Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 262

Chapter 262 An Astonishing Discovery

Hearing that, he stared coldly at her. “What are you trying to do by deliberately approaching her?” Melody’s face stiffened. Her smile was slightly exasperated. “You still haven’t changed from being so aggressive, Mr. Royden.”

Edgar’s voice deepened. “This is my last warning to you. Don’t touch her.” After he said that, he walked down the steps.

Melody smiled bitterly behind him. “You should know who I work for. The person you should be warning isn’t me.” She was just a pawn in that person’s hand.

Edgar turned around. His eyes were like an arrow that had been tempered with ice. “Don’t talk nonsense in front of me!”

There was slight frustration on Melody’s beautiful and alluring face. “With my situation, do you think that I dare go up against you, Mr. Royden? Of course, I don’t dare to lay a hand on your people.”

What she said was the truth.

It remained to be seen if Edgar believed it.

“You better wizen up. Otherwise, you only have yourself to blame.”

Melody stood where she was and smiled bitterly. She saw Edgar drive off. The cloud of dust behind his car was like her life that had been destroyed long ago. “A targeted pawn will never have a good ending.”

She took out her cell phone from her branded bag and sent out a text message before putting on her sunglasses and leaving.

Edgar didn’t care where Jean was going. After all, there was only one place that she would return to in the end, the Eyer Residence.

When he arrived, Jean was just sending Ben off.

“Brigid, shut the door!”

Jean’s expression dulled.

“I… don’t think that’s nice?” Brigid felt that as long as the two worked out their misunderstandings, there may be a chance for them to continue their previous destiny.

Furthermore, Edgar was responsible for all the expenses of the Eyer Residence at the time. If Jean wanted to chase him away, in the future…

“Ms. Eyer, maybe Mr. Royden has something to talk to you about?”

“I don’t care what his aim is. I don’t want to see his face. Shut the door immediately. If you let him in, you don’t have to come to work tomorrow,” Jean said before turning and heading up the stairs.

Brigid had no other way. She could only obey what Jean had instructed.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Royden.”

As the doors of the Eyer Residence slowly shut, the man in the car revealed a faint yet unruly smile. His gaze swept to a certain window on the second floor. Good, very good.

It had been a long time since somebody had locked their doors and refused to see him.

Jean was hiding behind the curtains of the study room. She only looked away when she saw Edgar drive off.

When she turned around, she saw a familiar desk and bookshelf. She couldn’t help but start to miss her dad.

Before she married Edgar, she used to sit at the small coffee table by the window and read. Her dad would be reading and evaluating documents and wouldn’t allow her to touch anything on the bookshelf.

Also, the hidden compartment…

Jean suddenly ran to the left side of the bookshelf. This bookshelf was custom made for her dad. Although there wasn’t anything valuable in it, important letters and documents were placed in this hidden compartment.

That was if no one had noticed it!

She opened the board outside and slowly reached her hand to press the switch.


The board opened. There was indeed something inside.

Jean was surprised and joyful. She reached her hand in to take it at once. There were two letters that were covered with dust. One was thin, and the other was thick. It had been inside for a long time.

Jean opened one of them. It was a handwritten letter from her dad.

‘Jeannie, Dad doesn’t know if you will have the chance to see this letter. Maybe when you see it, a big accident has happened in our family. Dad hopes that you can face all of it in a strong and mature manner. Life is like this. You will never know what is going to happen next. I never thought that I would make such a big misstep, such an important step!”

‘Jeannie, do you remember the riddles I used to give you?’

‘If you can find the riddles that I left, the Eyer family may be able to make a comeback. Don’t let hatred mislead your heart. I believe that Edgar doesn’t want things to be like how they are now.’

Jean’s eyes were instantly blinded by tears.


She hugged the letter, and her tears flowed incessantly.

At the time, her dad had already known that it was Edgar who caused trouble for the Eyer family!

Jean’s feelings were in a mess. Her hand trembled as she tore open the other letter. Only the word ‘Jean’ was on it.

“What are you trying to tell me, Dad?”

Jean couldn’t sleep for the whole night after finding these two letters. When she was young, her dad would give her riddles to solve so that she could play quietly.

Sometimes, she would figure it out, but other times, she had no clue.

What secrets could her name have?

Brigid knocked on her door. “Food is ready, Ms. Eyer.”

Jean quickly hid the letters under her pillow, but she didn’t feel at ease, so she locked it in her drawer.

She couldn’t trust anyone fully now.

As soon as Jean went downstairs, there were two uninvited guests. Gigi and Winnie appeared at her doorstep.

“Ms. Eyer, isn’t that…” Brigid cried out in surprise. She never thought that she would meet Winnie under such circumstances.

“Yes. That’s Winnie, my dad’s ex-girlfriend.”

Jean looked away emotionlessly. “Let’s eat, Brigid. Ignore them.”

Outside the door, Gigi bit the corner of her lips and grumbled fiercely. “Like I said, that wench, Jean, won’t let me in. I’m getting snubbed by coming here. It’s all your fault that I had to come here and put on a show.”

“Not so loud, Gigi!” Winnie pulled her to one side and continued to instruct her patiently. “Did you forget what your dad told you before you came here? As your stomach gets bigger, you can’t argue with Jean. You have to use your head and think of a way.”

“Is there any use? She’s not letting me in.”

Gigi’s chest felt restricted. “And Edgar clearly still has feelings for her. He’s willing to abandon the child in me for her. Even if I get on my knees and beg Jean, what’s the use of that? Would she return Edgar to me?”

“Of course there’s a possibility. I’ve thought about it. Maybe Jean is like her dad and can be persuaded by reason and not by force. You have to show her how weak you are.”

“Impossible! I will never give in to that wench!”

“Would you rather be abandoned by Edgar while you’re pregnant?” Winnie resented Gigi. “If that’s the case, you can go back now. I can’t help you.”

Of course Gigi didn’t want that. Back then, as Mrs. Royden, she received a lot of benefits.

Advertisements and film contracts came to her easily. Directors and producers tried to win her favor with smiles on their faces. But ever since Jean and Edgar got closer and their relationship was suspicious, those people were just waiting for Gigi to make a mess of herself.

It seemed as though Edgar would abandon her at any time and throw himself into Jean’s arms.

If there were really such a day, her life would be over. Gigi didn’t dare to imagine it.

She used to have Andy as a way out, but Andy had been suspended recently.

If Edgar suspected the relationship between her and Andy…

Gigi made up her mind. She tugged at Winnie. “Help me, Winnie!”

When Winnie heard that, she was quite pleased.

“Alright. Think of a way to get in. Act according to my signals.”

Gigi nodded furiously. “Alright.”

Winnie knocked again and said in a gentle voice, “Jeannie, we came here because we really have something to talk to you about. Please open the door. Otherwise, we’ll just stand here. We don’t mind waiting!”

Hearing the voice come from the door, Jean continued eating.

What did Winnie have to talk to her about?

It was probably just those so-called cliches.

Just as she was thinking of ways to make Brigid chase them away, something Winnie said floated into Jean’s ear.

“I want to show you how sincere I am today. I will return everything I took from the Eyer Residence.”

“Brigid, open the door.”

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