Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Old Friend

The moment Zenith saw Jean, his face lit up with happiness. “I remember that you used to like these dolls when you were young. Do you still like them? I’ll buy them for you.”

“Uncle, I’m not a child anymore. But I will gratefully accept it if you were to get me one.” Jean replied to him with a giggle.

“Jean, you really know how to please your elders. With your dad…” Zenith’s face fell. He slapped himself on his thigh and changed the topic.

“I’ll go get you something to drink.” Zenith pushed himself up and walked to the kitchen.

Jensen had been listening to their conversation at the side. He quietly said to Jean, “My dad has always talked about Mr. Eyer. He never imagined Mr. Eyer leaving us so soon. I hope you don’t mind Jean.”

Jean shook her head.

“I don’t. I’m sure my dad in heaven would be pleased that people remember him.”

Her phone rang. She checked the caller ID and frowned. She declined the call without a second thought, but the caller kept calling.

“I’ll go help my dad.”

Jensen noticed what she was doing and quickly excused himself.

Jean chewed on her lips and when the phone rang again picked it up.

“What do you want?” She asked in an annoyed tone.

“Where are you?”

“Mr. Royden, I am my own person; I don’t have to report to you.”

She had said all she wanted to say to him, so she had not expected him to call her after that.

“There are a lot of reporters eyeing the relationship between you and Jensen Rocher. I advise you to keep a distance from him, and also fire him.”

Jean bit her bottom lip.

“I think that should be my call to make.”

“It is, but I’m being nice enough to remind you.” Edgar rubbed his temple. If it wasn’t for that phone call just now, he did not want to interfere either.

There were some things he couldn’t say straight to Jean. If he did, it might do more harm than good.

“Edgar Royden, shouldn’t you be watching over your pregnant fiancée in the hospital? I don’t think you have the time to worry about me.” Jean said after a deep sigh.

“You…” He couldn’t finish his sentence before she hung up on him.

The man stood in the hospital’s corridor and heaved a deep sigh. His hand clutched at his phone until his hands turned white.

Right, I shouldn’t meddle in her business.

“Mr. Royden, there’s a problem with Ms. Reece’s agency.” Miles walked over and reported. “It seems their rivalling agency is trying to drag them through the dirt. They’ve been spreading fake news.” He continued in a low voice while watching Edgar’s expressions. His face darkened as Miles spoke.

“Mr. Royden, how about we find Ms. Reece a new agency?”

It wasn’t a hard thing for Edgar to do.

“Buy it.” Edgar commanded in a deep voice and then walked into the hospital room.

Miles stood stunned for two seconds before taking his phone out to act upon Edgar’s command.

That night, the news of the president of Royden Group spending a large sum of money to buy a management agency in order to protect his fiancée spread like wildfire.

Jean was on her way home when she heard the news on the radio. She gave a light scoff.

This sure is like Edgar’s way of doing things. Overbearing and arrogant. As long as he wants something, he will use any means to get it. But he doesn’t know that the way he does things will cause other people to suffocate from his overbearingness.

Jean was glad for this piece of news as it took away the attention the public had on her and Jensen’s relationship. However, it was too late, as all her potential partners had run away. Jean could only strengthen her heart and start from the beginning once more.

The next few days passed by without any drama.

Jean went around with her staff to look for business partners. It was three days later when she received Ben Ludwig’s call.

“If you’d just agree to partnering with Ludwig Group, you wouldn’t be this tired.” Ben said while grasping his steering wheel. He was looking at Jean from across the road.

“I want to make this work with my own abilities. I’ll only take up your offer as a last resort. I don’t want to take you down with us if things go bad.”

She had risen from the ashes. She could see a lot of things clearer than Ben could.

Jean would remember anyone that offered her an olive branch, but she would not bring them any trouble if she had a choice.

“Okay, I’ll wait for your decision.” Ben said after a long sigh and hung up the call. He then watched Jean enter Ranford International. Ben pressed on the accelerator and drove toward a crossroad.

Now that Ben thought about it, he had to admit that Edgar knew Jean better. She wouldn’t just accept anyone’s help. It was one of her protective mechanisms, and she was so stubbornly independent that it hurt him to see her like that.

The moment Jean expressed the reason she was at Ranford International she was brought straight to the manager’s office. The person that greeted her was a young and beautiful woman.

Ms. Hertz offered her hand and greeted Jean, “I’ve been hearing about the capable princess of Eyer Group for a long time. At last, I get to meet you.”

“Did you know my father?” Jean asked after a moment of shock.

“Yes, I did.” Yvonne Hertz smiled and invited Jean to take a seat. “I had just entered the business then. I crossed paths with Mr. Eyer quite a few times. He was a very attractive gentleman and also very attentive.”

For a first meeting, Ms. Hertz was being too warm, and it put Jean on guard. She kept mentioning Jean’s father. To make things weirder, the way she described their relationship was as though she was hinting that it was more than a business relationship.

“I’m quite interested in this partnership. But our chairman is overseas at the moment. I will need time to liaise with him. How about we schedule a meeting for next week?” Yvonne said warmly.

“That is fine. I will wait for your call.”

“It’s getting late. How about we go get something to eat?”

Jean was thinking of rejecting her, but she knew that it was important to create an interpersonal relationship with potential business partners, too. Also, she didn’t have to worry because they were both females.


They stood side by side in the elevator.

“Ms. Hertz, were you… friends with my father?” Jean blurted out after a moment of contemplation.

“I wouldn’t say we were friends.” Yvonne said with a bitter smile. After a few seconds, she continued softly, “I admired your father, but he rejected me.”

Ms. Hertz does not look a day over thirty. She must’ve been twenty years younger than dad!

“I can see the shock on your face. Do you not think your father is attractive?” Yvonne did not mind Jean’s reaction. “It’s all in the past anyways. I’m just sorry that he left us so early.”

The elevator doors opened, and Yvonne walked out. Jean recollected her thoughts and quickly followed her.


“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you all you want to know. Let’s go eat first, okay?” Yvonne’s smile deepened as she pressed a button on her car key.

She drove an expensive imported car. It was a silvery white car that was very striking against the dark night sky. Jean couldn’t help but be amazed and admire how charming and proud Yvonne was.

How could dad reject such a woman?

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