Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Bargaining Chips

“Edgar!” Gigi immediately jumped out from under the blankets. Her face clearly showed how excited she was.

“How come you’re here so early?” Gigi asked with a shaky voice and a blush on her face. She forced a smile, and her heart was beating a mile a minute. She did not know if he had heard what she said.

Edgar was holding breakfast in his hand. When he saw her reaction, he frowned, “I came to see you before going to the office.”

No matter how he felt, Gigi was still carrying his flesh and blood. Although he did not feel the responsibility and love a father should have, he would do what was required of him.

Gigi clutched the blanket and stealthily hung up the call. After recollecting herself, she hid her phone and got out of bed. She reached her arms out and slowly encircled the man’s bicep. She leaned on him.

“I knew I had a place in your heart.”

“Take your time. I have a meeting to go to.” Edgar said as he looked at the dishes.

“Edgar, if you have time, why don’t you think of a name for our child?” Gigi’s smile was innocent, as she fluttered her eyelashes at him.

“I think our baby will definitely like the name you give him.”

The ice in Edgar’s eyes seemed to melt a little.

“Okay.” He said and left.

Gigi immediately dropped into a chair the moment the door closed.

“That was close.” She sighed a sigh of relief.

She was about to lock the door to prevent anyone else from coming in when Winnie pushed the door open with a bright smile on her face.

“Gigi, you could never guess what Edgar just told me.”

“What is it to make you so happy? Gigi said nonchalantly. “He came to bring me breakfast.”

“No no no, you’re thinking too shallow. Edgar told me that he’s going to get his assistant to come to deal with some property paperwork this afternoon. He’s giving you a house!”

“A house?” Gigi’s eyes lit up.

Wasn’t this what she has always wanted? To be married into a rich family, and to become Mrs. Royden! No one would ever call her a fake ever again.

“I knew as long as I keep this child, all will go according to plan,” Gigi said proudly. “And in a few years when I give Edgar a girl, Jean would never be able to compete with me again.”

“Yes, so you should be careful. Stay away from Andy Shaw.”

Winnie had a bad premonition that Andy was not a man to be trifled with.

Gigi lowered her eyes and whispered, “He is he, and I am I. We’re only reaping what benefits us.”

She had never gotten the care and love she received from Andy from Edgar. At least there was no chance of an accident now. As long as she was careful, Edgar would never know.

Gigi lowered her head and rubbed her pregnant tummy, “I will get whatever I want.”

When Edgar walked out of the hospital, his driver was already waiting for him. Miles got out of the car and came to Edgar’s side.

“Mr. Royden, we’ve looked into the woman. This is Yvonne Hertz’s personal information.”

Edgar took the folder and walked to the car.

The folder consisted of the woman’s work experience, assets, interpersonal circle, and so forth.

When he saw the name ‘Gary Eyer’, his heart clenched tightly.

Miles was ready to receive any orders, but Edgar did not say anything from start to end.

When the car reached their office, they could see a group of reporters gathered outside. Miles immediately asked the driver to go through the back entrance.

“There’s no need. Let’s go in here.” Edgar said stoically and then buttoned up his suit.

“Yes, sir.”

The second the car stopped, the reporters started flocking to them.

“Mr. Royden, do you know about your ex-wife’s new fling? Do you have any comments about the two of them spending a night at a hotel?”

“Mr. Royden, is it true that the project you are planning to invest in is facing funding difficulties? Why did Andy Shaw step down from his position?”

“Mr. Royden, Ms. Reece is near her due date; do you want it to be a boy or a girl?”

With a glare from Edgar, the reporters immediately stopped questioning him and took a few steps back. They knew that with Edgar’s temper, he could throw them out at any time, but some were still fearless enough to continue asking.

“Mr. Royden, when will Mr. Shaw come back? He was leading that project.”

Edgar smoothed the crease in his forehead and slowly raised his hand. In that instant, all the reporters quietened down.

“Royden Group does not need to consult anyone or disclose our internal affairs,” Edgar said clearly into the microphones with a voice that could freeze hell. His gaze shot straight into the camera lenses. The corner of his mouth lifted, and he continued, “Also, if you continue to gather in front of our doors, I will call the police.”

The reporters gulped in nervousness, and one person even said in a small voice, “Indeed, it’s so like Edgar Royden…”

Lastly, Edgar sent them off while saying, “If I find anyone spreading fake news, they will answer to me.”

No one had ever been brave enough to have a stakeout in front of Royden Group. These reporters had been in the field for a long time, they weren’t amateurs. They knew that where there was smoke, there was fire. Something fishy must be happening inside.

Edgar and Miles entered the building, and a few minutes later, all the reporters had left.

“Mr. Royden, I’ve questioned two reporters. Someone’s indeed been selling the company’s secrets. On top of that, eighty percent of the information was true.”

“That means that there is still someone working for Andy.” Edgar’s gaze became frigid.

The door of the office opened with a bang.

“Edgar, we need to talk.” Edbert entered and said with a serious tone.

“What’s wrong, Uncle?” Edgar said while walking over.

Edbert cleared his throat and went closer to Edgar. “I was vacationing when I heard the news about the company’s problems. What’s this about the project stopping and the funding problems?”

Edgar stayed silent.

“Don’t worry about that, it’s all irrelevant. But what are you going to do about Andy Shaw?” Edbert took a look at the door and continued, “We don’t know how many spies he has in the company. If we don’t reinstate him, it will bring a lot of internal conflicts. If he decides to retaliate, the problem will only get bigger.”

Alas, Andy had always followed behind Edgar. He had gone from having nothing to being in a high position. To add to that, he held some of the company’s stocks. Even if he was fired, he would be able to remain as a director.

“Andy is an impulsive person. If pushed to the edge of the cliff, he will push back harder. I know you’re meticulous with your work, but I was worried, so I had to come to talk to you.” Edbert’s voice got quieter as he spoke.

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