Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 257

Chapter 257 Unnecessary Compensation

What Edgar said pierced Jean’s heart. She felt as if she had been seen through. She couldn’t hide any of her thoughts.

“Don’t rush to turn me down. You have to think about your life. Jensen and his classmates can only give you opinions for your consideration. I’m the one who can fulfill all your dreams.”

Every word Edgar was saying stabbed Jean’s heart. “Help yourself to the food. I’ll be heading out. I won’t disturb you.” He knew that she would be unhappy looking at him, so he gave up space and gave her the freedom to be alone.

The guard Jean had in her heart melted with the crisp sound of the door shutting. “If you had done this two years ago, it would have been great.”

Outside the door, Jensen had gone two rounds in the corridor, but he couldn’t find Jean. He bumped into Edgar, standing at the entrance of the private room.

“Mr. Royden?” Jensen wanted to open the door subconsciously and go into the private room behind Edgar. “Is Jean inside?”

The wrist with a branded watch stopped him just in time.

“The person inside is my guest. You’re still not worthy of fighting over her with me.”

In the business world, Edgar was on equal footing with people of Zenith’s generation. Even people like Jensen had to take Edgar’s opinions and thoughts into account.

Jensen had left college not too long ago. If they were to be compared, ten of him couldn’t beat a single Edgar.

But he was young and vigorous, and he wanted to barge in.

“You don’t have the right to interfere with her freedom.”

“Really? You keep pursuing her and aggressively made use of your dad’s friendship with her family. How is that respecting her?” Edgar glanced at him coldly. “Moreover, did you know that she gave up studying abroad for me back then?”

Jensen was startled. He couldn’t say anything.

“If there’s anyone to help make up for this regret of hers, it can only be me. Do you understand?”

He had enough power. In a month, he could send Jean to any high-level institution that she wanted to go to. Unlike Jensen, who had to go through the so-called processes and waste time.

And she didn’t need to be criticized.

Edgar always did things in the most direct manner. His goals were his baseline, and he would try everything to achieve them.

Patience? Tolerance?

He had never had to practice those qualities.

Therefore, he was already sure of his intentions. He wouldn’t give anyone the opportunity to take care of Jean, more so a young and inexperienced fellow who didn’t know anything.

“Also, tell your female classmate that she can be prepared to be expelled from school if she dares slander Jean again.”

Jensen’s expression darkened, and he had nothing but rage in his heart.

It was as if Edgar didn’t care at all. He slowly rubbed the buttons on his cuff. “You heard it all outside the washroom, but you didn’t step up to stop it. You’re not worthy based on this alone.”

Some decisions would determine the ending from the start.

The rage in Jensen’s eyes slowly dissipated. He opened his mouth and wanted to explain.

Edgar smiled contemptuously before turning and leaving.

Jensen stood where he was. He hesitated and struggled for a long time, but in the end, he didn’t have the courage to open the door.

He did hear the nasty things Crystal had said, but he didn’t stop her. He was concerned about his friendship and chose to let Jean face those slanderous remarks alone.

He felt ashamed when Edgar exposed him openly.

He couldn’t compare with Edgar’s boldness based on that alone.

At the time, Jean sat in the private room and looked at the table full of delicacies. She ate without tasting the food. Her mind was filled with what Edgar had said.

“Send me to study abroad?”


Her heart wasn’t flooded with emotion. She just had frustration she couldn’t voice out.

After taking a few bites, Jean got up and walked out. The peals of laughter that came from the other private room made her feel like it was a lifetime ago. She used to have such a glamorous social circle in the past.

But now she couldn’t go back to that time again.

No matter how much Edgar tried to make up for her regrets, there wasn’t the emotion or longing from before.

Jean looked down and sent Jensen a text message saying that she was leaving. She left the restaurant after that.

Far away, the lights of a black limousine were lit.

Jean knew that he was waiting for her. She clenched her fists and made her way over.

Snow was drifting in the air. It fell on her shoulder.

“Let’s go.”

Edgar sat in the passenger’s seat. He instructed the driver when he heard the door closing.

“Why were you so sure that I would leave? What if I didn’t come out?” Jean frowned as she stared at him. She disliked how he had anticipated everything accurately.

Edgar wasn’t angry or offended. His thin lips opened and closed. “I understand you.”

These words pierced Jean’s final defensive line.

The rim of her eyes suddenly reddened. She turned and looked out the window. There were too many emotions choked in her throat. He understood her? The most unqualified person in the world to say that was Edgar!

But Jean held it back in the end.

She tried not to make her sobs heard. She raised her hand to wipe the tears in the corner of her eyes, and she bit on the corner of her lips.

The car stopped in the yard of the Eyer Residence.

Brigid was waiting outside with a coat. As soon as Jean got out of the car, Brigid welcomed her. Edgar’s driver followed and handed over food that had been packed.

Jean frowned but didn’t say a word.

He had really prepared everything!

Behind the windows of the car, a pair of deep eyes focused on her figure and watched her make her way up the steps as she walked into the house without turning around.

The lights in the Eyer Residence living room went off, and a light on the second floor was turned on.

“Let’s go.”

There was exhaustion in his voice.

The driver asked, “Mr. Royden, are you going straight to the airport?”

He was catching an early morning flight. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been in a rush to say those things to Jean.

The man closed his eyes, and an indifferent noise came from him. “Mm.”

There had never been anything that would sway his feelings and make him do such irrational things. He did it anyway, but that person didn’t appreciate it.

The delicate yet stubborn face was swirling around in his mind. He pressed against the bridge of his nose and sighed deeply.

Jean didn’t have much hope for this lawsuit at first.

Especially when she knew that everything was within Edgar’s plans. She felt like she was a pawn in his hands that was being made use of, and she felt increasingly upset.

Mr. Martin had great work efficiency, and those in Royden Group had more or less received Edgar’s subtle hints.

So everything went particularly well.

“According to the rules of the contract, Royden Group will carry out their responsibilities and compensate you one-third of the penalty. The amount will be transferred to Eyer Group’s account in one week.”

“Eyer Group’s account?” Jean was momentarily startled. She didn’t know that there was such an account.

Mr. Martin was also baffled. He pointed to the last two pages of the contract. “It’s written here in the supplementary clauses.”

Jean took the contract and flipped to the back.

She didn’t remember such a contract!

But her signature and the date were printed clearly on it…

“Edgar, you big fat liar.”

This contract was the one that Miles had handed to her, saying that it was a personal contract with Edgar. She was furious at the time, so she signed it without looking at it. She didn’t know that there would be something else!

“At the time, he had already planned to return Eyer Group to me.”

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