Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Complaint

Jean didn’t care that Mr. Martin was there. She called Edgar but couldn’t get through. She could only call Miles instead.

“Mr. Royden is still on the plane. He had a last-minute business trip.”

“Alright. Please tell him that I have something very important to ask him.” Jean hung up, annoyed.

Seeing her expression, Mr. Martin, who was at the side, didn’t understand. “Ms. Eyer, we’ve won our lawsuit against Royden Group, and you’ve received the compensation you deserve. Why aren’t you happy at all?”

Jean laughed dryly. “Yes, I should be happy.”

Edgar had used different identities to compensate her…

Jean hit the table suddenly. The more she thought about it, the angrier she was.

Mr. Martin immediately thought of an excuse and slipped away.

In the afternoon, after Jean received the money, she immediately made a decision to expand her business.

Since Edgar gave her an opportunity to strike back, he couldn’t blame her for growing her wings and striking back viciously in the future.

The partnership between Royden Group and Eyer Group was picked up by the media as they fell over each other to report on it. Opinions differed on the incident that had happened. With the involvement of the police, the investigation of the case progressed quickly.

“Mr. X is one of the operations managers in Royden Group. He admitted of his own accord that he had sold insider information of Royden Group at a high price to a rival company and planned a cluster of car accidents…”

“Furthermore, a few staff members were caught in an alley in the wee hours last night. All of them were not citizens, and they had immigrated here illegally.”

The plot was revealed, and justice was restored. Royden Group had also dismissed a few staff members that were involved in it. Jean noted the names down and compared it to what she found before she realized that those that Edgar fired were those who had deep connections to Andy.

He killed two birds with one stone. With this, he dealt a serious blow to Andy.

“As compensation, Royden Group will apologize to Eyer Group and provide the necessary compensation.”

Jean had become the big winner of the affair.

She took a deep breath as she sat in front of the television. That man was really scary.

Brigid served her fruits. She said regretfully, “Ms. Eyer, are you and Mr. Royden reconciling?”

“No.” Jean picked up an apple. She treated it as Edgar and bit on it ferociously.

Brigid sighed. “That’s right. It would be hard for anyone to feel at ease with what had happened back then.”

She was only a servant, after all. She had no way to empathize with what Jean went through. Moreover, for someone ordinary like her, what she wanted the most was to live a respectable life.

“Ms. Eyer, if Mr. Royden apologized to you sincerely, would you forgive him?”

“Absolutely not.”

Jean held on to the tray of fruits and turned to go upstairs.

Brigid sighed in silence. Thinking about Edgar’s previous orders, she counted the days and went into the kitchen.

There was a blizzard that night.

The news kept reporting warnings of bad weather. “Many flights have been detained because of weather control. Thousands of passengers have to stay overnight in the airport halls.”

“The general public must take note…”

Jean had let Brigid and the other servants get off work earlier. She sat on her couch alone. She was surrounded by piles of résumés on the carpet. She wanted to choose the most outstanding people to join Eyer Group.

But all these résumés were written perfectly. Jean didn’t have any clue, even after looking at it for half the day.

She really didn’t have much experience as a manager.

Knock knock.

Jean looked at the clock on the wall unconsciously. She wrinkled her brows.

Who would it be at this time?

Snow was falling heavily outside. Jean conveniently picked up the glass bottle on the table and walked in the direction of the door.

She clicked on the screen of the security camera. A flawless side profile appeared before her.

The knocking continued.

Jean held the handle of the bottle tightly. She shouted at the door, “I can’t let you in.”

Edgar stood at the door. He wasn’t surprised by her answer. He lifted the vacuum lunchbox closer to the camera.

A few seconds later, the door opened.

Edgar lowered his eyes and smiled lightly. He made his way in.

At the door, he saw Jean glaring viciously at him. “Why are you here?”

“I have food for you,” he said as he took off his coat which was covered in snow. He changed his shoes and put the food on the table. He placed everything nicely and got out two sets of utensils.

Jean furrowed her brows.

“I’m not interested in eating with you.”

Edgar nodded. “Mm, I know.”

But he didn’t stop what he was doing. He even looked for two stemmed glasses in the kitchen.

“Edgar, I only let you in because I was afraid that you would freeze to death at my porch step and affect my reputation. I don’t care what you want to do. Get your driver to pick you up immediately. I don’t want to see you.”

Edgar looked down and saw the résumés on the table.

Jean immediately ran over and picked them up. “Don’t look!”

The man turned his body sideways immediately. “The snow is too heavy, and it’s dangerous for the driver to come here. I’ll leave after eating, alright?”

Jean stared at him viciously. “How did you come here from the airport if the snow is so heavy?”

“I… The food is getting cold. Let’s eat.” Edgar sat down at once and opened each vacuum lunch box. They were all Susan’s specialties.

Smelling the familiar aroma, Jean couldn’t help but gulp.

She was indeed feeling a little hungry, and she didn’t want to squabble with him. She sat down, and the man passed her a set of utensils.

Jean’s face was cold the whole time. She couldn’t understand why Edgar was doing this. He braved the heavy snow just to eat a meal with her at her house?

It was clear that she had her guard up and wanted to distance herself. She would glance at Edgar after every other bite of food.

On the other hand, he ate slowly. He even went to the kitchen for warm water.

Jean would stare at him after eating a few bites hastily.

Edgar had to tell her, “I won’t stay too long. I’ll leave after eating.”

But Jean still stared at him with her guard up.

“You don’t have to treat those résumés as important information. Eighty percent of them exaggerated. Since your company is just taking off, you have to be cautious when hiring people. Prioritize their character. Also…”

“I don’t need your help!” Jean was enraged and interrupted him.

If he didn’t do those things, would she have to struggle like this?

Edgar was startled, but he continued speaking as he ate. “Eyer Group’s current funds must be invested in important items. A safeguard will be in place at the end of the year when the partnership with Royden Group is about to end. Now that you’re taking your first steps, you have to look for long-term partners. Knox Group or Warren International are good options.”

He was giving Jean suggestions seriously.

Even though she was going to resist, Edgar continued speaking, unconcerned.

Jean pressed the bridge of her nose. She didn’t want to listen to him any longer.


“If you really want to take revenge on me, listen carefully. With how you are now, how can you fight Royden Group?” Edgar raised his brows and suddenly looked over. He enunciated every word clearly. “Jean, don’t waste your life away.”

Especially if she was going to waste it on him.

Jean bit the corner of her lip hard. She was speechless.

Every word he said hurt her pride and dignity viciously, but in the face of absolute power, she could only chew this pain up and swallow it back into her stomach.

“Edgar, can you stop looking down on me? Even without your fake kindness, I can…”

“Yes, you can.”

His deep and cold eyes suddenly looked up. The dark and gloomy light in it was like an abyss. He gazed at Jean’s face. “But do you know what kind of price you have to pay?”

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