Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 252

Chapter 252 As You Wished

Carrying his black briefcase, Mr. Martin shook his head with all his might and stopped walking forward.

“Ms. Eyer, I really want to help you, but I just started my career. I am not qualified to go up forcefully against Royden Group.”

“This is a good opportunity for you to make a name for yourself. Are you sure that you don’t want to go in?”

Mr. Martin laughed dryly.

Raising his head to look at the tall building before him, he shook his head. “Ms. Eyer, this business transaction…”

Before he could finish, his cell phone rang.

Seeing his hesitation, Jean didn’t force him. She walked to the Royden Group office alone.

She had only taken a few steps forward when Mr. Martin caught up with her. There was a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree change in his attitude.

“You’ve thought it through?”

Mr. Martin smiled mysteriously. “Yes. I think you’re right. I should grab this opportunity!”

The elevator doors closed, and Mr. Martin took a deep breath in.

He had never imagined that wealthy people would play such games. Edgar and his assistant told him to go with Jean to sue Royden Group. They promised to give him another reward.

Most importantly, they wanted him to keep it a secret from Jean.

It was a double advantage for him. Only a fool wouldn’t want something like that!

“I’m looking for Miles.”

Seeing Jean, the staff member at the reception smiled and said, “Alright, Ms. Eyer. I’ll bring you in.”

Jean lowered her voice and said to Mr. Martin, “Don’t be nervous. Just follow what I tell you to and express it well.”

Mr. Martin nodded repeatedly. “Don’t worry.”

Miles received the message and appeared at the entrance of Edgar’s office. He pretended to be surprised. “Ms. Eyer? Why are you here? I’m afraid we have to postpone the project acceptance because the company is investigating the cause of the incident.”

“You don’t have to investigate it anymore. I’m done investigating. I want to see Edgar. I have something to say to him.”

Jean was firm.

Miles furrowed his brows slightly. “About this… no problem. I’ll arrange it for you. And who is this?”

Mr. Martin secretly wiped his sweat away. Miles’ acting was quite good.

“He is my lawyer. Where is Edgar?”

Jean didn’t want to waste time. This matter needed to be solved as soon as possible to catch them off guard.

“In the meeting room. Please follow me.” Miles turned and brought them in.

At the other end, the staff member that brought them up dialed a number. “Tell Mr. Shaw that Jean is at the office with a lawyer.”

The other party immediately said, “Keep watch. Mr. Shaw will come to the company right away! Hold off Jean and don’t let her leave.”

In the meeting room, there were three copies of the contract in front of Edgar. They were all privately signed by Andy and Mr. Hart. It involved the partnership project of Reece Group and Sans Group.

“Mr. Royden, I really can explain. At the time, Mr. Shaw came looking for me. He said that you knew about this project. Otherwise, I would never dare do something like that!” Mr. Hart’s old face drooped. He regretted his past deeds.

At the side, Mr. Blanc was putting on a bold face to help.

“Mr. Royden, Mr. Shaw, and Mr. Hart are only thinking about the company’s future. I believe they don’t have any bad intentions.”

“No bad intentions?”

Edgar raised his eyebrows in contempt. He glanced at the glass door and waved his hand.

Miles immediately brought Jean and Mr. Martin in.

“Mr. Royden, Ms. Eyer said that she needs to speak to you in person,” Miles reported.

Edgar glanced over coldly. There was a mysterious coldness in his eyes. His gaze swept across everyone and landed on Jean in the end.

“What is it?”

There was a lot less annoyance in his voice compared to before.

From beginning to end, he treated Jean differently.

Miles wrinkled his brows so slightly it almost couldn’t be seen. Mr. Royden’s acting was getting better. He was the one who had arranged for Mr. Martin to help Jean avoid getting into a lawsuit. He also anticipated Jean’s intentions beforehand and bribed Mr. Martin with a commission that was higher than the market price.

Everything was just a game of chess in his hands.

When the person involved was in front of him, he could still be so steady and calm.

He didn’t know if he could keep Jean in the dark or how Jean would react if she found out the truth in the future.

Jean met his gaze without groveling or being arrogant. “I suspect that you’re backing out on a promise.”


Jean pulled out a chair to sit down. She wasn’t afraid of the other board members of Royden Group who were present. She slammed her cell phone on the table and was frank. “I have enough evidence here to prove that what happened that day was caused by man. I almost lost my life in the swamps of the West City District. I’ve hired Mr. Martin as my lawyer. I want to sue you and the entire Royden Group!”

Everyone was startled by what she said in the beginning.

If what Jean said was true, it was indeed a plot to murder for money.

But when they heard what she said at the end, Mr. Hart and Mr. Blanc’s eyes met, and they let out uncontrollable laughter at the same time.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I can’t hold myself back…”

In all these years, only Jean would dare to openly challenge Royden Group.

Her daring actions made her seem quite ridiculous.

Before the two board members could finish laughing, they felt an ice-cold gaze with bone-chilling domination. Both of them immediately looked down and didn’t dare say any more.

There wasn’t a trace of anger on Edgar’s apathetic face.

“Miles, let the legal department take care of this. Do what Ms. Eyer says. Investigate and handle this strictly. Everyone involved needs to cooperate fully. Also, postpone the project acceptance.” He arranged everything in a way that was fair and reasonable.

He also didn’t embarrass Jean.

As soon as he finished speaking, Jean wrinkled her brows. She felt that something wasn’t right.

Did it go too smoothly?

Right after that, Edgar signaled his leaving. “I still have other internal company matters to take care of. I won’t keep you, Ms. Eyer.”

Since he had already reached his goal, there was no use sticking around. As long as he promised to investigate strictly, the fox behind the scenes would definitely reveal himself.

“Alright, then I’ll be leaving. If you go back on your promise, Mr. Royden, I definitely won’t leave it at that. With Royden Group’s efficiency, two days should be enough, right?”

Jean smiled. She wanted to drive Edgar into a corner.

Unexpectedly, the man said coldly, “Of course, Royden Group has the highest efficiency in the whole town. We will definitely give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.”

“It’s a deal!”

Jean stood up, satisfied. Looking at Edgar’s face now, she felt that it wasn’t as annoying. In fact, it was cold but good-looking.

She smiled brilliantly as she pushed the door open to head to the legal department.

She didn’t even need Miles to take her there. She walked to the department with ease.

As soon as Jean went into the elevator, Andy rushed over with his assistant after a long journey. It was a shame that he missed Jean.

He knew that it was too late when he opened the door of the meeting room.

“Mr. Shaw, Mr. Royden has instructed to investigate strictly the situation that happened three days after the project acceptance. Please cooperate with the investigations. Also, the partnership with Sans Group has been stopped for the time being. You signed these contracts privately. Please take responsibility.”

Miles explained clearly according to Edgar’s instructions.

Edgar wanted to purge the company of evil influences and, coincidentally, used Jean to do so.

Andy was filled with rage. He had rushed there as quickly as he could, but he was still one step too late.

How did Edgar get his hands on these contracts?

And those outsiders. They were too slow. Since it didn’t harm Jean, it didn’t harm Edgar. Mr. Hart, that old man. He couldn’t keep things under wraps and even slandered Andy.

Andy could no longer laugh aloud.

But he still wanted to fight. “Everyone, get out. I want to speak to Mr. Royden alone.”

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