Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Hoodlum

Edgar lied expressionlessly. “This city is so big. It’s not strange to have the same destination, is it?”

His words and actions recently were like a hoodlum.

Seeing her silence, Edgar knocked on his car door. “Please let me get out so I can get something to eat.”

Jean snorted. “Do whatever you like.”

She turned and was about to make her way up the steps but slipped and almost fell because it had just snowed.

Thankfully, Edgar reached out to pull her in.

She fell into his arms.

“Be careful.” He lowered his gaze to look at her. The moonlight behind him enveloped him in a faint blanket of light.

Jean pushed his hands away in a hurry. “I don’t need your fake kindness.”

When Edgar’s hands were empty, she had already walked in quickly.

He smiled helplessly and walked forward when another car pulled up. A beautiful figure walked out. “There are times where even an outstanding man like Mr. Royden would lose his mind for the woman of his interest.”

A few minutes later, Jensen led Jean to sit with his classmates.

“This is Crystal Foster. I mentioned her to you this afternoon. She’s my classmate that majored in design.” Jensen smiled gently. He introduced Crystal to Jean while he took some food for Jean.

His behavior was very proactive the whole time.

Crystal was a pretty girl. She had long, straight, black hair and looked very young. She smiled as she said, “Jensen doesn’t usually ask people for favors. When he called me, I was a little astonished. I didn’t know the person he wanted to introduce me to was you.”

It seemed as though there was a different meaning to what she said.

“Ah, don’t misunderstand. I saw a draft of your design from the school’s website. Our lecturer also used your works as teaching material. You’re Luna, the designer that the design company MON & Co. made an exception for and signed. That’s you, right?”

Jensen looked at Jean. “You’re Luna?”

It was as if other people were also surprised.

Jean nodded, baffled. “Is there a problem?”

Jensen was overjoyed. “Don’t you know how popular you are? Crystal, tell her how much your design classmates admire her designs.”

Crystal’s smile deepened.

Seeing how Jensen was taking such good care of Jean, she changed the topic. “You’re not majoring in design. I better talk to Jean in private.”

“That’s true. You two should exchange numbers.”

What Crystal said made Jean hesitate.

Previously, in Jimmy’s shop, she used the name Luna. At the time, Jimmy was also quite surprised.

It was just that Jean didn’t think too much about it at the time.

“Jensen, how did the two of you meet?” Someone was curious and asked. “You’re a famed bachelor in our circle of overseas students. Now that you have someone, many are going to weep in secret.”

“Don’t misunderstand. I don’t have that kind of relationship with Jean. At least, not yet,” Jensen said in a gentle and secure tone.

His feelings for Jean were obvious.

As Crystal took food for herself, her expression darkened.

“Excuse me.” Jean felt a little awkward. She stood up and went to the washroom.

She never thought that she would bump into Crystal as soon as she came out.

She was a tall and thin woman. She had a scornful smile on her face. “Why would someone as innocent as Jensen pursue a divorced woman like you!”

With that expression, it was as if she was a completely different person from earlier.

“You like Jensen?”

Jean wasn’t a person who hid or concealed. She immediately exposed Crystal’s thoughts.

Crystal bit the corner of her lips and stared straight at Jean’s face. “Jensen has always prioritized his studies and his career. He rarely meets other girls. But he just came back for a few days and called me because of you. You dare say that you didn’t seduce him?”

Jean wrinkled her brows. “Say anything more, and I’ll sue you for slander.”

“As expected from the ex-wife of the business world’s big boss. You mention the law at every turn. The law isn’t going to protect people like you. You’re not worthy for Jensen. You better keep your distance, otherwise…”


Jean couldn’t stand being treated in this way.

“Yes. Otherwise, I’ll remove your name from the list of college applicants. Don’t you want to make up for your regret of not studying abroad? I only need to say a few words to my mentor, then I’ll see which college still wants a student with a bad reputation!”

Crystal was very pleased with herself. “I’ve known Jensen for many years. Other than me, no one else is worthy of staying by his side.”

“Furthermore, you’re a worn-out shoe that has been thrown out by others…”


Jean lifted her hand to slap Crystal firmly on her face.

Her face paled, and she stared at Jean. “You dare hit me?”

“Yes. I hit you. I will admit what I’ve done. You can go and tell the world that I hit you. Go on.” Jean turned on the tap once again and washed her hands calmly.

The mirror reflected Crystal’s surprised and angry appearance.

“Someone like you isn’t worthy to enter our college!”

“Do you think that I have no other choices?” Jean turned off the tap, and her eyes darkened.

She spoke softly, but every word was like a knife. “Elk Grove College, is it? You might not know that Professor Eileen is my senior. Before she left the country, we used to meet up often. I still have her contact information now. Do I need to talk to her privately about your character?”


“Studying abroad is indeed a dream of mine that I have yet to accomplish. I definitely won’t allow anyone to step all over my honest intentions, so get lost,” Jean said and left the washroom.

She walked quickly and didn’t notice a figure standing on the other side, at the entrance of the men’s washroom.

On the way back to the private room, she was stopped by the restaurant’s manager.

“Ms. Eyer, your friend asked me to take you to another private room. This way, please.”


“Please go in.”

As the door opened, there was a table full of dishes and drinks that she loved. It was just that the man sitting on the other side of the table was someone Jean didn’t want to see.

“Edgar, what on earth are you doing?” Her tolerance was almost at its limit.

Saying it was a coincidence was too far-fetched.

This man was clearly following her and peeking into her life.

This feeling of being followed made her very uncomfortable.

Edgar didn’t argue with her. He said, “This restaurant’s barbeque ribs and steak are their specialties. It’s much better than the buffalo wings and apple pie on their table.”

The dishes he ordered were indeed right up Jean’s alley.

But she wouldn’t give in to him.

Thinking about the principle of not biting the hand that feeds you, Jean furrowed her brows. “Don’t think that I’ll retract my complaint against Royden Group if you do this. Personal affairs and work affairs…”

“Are two different things. I know that you are like me, Ms. Eyer. We are people who can distinguish work and personal affairs,” he said lightly and got some food for Jean.

Smelling the aroma of the food, Jean indeed hesitated.

In the other room, she had to think of Jensen’s classmates, and she couldn’t eat to her heart’s content. Edgar really did know what she liked.

“If you want to study abroad, I can provide the funds for you to go.”

He looked up and gazed at her deeply.

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