Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Socializing

Jensen didn’t answer her directly. He lifted his wrist to look at his watch. “It’s time to get off work. There’s a restaurant nearby that’s pretty good. Let’s talk about it while we eat?”

Before Jean could agree, he was already walking out. “I’ll get the car. See you downstairs.” His unconcealed goodwill made it hard for Jean to refuse him. Jean closed the door of her office and walked into the elevator.

Not long after they left, her staff got off work one after the other. But someone used this opportunity to go into Jean’s office. Jensen brought her to a local restaurant. It wasn’t big, but it was lively.

Everyone who was sitting around was from the neighborhood, and they talked about their day to day lives.

“Give us the specialties.” Jensen didn’t have the airs or graces of a rich son. He turned around and had two drinks in his hands.

“Didn’t you just come back?” Jean took a bite. The food was pretty good. “How do you know about this place?”

Jensen laughed. “Let’s eat. We still have to talk about work later.”

Outside the window, there was a camera aimed at the two of them as it snapped away.

Jensen took care of Jean well. Not only was the food up her alley, but his topics of conversation were well thought out. He set the mood without a trace.

“It’s no wonder that you’re so popular among your group of classmates.” This was an honest lament from Jean.

Looking at Jensen, it was as if she was looking at her past energetic self.

“I don’t want to be popular. I only hope that the person I care about can notice me,” he said as he directed his gaze at Jean.

But Jean suddenly felt like something behind her was dazzling, and she turned her head to look at it. She didn’t notice his gaze.

“I think there’s someone there.” Jean furrowed her brows tightly.

When they walked out of the restaurant, she felt like someone was following them. There also seemed to be something flashing past her eyes.

Jensen’s eyes dulled, and the corner of his lips twitched. “You’ve been working the whole day. Maybe you’re too tired and sensitive?”


Jean was still feeling fearful. She stood there and looked over for a long time. She rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Let’s go back to the office.”

When she turned around, Jensen glanced into that corner with a sharp gaze.

The trees in the corner swayed and quickly stopped.

That night, Ben brought a contract with him when he came looking for Jean.

“Partner with Ludwig Group.” His eyes were dark. He was like a different person from before.

Jean wanted to accept it at once. No matter how she looked at it, the contract was a good opportunity, but…

“Eyer Group doesn’t have teams who can conduct themselves yet. I’m afraid we will hold you back. Although I’ve recruited some people, they still need to get used to it.”

There was a sliver of a smile on Ben’s face. He reassured her, “There’s always a first for everything. You have to give them a chance. This item is the main focus of our company’s investments next year. Think about it.”

“Alright. Thank you.”

Jean’s smile was bright and beautiful. She knew full well that Ben gave her the item to help her out.

Otherwise, with Ludwig Group’s position, they only needed to wave their hands, and many people would be fighting over their contracts.

“Are you thanking me?” Ben frowned. “Do we have such a formal relationship?”

“We’re partners in the future. I have to be more formal.” Jean smiled.

She said it half-jokingly. Ben couldn’t get angry.

Before he left, he thought of something. After hesitating for a long time, he asked, “Do you distinguish between work and personal matters like this in the office?”

Jean didn’t understand what he meant. “Of course. I’ll take you out for coffee one day.”

Ben smiled and didn’t say anything. He waved and got into the car.

He got into the car and the wrinkle in his brow deepened.

He pressed the call button on his Bluetooth earpiece. When the other party picked up, he said in a low voice, “I’ve given her the contract, and she’s agreed to think about it. Why did you ask me to do something like this?”

Ben gripped the steering wheel, and his eyes were dark.

Edgar’s calm voice came through the earpiece. “She trusts you.”

Just from that one line, it made Ben realize that in certain ways, he was no match for Edgar.

Edgar didn’t hesitate and let Ludwig Group take over just so that Eyer Group would get a good item and partnership opportunity. Edgar even let Ben be the good guy just so Jean would gladly accept.

Ben turned the steering wheel, and his voice was cold. “Jensen is a manager in her company. He might discover this.”

After all, Jensen had the support of Zenith behind him. It wasn’t hard to find out the cause and effect of the whole matter.

“He won’t find out. Even if he did, he won’t tell Jean,” Edgar said confidently.

“How are you so sure?”

Even if Edgar was a shrewd and cautious person, he couldn’t necessarily figure everything out so meticulously, could he?

Ben pondered. How would he explain things to Jean if this was revealed one day?

However, Edgar had already guessed what he was thinking about.

“You can push the responsibility onto me. Also, Jensen’s thoughts are more serious than you think. It’s best to keep a distance with him.”

The second half of what he said was what he wanted Ben to relay to Jean.

It might have the opposite effect if he said certain things.

Edgar hung up after he finished speaking.

At the time, Nathan was sitting across from him. He furrowed his brows tightly. “No matter what, Jensen is my relative. Can you at least avoid me when you say such things?”

“There’s no need for that.” When Edgar conducted his affairs, he would never care about things like that.

He would go all-out for people worthy of his respect and kindness, but there weren’t many people like that in the world.

If Nathan was the type of person to have a fallout with him because of such a thing, they wouldn’t have had dealings for so many years.

Nathan understood his personality too well. He sighed in frustration. “But don’t you think it’s a shame that you gave Ben such a good opportunity to shine? If the project is a big success, it could slow things down between you and Jean.”

When Nathan first heard of this plan, he almost fainted out of rage.

He was clearly giving such a good opportunity to his rival.

“Ben has always had feelings for Jean. And the Ludwig family has also changed their minds about Jean. If… feelings really grow between the two of them, would you be able to accept it?”

He wanted to pursue his ex-wife, but he sent her into the arms of another man instead.

The light in Edgar’s eyes dimmed. His thin fingers that were holding a cup of coffee slowly tightened. “I’m not qualified to treat her well currently.”

Nathan knew that he was talking about Gigi and the Reece family. He could only sigh in exasperation.

“She’s about to deliver?”

“The doctors say one month at most,” Edgar said with a complicated expression on his face.

Nathan leaned back. “Congratulations in advance on being a dad.”

Edgar’s cold eyes narrowed slightly, and he smiled lightly.

Nothing was set in stone. Everything else could be corroborated with time.

As the two of them were about to leave, their cell phones rang at the same time.

Edgar glanced at the remarks. “Hello?”

“Mr. Royden, Ms. Eyer’s pictures are being spread on the internet by paparazzi.”

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