walked there, she heard wolf-whistles from some men across from her. Jean frowned. She had a glance around and saw that the people here were all affluent persons; the way those men were acting was so crass. She avoided eye contact with them. She was only here to help Melody with her favor. Once she was done, she would leave. She definitely did not expect to hear a familiar name.

“Mr. Royden, I didn’t realize you would attend. This way, please!”

Why is Edgar here? Isn’t he supposed to be at the hospital with Gigi?

Jean turned her face away from him. She felt a breeze when he walked past her. She pressed her hat down, in hopes that he wouldn’t see her face.

“Is this seat taken, Miss?”

“Tell me if you see something you like. I’ll get it for you.”

Jean frowned as a few men started to surround her. Before she could reject them, someone pulled her up.

“Scram.” Edgar spat at the men.

Jean’s heart skipped a beat, and she further lowered her head.

“Why are you here? And you’re even impersonating someone.” The man said to her with a frown.

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