Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 263

Chapter 263 It Has Already Been Destined

Human nature is like that. If they weren’t pressured, one would never know where their bottom line lay. Seeing the door open, Winnie immediately dragged Gigi in. “Quickly. She might change her mind if we’re any slower.”

Gigi silently let out a sigh. She stopped being her usual arrogant and willful self. “Bring out those things.” Jean looked at them with a deep and cold expression.

Winnie hurriedly took out a jewelry case from her bag. “That’s all?” Jean chuckled. “There are no second chances.”

“Don’t go overboard, Jean.” Gigi couldn’t hold back. She gritted her teeth and said, “What kind of relationship do you have with Edgar? There are so many rumors out there. Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

“I would explain if someone else said it, but are you worthy?”

Jean remembered the show Gigi had put on in the hospital when she pretended to be sick. Women with vicious thoughts like Gigi should be properly taught a lesson.

“Jeannie, Gigi, stop it. Let’s sit down and solve this amicably today. It will be good for the both of you, won’t it?” Winnie smiled as she went forward, one woman’s hands each in hers.

Jean glanced at the jewelry box. Brigid immediately went over and brought it to her.

“Jeannie, open it and take a look,” Winnie said while smiling, trying to win Jean’s favor.

Since it was brought to her, Jean didn’t refuse. After all, these were things that belonged to the Eyer family. Getting it back was her right.

But when Jean saw those things, she was startled.

The jewelry belonged to her mom. It was extremely similar to the pictures and jewelry she saw in Jimmy’s shop.

She was dumbfounded and lost in her thoughts. She couldn’t say anything for a long time.

Seeing Jean like that, Winnie immediately explained. “I was leaving so hurriedly that I only took these. I’ve never touched it all these years. It has been kept well.”

As she spoke, she looked down and pretended to wipe away tears in the corner of her eyes. “I don’t expect your forgiveness. I only hope that this can ease our relationship. This way, your dad’s spirit in heaven…”

“You have the nerve to bring up my dad?”

Jean shut the jewelry box and passed it to Brigid.

She took a deep breath in and sneered. “Tell me. Why did you come looking for me?”

Jean didn’t want to waste her time with them.

Winnie immediately signaled Gigi.

Unfortunately, Gigi didn’t react in time and kept pretending to feel wronged.

Winnie could only personally go up to Jean and pull Gigi with her. “Jeannie, Gigi wants to ease the relationship between the two of you. Can you advise her on how to get along with Edgar?”

“What is there to advise?”

Jean almost thought that something was wrong with her ears.

“You were married to Edgar for two years. You must know what he likes. Also, the way you got along as husband and wife…”

Jean couldn’t help but laugh. She might have insight on other matters, but she had nothing to say about what they were asking her.

“You’re mistaken. I don’t know Edgar at all. If I really knew what kind of a person he was, would the Eyer family have fallen into such a state?”

“Since there’s nothing else, please leave.” Jean accepted the jewelry box and wanted them to leave.

Winnie’s expression became very awkward all of a sudden.

At the side, Gigi wasn’t going to let Jean get away easily. She put down her pride and dignity and walked through these doors. She couldn’t go home without succeeding.

“Edgar was the one who prepared this house and everything in it, right?” Gigi suddenly asked. She stared straight at Jean. “He still has feelings for you. This has already affected me.”

Jean’s fingers slowly clenched.

“No one asked him to do so. Moreover, these things belonged to me in the first place.”

“I have to trouble you to tell him clearly that my expected due date is almost here. I beg you to be considerate and leave me and my child alone.” Gigi went all out. She even knelt in front of Jean.

She didn’t hide the resentment in her eyes. Even as she looked down, Jean could feel her reluctance.

Seeing that Gigi finally understood, Winnie immediately walked over brimming with hot tears. She pulled and pulled at Gigi, but in reality, she wasn’t using any force.

“Gigi, why bother? You’re carrying a child. Please get up.”

Gigi brushed away Winnie’s hand.

Gigi turned around and looked at Jean. “I will do anything as long as you leave Edgar and stop getting involved with him.”

There was a figure at the door. Nobody knew when he had appeared.

Brigid suddenly glanced in that direction, and she trembled. “Mr. Royden!”

His figure was frozen. His expression was cold, and his gaze fell on them.

“Mr. Royden, your fiancée came to me begging.” The corner of Jean’s mouth was raised, and there was a trace of a sneer. “But what should I do? It’s impossible for me not to be entangled with you. Even in my dreams, I wish that Royden Group would go bankrupt. No matter who it is, they can’t be at ease with our deep relationship, can they?”

Edgar’s brows wrinkled tightly.

Gigi never thought that he would appear. She was delighted. This was a good opportunity bestowed by the heavens.

She was given such a good circumstance without any of her scheming or plotting. Of course she had to take the chance!

She wiped her tears. “I know a lot has happened between the two of you in the past. But please, for the sake of me and my child, stop everything here. No matter what compensation you want, I can give it to you on behalf of Edgar.”

Gigi wanted to take this opportunity to completely break the connection between Jean and Edgar!

Gigi was scheming mentally while she was tear-stricken. She cried as she went forward. “Please, Jean. I beg you.”

At first, Jean didn’t plan to do anything.

But seeing Gigi like that, she couldn’t sympathize at all.

“He owes me a life. Are you going to pay it back on his behalf?” Jean’s fingers were clenched in her palm. “He was the one who forced my dad to the point of no return. My dad died. How are you going to repay this debt?”

Her voice was crisp and clear. It was more piercing than the wind in the night.

Gigi’s tear-filled eyes suddenly froze.


She knew how vicious Jean was. In an instant, she avoided Jean’s gaze and didn’t dare say anything else.

Edgar stood there. His figure suddenly moved, but he stopped stiffly.

“Edgar, if you’re a man, take your fiancée away. From today onward, stop getting involved in my life. As for the resentment I have for you, I’ll wait until Gigi gives birth.”

Jean didn’t look at them. She turned and went upstairs.

“Brigid, send all those irrelevant people away. They’re dirtying my house.”

After the sound of doors slamming upstairs, Gigi stood up slowly. She went to Edgar’s side. “Edgar, did I cause trouble for you again? I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to beg for her understanding. Only this way could I prepare for delivery peacefully.”

The man wrinkled his brows and glanced at her.

It frightened Gigi, and she took half a step back.

In the end, he didn’t say anything. He turned and left the Eyer Residence.

Gigi was overjoyed. She pulled at Winnie. “Did I win?”

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