Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 264

Chapter 264 Trap Him

Not only did she force Jean to make her boundaries clear, but Edgar also witnessed it with his own two eyes! Even the heavens were on her side.

Gigi got into the car happily, but she felt that her stomach was uncomfortable as soon as she got in. “Winnie, to the hospital, quick!”

Winnie was extremely worried. “Are you about to deliver? It will be a mess if you give birth on the way.”

The driver rushed to the hospital while Edgar’s car was behind them. The man’s brows were tightly locked as Jean’s firm gaze was swirling around in his mind. Yes, he owed her a life. How could he repay it?

The doctor’s diagnosis was that Gigi was too agitated, and it made her uncomfortable. There was still some time before she delivered.

“I suggest that she stay in the hospital while waiting for the delivery so that it will be easy to observe her. Her family should also stay with her as much as possible. Remember, don’t let her get so agitated again.”

Edgar took the checklist and turned to look at the person on the hospital bed.

“Edgar… the child, is it alright?”

Gigi’s face was pale. She reached her hand to touch her lower abdomen with some effort. She was nervous and afraid, and she started crying. “I won’t dare look for Jean again. I want my child!”

Edgar could only walk to her.

“It’s alright. The child is fine.”

Gigi’s tears flowed incessantly, and her hands grabbed Edgar anxiously. “Edgar, I’m scared. Stay with me, please?”

She wasn’t acting. This was how she actually felt. On the way to the hospital, Gigi really felt her child moving. She was in so much pain that her hands and feet were shivering. She even felt like she was about to die.

At this time, she really hoped that Edgar could be by her side.

Her delicate eyes were full of tears as she looked at the man before her.


Edgar struggled for a few minutes before he spoke. He raised his eyes and looked at Gigi. “Rest. I won’t leave.”

Tears quickly brimmed in the corner of Gigi’s eyes.

She closed her eyes sorrowfully and held on to Edgar’s hand.

During that period, Winnie came to the hospital room once. Seeing Edgar looking after Gigi, she left food in the room and left quickly.

“This is great. We don’t have to worry about Jean anymore.” Winnie mumbled to herself. “Men are the same. They care about their flesh and blood. Once Gigi safely gives birth to this Royden child, her status won’t matter.”

This child was a guarantee of Gigi’s wealth and status.

And she would become Edgar’s mother-in-law.

The more Winnie thought about it, the happier she was. She walked out of the hospital gleefully.

But as soon as she walked down the steps, she was captured into a car by a few men.

“Who are you? Let me go!”

“Keep quiet.” A voice rang out. It was cold and indifferent.

Winnie shivered. “Andy?”

Andy leaned in his business car. He raised his hand, and his underlings immediately let go of Winnie. They closed the car door and left.

“Why is it you? If you’re looking for me, you can just call me. Why must you scare me like this!” Winnie laughed dryly as she rubbed her swollen arms.

“Would you answer the phone if I called? Everyone in the Reece family is so eager to cling onto Edgar. Meanwhile, you’re avoiding me so much it’s as if you had moved to Mars.”

“It’s not what you think.” Winnie was about to explain when Andy kicked her.

Pain enveloped her body.

“Stop pretending. Sam, that old fox, is hiding with his mistress overseas. He still owes me money that he hasn’t repaid. Tell Gigi to get the money within a week. Otherwise, I’ll look for Edgar and tell him the truth about the child.”

Winnie was startled and acted as if she was oblivious.

“The child Gigi is carrying is really…”

Andy scoffed. “Stop pretending. There’s no way you didn’t know. Edgar has never touched Gigi from the start until the end. I’m the one who did the devil’s dance with her every night.”

Winnie looked down and didn’t dare look at Andy’s cloudy face.

She pretended not to know so that if there came a day when things came to light, she could still save herself.

But Andy was too vicious. He had to drag her into it.

“When you were with Gary, you took many things from the Eyer family, didn’t you?” Andy sneered and pulled Winnie’s hair. “In the future, you have to be my pawn in the Reece family. Make up a lie and get Sam to come back right away. Otherwise, I’ll look for Jean and have a good chat with her.”

Winnie was in fear and in pain. She could only nod.

“Okay, okay. I understand.”

Andy snorted. He pulled the car door open and kicked her out of the car.

“Currently, the partnership between Eyer Group and Royden Group has officially come to an end. Both companies have benefitted from it, especially Eyer Group…”

All the news stations were broadcasting scenes of Jean being interviewed by reporters.

Her newly recruited assistant, Rachel Sander, was a pretty and lively girl. She had graduated not too long ago, and she was extremely quick-witted. She put down the phone and looked for Jean excitedly.

“Ms. Eyer, a reporter from the television station wants to interview you in the afternoon.”

“Another interview?” Jean put down documents that were piling in front of her. She didn’t have the time to entertain them. “Help me turn it down.”

“Isn’t it such a shame? Don’t you know how good the online reactions are? Many people said that you look great on camera, even prettier than female celebrities.”

Jean didn’t know why but when she heard it, she thought of Melody.

What was the big deal about being a female celebrity?

They were still criticized by others and lived in the despicable and vulgar gaze of those people.

“Ms. Eyer?” Rachel was afraid that she misspoke. She immediately hung her head.

Jean closed the documents. She was a little tired. “Turn it down. I don’t do public relations well. There’s still a lot of matters to take care of in the company. Tell them that indirectly.”

Rachel nodded. “Alright. I understand.”

Jean looked down and continued flipping through the documents. When she heard a knock at the door again, her brows wrinkled once more. “What is it this time?”

Jensen, who was outside, pushed the door open and went in. He was holding two cups of coffee. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’m not the muddle-headed Rachel. Have a cup of coffee and freshen up.”

He took two stacks of documents with him. This made Jean’s office desk look a little less cluttered.

Smelling the fragrance of the coffee, Jean was feeling a little tired. She thanked him and closed the notebook on her desk.

“My dad often says that you need talent and experience to manage a business. If you rush through things, you might not achieve it,” Jensen said as he smiled. “You’re rushing too much.”

Jean held on to her cup of coffee.

Of course she knew that she seemed like a madman with shortsighted vision.

But she was really standing at the edge of a cliff. If she didn’t work hard, she would fall from grace and be completely defeated. She would then have no way to free herself.

“Eyer Group has just finished the partnership with Royden Group. We must grab the opportunity. In the last bidding conference, I walked away with nothing. If I don’t find any new items, the company’s account is only enough to maintain our expenses for a few months…”

Jean’s mind was still clear-headed.

Spending without generating income would only make Eyer Group the laughingstock of everyone.

Jensen nodded. “What you said is indeed reality. But you forgot something.”


“You forgot that you have an outstanding manager.”

Jean’s eyes lit up. “You have a way?”

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