Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 266

Chapter 266 The Hidden Hand Behind the Scenes

Nathan heard the same news but with a different subject. He placed his cell phone down and looked at Edgar’s expression hesitantly. “Jensen and Jean were photographed by the paparazzi. Also…”

Before he could finish, Edgar had already rushed out the door. Nathan immediately followed him. “It’s over. Something is about to happen this time.”

The two of them were just eating a meal together, but because of Jensen’s family background, others thought he stooped down and became an insignificant manager in Eyer Group. This was enough to spark the news.

In an instant, a crisis suddenly erupted. ‘Rich and powerful ex-wife is a seductress’. This spread around like wildfire.

Many companies who wanted to work with Eyer Group slowly shrank back. Their wives immediately stopped their husbands from discussing business matters with Jean, worried that rumors would affect their husbands.

Jean wanted to ignore it at first, but things kept getting into a frenzy. There were also pictures of Ben entering and leaving her house that night.

There was only a man’s figure in the pictures. It was misinterpreted as Jensen entering and leaving the Eyer Residence late at night, where they had a private date the whole night.

“These reporters are too much! Should we send them a lawyer’s letter, Ms. Eyer?”

Jean didn’t say anything.

If she didn’t get it under control now, Eyer Group would be most affected.

She was prepared for controversy because of the previous partnership with Royden Group.

If Eyer Group was in an uproar because of these scandals, who would still want to work with her in the future?

Ben’s contract was still in front of Jean.

This had to be kept under control as soon as possible.

“Are you just going to endure it, Ms. Eyer?” Rachel couldn’t stomach it.

Jean said calmly, “Contact the reporter that wanted to interview me. Tell them that I have thrilling news that they would be interested in.”

Rachel opened her mouth and was about to say something, but it was clear that Jean didn’t want to talk about it any further. Rachel could only leave.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Jensen standing there.

“Mr. Rocher! Why are you at the office at this time? If the reporters catch you…” Rachel said as she subconsciously looked down at the outside of the office.

“I’ve gotten people to take care of it on my way here. I don’t know if someone is deliberately targeting us. The news spread quickly.” Jensen seemed a little tired. He walked in front of Jean and wanted to say something but hesitated. “I’m sorry that I caused trouble for you.”

Jean forced out a sliver of a smile. “I can’t blame you.”

Jensen sighed. He was about to say something when he saw the contract on the desk. He immediately recognized Ludwig Group’s mark.

“Are you going to work with Ludwig Group?”

“I’m still thinking about it.” Jean pushed the contract aside and raised her hand to indicate that Jensen should sit. “You came at the right time. I’ve thought of a way to solve this. Why don’t we go for an interview together and clear the air about our relationship. This way, we can stop everyone from talking about it.”

This was the best solution that Jean had thought of so far.

Once she said that, Jensen reacted slowly.

“I think that even if we clarify to the reporters, they won’t believe it. Things will intensify, and they will follow you instead.” Jensen wrinkled his brows. He said with a serious expression, “Some people will stop at nothing to reach their goal.”

“You mean to say that someone is deliberately spreading these rumors?”

Jensen nodded. “Yes. And their goal is clear. It’s to drive a wedge between our relationship so that Eyer Group won’t receive the support of my dad and develop in the future.”

Jean hesitated. It wasn’t impossible, but she couldn’t think of who would do something so senseless. Even if her reputation was gone, what could they do?

“Ms. Eyer, why don’t you let me handle this?”


Jensen smiled deeply. “Don’t worry, I know what to do. I will settle this matter without making waves. The news can’t continue to spread, and we can’t let this affect our future partnership with Ludwig Group.”

Since he had thought of everything so thoroughly, Jean didn’t ask anymore.

“Alright. I’ll put it in your hands.”

Jensen nodded and glanced at the document on the desk. “I’ll do it now.”

He walked out of the office, and the smile on his handsome face disappeared completely.

“It seems like you still don’t trust me fully. You’re trusting an item that the Ludwig family gave to you?”

Jensen shook his head before pushing the door and going into his own office.

He took out his cell phone, and the first thing he did was call a reporter that he was acquainted with. “You don’t have to leak the news anymore. It’s accomplished what I wanted.”

The reporter’s laughs came from the other side. “Mr. Rocher, what a brutal move. Did you know that since morning, the phone in our office has been ringing non-stop? There are already two people who want to buy the pictures I have at a high price.”

It was clear that the other party was immersed and didn’t want to pull back.

Jensen raised his hand to pick at the leaves in a flowerpot. He smiled contemptuously. “Let me repeat myself, our partnership ends here.”

He plotted everything behind the scenes, including blurring Ben’s figure deliberately so that people would misunderstand.

He had thought that this would pull apart the distance between the Ludwig family and Jean. He never imagined that it would bring them closer.

How could this be?

Jean could only depend on him!

It wasn’t easy to deal with Edgar, and then Ben came along.

His usual gentle and warm eyes were filled with a coldness that couldn’t dissipate. His tone was frighteningly icy. “I don’t want to see any other news and pictures about this anymore. Do you understand?”

The reporter on the other end was frightened by his sudden change in tone and apologized at once. “Yes, yes. Don’t get angry, Mr. Rocher. I will get people to remove the headlines now.”

After receiving money from Jensen, they had to obey his instructions. The reporter hung up and mumbled to himself, “I never imagined that this rich person would really leak news about himself.”

Looking at the pictures, the reporter smiled sinisterly and locked the remaining negatives into his drawer.

Three hours after the news spread, Jensen’s interview video was uploaded online after his appearance was blurred out. But what he said as clarification was ambiguous. People couldn’t tell if he was clarifying for Jean or if he had any other motives.

“Ms. Eyer, Mr. Rocher’s interview video didn’t mention the purpose of his clarification. In fact, it makes people think that the two of you have some kind of affectionate relationship.”

Rachel looked at the incoming call record. “The three companies who previously intended to work with us have changed their minds.”

The smaller the company, the more they valued their reputation. They didn’t want to partner with someone like Jean, who was deep in a swamp of bad press. It was understandable.

“I understand.”

Jean wrinkled her brows. She felt that she was overlooking something.

In a flash, she saw the contract on the desk. She sighed and called Ben, inviting him out.

The best way currently was to turn down this partnership.

“Alright. I’ll pick you up,” Ben agreed quickly.

“It’s fine. Let’s meet somewhere. There are a few paparazzi hanging around and keeping watch at our office. It’s not very convenient.” Jean smiled bitterly and shook her head. “I never imagined that there would be a day where I would be treated like a female celebrity.”

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