Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 267

Chapter 267 The True Colors of a Hypocrite

When they decided on where to meet, Jean hailed a cab on her own and went there. At the entrance, she saw Ben waiting for her on the steps.

Jean immediately used a scarf to cover her face and walked over quickly. “Go in, quick.” Seeing how cautious and careful she was being, Ben’s smile deepened. “This isn’t your usual style.”

But he still turned his body sideways courteously. He went in with Jean and ordered a lot of food that Jean liked. But Jean didn’t have much of an appetite today.

“All those low-end news will be forgotten by everyone soon. You don’t have to take it to heart.” Ben took some food for her. “And don’t tell me you don’t want to partner with Ludwig Group. I won’t agree.”

Jean was speechless. She pursed the corner of her lips. “You knew why I was looking for you?”

“Of course. I’m not an idiot.” Ben suddenly thought of something. His expression showed his disappointment. “When will you stop treating me so formally?”

From a certain perspective, he was envious of Edgar. At least Edgar could still think of ways to help Jean. As for him, he was only a puppet for others to carry out their wishes, even if he did it willingly.

“I’m afraid to be a burden to you. After all, you just started managing your company. Won’t your dad get angry if you help me like this?”

It wasn’t that her considerations didn’t make sense.

After all, the Ludwig family had just gone through a business crisis. Moreover, Myer was an extremely cautious businessman. Business and social relations were two different matters to him.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ve made thorough preparations regarding this contract. Don’t worry.” Ben forced out a trace of a smile. “Eat up. I’ll send you back to the office in a while.”

He really wanted to ask Jean about who incited Jensen to say those things during his interview with the reporter!

It was better not to ask to avoid raising suspicion. He was about to speak up but held back in the end.

In the hospital, Gigi was scrolling on her cell phone. When she saw the news and pictures of Jean and Jensen’s high-profile love affair, she was overjoyed.

“Jean is such a nasty character. Not only did she dangle Ben along, but she also fooled around with Mr. Rocher. She will really stick to anyone who’s rich and flirt with them.”

Winnie was sitting at the side and couldn’t help but remind Gigi, “Not so loud. Edgar may be coming back.” “What do I have to be afraid of?”

Gigi was beaming. It was the first time in days that she was in such a good mood. She waved her cell phone. “News is spreading all over the Internet. I wasn’t the one who schemed against her. She’s the one who’s being unrestrained.”

The more she thought about it, the happier she got, but there was no one she could share it with.

In that instant, she started to miss the days when she had relations with Andy. Now, she could only delete his contact details as she stayed in the hospital room and waited for delivery.

Winnie knew the thoughts of women all too well.

She thought of the time when Andy beat her up and snorted coldly. “I advise you not to think about it anymore. Know your place and wait to be Mrs. Royden.”

“What do you know? I…”

Gigi’s voice was getting louder. Before she could finish, the door was opened.

Edgar was wearing a black coat and walked in sharply.

Gigi swallowed everything she was about to say. “Why didn’t you tell me before coming over, Edgar?”

The man’s footsteps stopped.

Even Winnie thought she was dumb. She said at once, “Edgar is always thinking of you and the child. He must have come over immediately after getting off work. You’re so lucky, Gigi.”

Gigi plastered a smile on her face at once. She acted coy and wanted Edgar to sit next to her.

The man thought about it and walked over. “How are you feeling today?”

“Very good. The child and I are feeling good.”

Gigi reached out her hand to pull Edgar’s hands, wanting him to feel the child.

His cold eyes were misted by a layer of gentleness. He felt Gigi’s stomach for a moment before immediately pulling his hand back.

“I’ve discussed it with the doctor. If you don’t want to stay in the hospital, you can stay at home for the time being. It’s alright as long as there’s someone to take care of you at all times.” Thinking about how Gigi would get bored, he even arranged two nurses’ aides for her.

“Really? Then I want to stay in your house.” Gigi blinked her lovely eyes at him.

At this time, no one would refuse her requests.

Edgar was finally no longer an exception.

“Alright. Pack up. I’ll get someone to pick you up later,” Edgar said before walking out of the hospital room.

Before the door shut, Gigi’s excited laughter could be heard from the inside.

Seeing Edgar’s expression, Miles, who was at the side, slowly shut the door. He reported, “Mr. Royden, news about Ms. Eyer has been taken down. But the person who leaked the news was very cautious and didn’t leave any trace.”

“From the looks of it, money is in place,” Edgar said. His eyes narrowed, and he walked into the elevator quickly.

Miles followed him, waiting for subsequent instructions and arrangements.

“It’s fine if it’s settled, you don’t have to…”

Edgar was speaking when he saw Jensen and a woman walk into the office of the head ob-gyn from afar.

“Find out what’s up with that.”

“Yes, Mr. Royden.”

Edgar had shares in this hospital, so it was easy to investigate. Ten minutes later, Edgar had all the details of that woman.

“That woman is Crystal Foster. She’s Jensen’s university classmate. She’s always had a crush on Jensen. They must have had relations, and now, Crystal is pregnant.”

Edgar sat in the car, and his expression was dark.

“Mr. Royden, should you warn Ms. Eyer?” Miles felt like the person who leaked the news had something to do with Jensen himself.

With the Rocher family’s power and status, there wouldn’t be anyone who had no fear of death and would provoke them like that.

After the news came out, it shouldn’t have been allowed to develop in that way.

If it wasn’t for Edgar, who sent his people to settle it, the articles that the reporters would have written would be unbearable. To get everyone’s attention, they would write any kind of story.

“I don’t have the right to interfere in her affairs.”

Edgar was a little tired. He leaned back in his chair and slowly shut his eyes. “Get the person we sent to Eyer Group to continue keeping watch.”

“Yes, Mr. Royden.”

For the next two days, Jean stayed at home to avoid being harassed by the paparazzi and reporters.

Everyone in the office had remote meetings to deal with what was happening, and it was going quite well.

It was just that Jensen had asked for two days off, saying that he had some family matters.

Jean pondered and thought that she should visit Zenith and explain the chaotic news to him as a way of declaring her position to someone from an older generation.

But who would have thought that when she was at the entrance of the Knox Residence, she would see two people standing in the corner and bickering?

Jean stopped and looked at them for a while before she recognized that it was Jensen and another girl.

But her back was facing Jean, so Jean couldn’t see her face.

The two of them seemed to be arguing about something. The girl left unhappily in the end.


Seeing her, Jensen was so nervous that his face flushed. “When, when did you arrive?”

“Not too long ago. Is that your classmate?” Jean asked.

She never imagined that Jensen would get more nervous. “No. No, she isn’t.”

“I’m here to see Mr. Rocher. Is he at home?” Jean was holding something in her hands.

“Yes. I’ll bring you in.” There was sweat on Jensen’s forehead. He took the things from her hand at once and walked up the steps with her.

From far, the girl that had just left hadn’t walked too far away.

It was Crystal.

She hid in the corner of the wall. Seeing how attentive Jensen was to Jean, Crystal’s eyes were filled with bitterness. “On what grounds? On what grounds is a broken shoe that no one wants better than me?”

She took out her cell phone and immediately searched Jean’s name.

Edgar’s name came into view after that.

“It’s him, your ex-husband!”

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