Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Too Much Is as Bad as Too Little

He used to struggle painfully in the swamp of hatred for so many years. Jean had been through a lot. He could empathize deeply.

He was making it up to her because of sympathy and regret. And also, a feeling that he didn’t even want to admit. If he had to elaborate on it, it would be how unwilling he felt.

He was unwilling for her to suffer the same torture. But he would never say all of it aloud in his lifetime. Even if he did, she wouldn’t believe him. “Please leave.”

Jean gritted her teeth. She didn’t want to be tricked and exploited by him.

“Never mind. You’ll figure it out.” Edgar stood up. Before he departed, he left a name card. “There’s a bidder’s conference next week. Contact this person. He’ll sort it out for you.”

When the door shut, the blizzard outside seemed to be getting stronger. Just like Jean’s heart. It was swept, and there was nothing left.

She bent her head and put her arms tightly around her head. “Edgar…”

Her voice was carried away by the blizzard outside.

The man sat in the car. A layer of vapor misted the glass. He looked in the direction of the Eyer Residence living room and didn’t say a word.

There came a text message from Nathan on his cell phone.

‘How are you planning to celebrate your birthday this year?’

Edgar glanced at it and replied, ‘I’m done celebrating.’

He braved the blizzard and rushed back to have a meal with her before twelve.

Even he himself couldn’t tell if what he did was worth it.

That night, Jean didn’t sleep much. She would remember what Edgar had said when she opened her eyes. She had to admit that what he said made sense indeed.

For the next few days, Jean worked fast.

When Zenith heard the news, he was happy for Jean. “This child is getting smarter. If Mr. Eyer knew about it, he could die contentedly.”

As soon as he said it, he looked at his son, who was beside him. “If you have the time, talk to Jean more. She has a lot of foresight in what she’s been doing in terms of operating her business.”

“Dad, do you think that Jean thought of these ideas by herself?” Jensen asked hesitantly. “You saw it that day. Edgar still has feelings for her.”

Zenith furrowed his brows. “What do you mean?”

His tone had a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree change. “Have you stopped pursuing Jean?”

“No. Of course, I think that Jean is great. I won’t look at her like others do. I just think that Jean and Edgar’s relationship is not as simple as we think it is. Furthermore, there is a disparity between Edgar and me.”

Jensen bent his head down. “But I won’t give up.”

Zenith looked at him, satisfied. “That’s right. I know that Jean needs people. I’m planning on sending a few people to help her. From the company, who do you think is suitable to help her?”

“I’ll go.” Jensen suddenly had an idea. “The pavilion closest to the water will get the moonlight first. I must grab this opportunity.”

“Aren’t you afraid that your friends and classmates will comment about it?” Zenith felt that after Jensen took Jean out that night, Jensen seemed like a different person when he returned.

Jensen laughed bitterly. “Don’t tease me, Dad. I’ll go look for Jean now.”

At Eyer Group, Jensen walked to the entrance. The staff member at the reception asked him, “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for Jean… Ms. Eyer.” He was courteous and gentle. “Is she around?”

“Please wait for a moment.” The staff member immediately inquired and brought Jensen in.

Jean was in a tremendous muddle because she was joining the bidder’s conference.

“You have something to tell me?”

“Yes.” Jensen changed his old wavering behavior and directly told her his intention for coming.

“You want to work at Eyer Group?” Jean never imagined that he would say that. “Sure. But with your qualifications, even applying for those transnational corporations would be more than what they require. Or you can take over from Mr. Rocher instead. You would be overqualified working here.”

“Are you dissatisfied with my abilities, Ms. Eyer?”

Jean put down the bidding document in her hands. “It’s not that…”

Jensen glanced at it before taking it from Jean’s hands. He ran through it from start to finish and marked the spots where corrections were needed.

He was about to hand it to Jean but pulled back in mid-air.

“Can I start work now, Ms. Eyer?”

Jean couldn’t help but laugh. “Alright. Thanks for your trouble, Mr. Rocher.”

“I promise that I’ll complete my tasks!”

Three days later, the bidding conference was held at the top floor of Grand Ocean Tower.

Everyone present was a big shot in the business world or the boss of a corporation. Jean was in a black business dress. As she was standing in the elevator, her heart thumped.

A group of people walked over from afar and pushed her to the back.

“Mr. Royden is here!”

“They have their top-notch projects up for bid this time. We have no chance against them.”

“It would be great if Royden Group could have a lottery to choose their project partners.”

“Forget it. Are you trying to take advantage of them? You’re not that lucky, unlike Eyer Group. They were about to go bankrupt for the second time but rose from the dead because of this. They seemed to have recruited new people…”

But soon, these people kept quiet.

Because the man they were talking about had already walked to the elevator.

The doors of another elevator opened, and everyone surged in. No one dared to look Edgar in the eye.

The man didn’t move. His gaze swept toward the figure reflected on the doors of the elevator. When the doors shut, he glanced in that direction. Seeing that Jean came alone, his expression relaxed.

Jean didn’t acknowledge him or avoid him.

She walked into the elevator openly.

“Why is Jensen working at Eyer Group?”

“He is capable, and he has the qualifications. I’m hiring him like I would anyone else. I don’t need your approval, do I, Mr. Royden?” Jean didn’t understand why he always picked on Jensen.

The man snorted lightly.

“What capabilities does he have? He’s just a young fellow that just graduated.”

Jean glared back at him rudely. “I don’t think it’s right for you to insult my staff, is it, Mr. Royden? I never called the managers in your company wine sacks and food bags. They can’t even arrange a project acceptance properly. Your taste in people isn’t all that great, Mr. Royden.”

Miles, who was standing beside Edgar, furrowed his brow slightly.

Why did he feel like he was being implicated?

Edgar’s temple jumped suddenly. He spoke through the cracks of his teeth as he grinded his teeth. “Alright. I can’t beat you.”

Jean rushed out when the doors of the elevator opened.

She had only taken a few steps when she saw Ben.

“Jeannie, I just heard that you were coming, so I was going to look for you. How have you been recently?” Ben’s eyes were full of concern as he looked at Jean. He pulled her as he chattered non-stop. “We have an item from our company. Are you interested?”

“Of course. Let’s talk about it over there.” Jean wanted to grab every opportunity.

She didn’t want to give up anything that would help and benefit Eyer Group’s future development.

Edgar’s footsteps stopped slowly. Was she so ruthless? She chased him away during a blizzard but accepted other people’s good intentions so easily.

The man’s face was frighteningly scary.

Miles, who was standing beside him, didn’t dare make a sound.

“Tell me, is there something wrong with her brain?”

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