Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Charity

“No one!” Edgar laughed in spite of himself. “Since you said that, I won’t let you leave tonight.” “Edgar, you have no right to restrict my personal freedom.”

Edgar turned away and didn’t say anything. The air dropped. Jean noticed something unimaginable when the car arrived at the old Eyer Residence. “What are these people moving?”

There were dozens of workers moving furniture in. There were servants cleaning the window ledges, and they had cleared half the weeds in the yard.

Edgar didn’t answer her directly. He asked coldly, “You’ve been staying like this for the past few days?” Jean didn’t want to answer him. She pushed the car door open and walked into the house.

“Everyone, stop. I don’t need…”

Before she could finish, she was flustered by the furniture before her. The color of the curtains, the arrangement of the couches, and the carpets… everything was how the Eyer Residence used to be.

Jean stood there, as if she were in another lifetime.

After a long time, she wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes. She looked at Edgar while sneering. “There’s no point in doing all of this now. Even if you buy identical furniture, this is no longer the Eyer Residence of the past!”

“It’s not just identical.”

After he said that, Jean’s pupils shook as if there were an earthquake.

She ran to the other end of the couch and tore off the covers. Seeing the scratches on it, she was shocked.

These were from the Eyer Residence!

After the Eyer family collapsed, she was forced to repay her debts by selling her inheritance from her dad.

Her tears were like overturning seas and rivers. They surged and flowed violently.

Her hands trembled as she stroked the grain and lines of the furniture. She couldn’t move her feet forward.

“Also…” He walked to Jean and extended his hand. “Come with me.”

Jean wiped her tears away with force. She gritted her teeth as she stood up. “I don’t need it. Please move all of it away.”

She didn’t need his charity, nor did she need this kind of apology.

She wanted to hate him.

Only this way could she forget the horrible marriage and the feelings she shouldn’t be having.

But he kept making up for it and questioning her. She really didn’t know how she should face him.

Edgar looked down at her.

With unprecedented patience, he said, “Brigid is upstairs cleaning your room.”


Jean looked up with eyes full of tears.

She ran upstairs hurriedly. When she pushed the door open, she saw Brigid making the bed.

Seeing Jean, Brigid was filled with emotion. “Mrs… Ms. Eyer!”

Jean was no longer the Mrs. Royden of the past. Now, she was once again Ms. Eyer.

When the Eyer family was in trouble, Jean couldn’t even keep her house. She had to give everything to Edgar. Her servants left one by one. Brigid was the last to leave.

She had served in the Eyer Residence for more than ten years and had been extremely unwilling to leave.

But when Jean went to prison, Brigid had to earn a living.

“I went back to my relative’s house in my village at first. Mr. Royden found people to look for me and told me that I must come back. Ms. Eyer, it’s great that I can serve you again.” Brigid wiped her tears away hurriedly. “Look at me. Everything is getting better now. Why am I crying?”

Jean’s hand slowly tightened.

“Brigid, you can continue. I have something to take care of.”

“Alright. I will definitely clean everything up!”

Jean moved her feet and went down the stairs one step at a time. She walked to the man who was standing in the living room.

His cold appearance was as if it was his first time in the Eyer Residence. Jean looked at him from afar. She could still remember clearly the throbbing in her heart at that time.

With the passage of time, everything changed.

“Edgar, what in the world are you planning?”

The man initially had his back facing her. Hearing her voice, he turned. His gaze was dark and boundlessly deep. “I’m trying to make it up to you.”

He wanted to restore the Eyer Residence to how it was initially.

No matter how difficult it was, he wanted to do it.

“Then make my dad come to life. I’ll write off everything that has happened in the past with you.”

Edgar suddenly frowned.

“Jean, that’s impossible.”

“You’re aware of it?” Jean sneered. She pointed to the things in the house. “My dad is gone, and the Eyer family is gone. What do I want all of these for?”

“To me, doing this isn’t making it up to me. You’re hurting me again! When I see it, I don’t feel happy. Instead, I feel like I’m just a pawn in your hands from the start until the finish. When you’re happy, you can return the Eyer Residence to me. When you’re unhappy, you can just wave your hands and take everything away.”

“Edgar, you’re the bane of my existence. I hate you!”

Jean didn’t want to look at him any longer. She ran out.

At the entrance, she was stopped by bodyguards.

“Let her go.”

The man’s cold voice came from the inside.

The bodyguards let her go.

As Jean’s tears flowed, she said, “You see, the old Eyer Residence has now become an item in your pocket.”

On what grounds could he control her life so unrestrainedly?

All the resentfulness that she had suppressed in her heart with difficulty engulfed her once again.

Jean walked down the road. She didn’t know that there was a figure not far behind her that was following her. She got into Jensen’s car when she reached the intersection.

Edgar’s cell phone rang, and he answered the call.

“Edgar, you moved the furniture of the Eyer Residence back?” Nathan received a call from the warehouse. He was astonished. “Have you decided to tell Jean what happened back then? I’ve said it before. Tell her quickly. There’s definitely still something between the two of you.”

“It’s impossible.”

Edgar’s brows furrowed. “Maybe she’s really going to be your sister-in-law.”

Nathan was startled on the other end of the phone. “Isn’t she happy that you moved the Eyer Residence furniture back?”

“She berated me.”

Edgar turned and walked back.

All these years, he himself couldn’t say why he had kept those things all along. Maybe deep in his heart, he had been anticipating a certain impossible ending.

“If she really gets together with Jensen, won’t you get angry?”

The man’s footsteps stopped abruptly.

Nathan didn’t hear anything on the phone. He was so nervous he couldn’t say anything. “About that, Edgar…”

“We have already divorced. Who she gets together with is her freedom.”

Back then, he was the one who personally destroyed all the possibilities between them. Now, he was just trying to make it up to her without expecting any return.

Just as Jean had questioned him, he had no way to bring Gary back to life.

He couldn’t blame Jean for her ‘request’ either.

When the call ended, Nathan put his cell phone down. No matter how he thought about it, he felt like something was wrong.

Hearing the sound of a car downstairs, he rushed to the window and took out his cell phone. He took some pictures of Jensen walking into the Knox Residence with Jean.

He sent those pictures to Edgar.

“You’ve missed out one time. If you miss out again, I’m afraid there really won’t be a way to go back anymore.”

As a close friend, he could only help Edgar out so much.

At the entrance, Zenith had come downstairs to welcome Jean. Seeing Nathan standing there with a lot on his mind, Zenith asked, “What are you doing?”

Nathan was startled. He almost dropped his cell phone.

“No, nothing!”

“We have a guest. Young people like you have a lot to talk about. If you don’t have anything to do, come and sit with us.”

Nathan laughed dryly. He didn’t dare to!

He was on Edgar’s side. But if he didn’t join them, he wouldn’t know about Jensen and Jean’s development.

“Alright, Uncle Zenith. I’ll get drinks from the kitchen.”

Nathan brought out fruits from the kitchen. He saw Jensen revolving around Jean. The two of them looked quite happy as they chatted.

He thought silently to himself. Edgar, if you don’t come here, don’t blame me for having another sister-in-law.

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