Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Nothing Owed

“How did she go back?”

“Ms. Eyer… didn’t say.” As soon as Miles said it, Edgar took big strides and chased after her. When Gigi heard that Jean had left, she rushed to the hall on the first floor to wait for Edgar.

She saw him rush out from the elevator, raging with gritted teeth. Holding her coffee cup, she took a few steps forward and closed her eyes, pretending to faint. She collapsed in the hall. “Ms. Reece!”

Edgar had already rushed to the revolving doors when he heard the movement behind him. He had no choice but to stop. After all, the child in Gigi’s womb was his!

He frowned and clenched his fist. He cried out, “Chase after her in a car and send her back safely.”

“Yes, Mr. Royden.” Miles immediately ran out. He didn’t ask the driver to chase after her. He personally drove instead. Only that way could he make up for his faults.

Thankfully, there was only one asphalt road that could be used. He quickly caught up to Jean, who was on foot.

“Ms. Eyer, please. You must get in the car.” Miles gripped the steering wheel, and his expression was unbelievably serious.

Jean waved. “No need to trouble you. I’m fine.”

She didn’t want to take up any more of Edgar’s kindness.

Otherwise, she couldn’t repay it in the future. After all, she still wanted to tread on Edgar ruthlessly.

Miles didn’t plan on giving up. He continued, “Ms. Eyer, please get in. If not, I’m afraid I have to follow you at this speed. There might be traffic on this road because of this.”

Jean was just about to say that there weren’t many cars on this road when she turned to see a truck coming.

She suddenly recalled the accident.

She subconsciously opened the car door and got into the car.

Miles had completed half of his task. He breathed a sigh of relief.

“Ms. Eyer, should I send you to the old Eyer Residence?” Miles asked tentatively.

Jean frowned. “Edgar receives news so quickly.”

He had already heard about it when the court had just returned the old Eyer Residence to her. In this world, what else didn’t that man know about?”

Miles gripped the steering wheel. He didn’t say anything.

Half an hour later, Miles saw Jean enter the old Eyer Residence with his own two eyes. He secretly arranged for a few bodyguards and left after making sure that nothing was wrong.

At the time, Gigi was lying on a double bed in the hotel and crying incessantly.

“I don’t agree to breaking off the engagement! Edgar, I’m carrying your child in my womb. You can’t be so irresponsible,” Gigi declared, “if you’re really going to be so ruthless, I…”

“You still insist on marrying me even if I don’t have you in my heart at all?” Edgar looked at her. Coldness was immersed in his voice. His gaze slowly swept down and landed on her bulging lower abdomen.

Gigi was frightened by his gaze. She backed away unconsciously.

The man got up, and his deep, sharp eyes stared straight at her face. “I don’t remember what happened at all on the night you became pregnant with this child.”

Did he suspect something?

Gigi’s heart was in her throat. She even forgot to pretend to cry.

She had imagined many times how she should answer Edgar when he was suspicious about it, but when faced with it, it was hard for her to calm down.

Because the coldness in his eyes made her gasp for air.

“Don’t force my hand.”

Being responsible for the future of this child was his final limit.

He suddenly turned and walked out.

Gigi’s strained emotions relaxed in that instant. She trembled as she sighed. Her cell phone rang, it was Winnie.

Gigi answered the call, annoyed. “What is it?”

“Gigi, your dad has fallen sick because of Royden Group removing their capital. How’s your discussion going with Edgar? Don’t ever infuriate him. Give birth to the child safely!” Winnie urged her carefully.

Without the support of Royden Group, what the Reece family had while they were in debt was only enough for them to eat a meal in prison.

Gigi frowned. “I don’t care. I’m content with staying by Edgar’s side. Don’t drag me down with you.”

Winnie was speechless at being berated.

Like father, like daughter. Gigi was a world of difference compared to Jean.

It was like a difference of clouds and mud.

Looking at Sam, who was still unconscious, she gritted her teeth. “Anyway, I’ve said what I needed to say. I’ve almost finished spending the money that Andy sent to us. Think of a way soon.”

Gigi was hopeless. If she continued on this way, the Reece family was going to fall.

Winnie looked at Sam. There wasn’t any of his usual gentleness and care.

“The two of you are mud that can’t be stuck on the wall. To protect myself, I don’t have any other way. Since we’re husband and wife, don’t blame me.”

Holding the branded bag that Sam had bought for her, Winnie turned and walked out.

Seeing Winnie leave in a rush, the nurse reminded her out of the kindness of her heart. “The hospital fees for Bed 307 needs to be paid.”

Unexpectedly, Winnie ignored the nurse and walked into the elevator.

But because of Sam’s identity, the hospital never thought that he would default on hospital fees.

That night, Edgar received a collections call.

Because when Sam was admitted into the hospital, Andy filled in Edgar’s contact details when he was filling in forms.

“What did you say?” The man stood at a full-length window with coldness in his eyes.

“Your dad’s hospital fees need to be settled.”

Edgar took a deep breath in. The average person wouldn’t know his number. It shouldn’t be a scam call.

He asked in a deeper voice, “What’s his name?”

“Sam Reece. Pay up in time. Otherwise, we will stop his medicine.”

The nurse hung up after that.

Edgar held his cell phone and pondered at his spot for a long time. Was the Reece family really treating him like an ATM?

But he hadn’t investigated what had happened previously with the leak of information, and the incident this time…

He had someone he suspected, but he was just feeling apprehensive.


The man shouted at the door, but no one responded.

He suddenly recalled that Miles was sending Jean back. The man’s cold face was reflected in the window. Emotions were flying around in his head.

He had done what he needed to. Was it possible for a new beginning between them?

But there were some things that he couldn’t undo.

No matter how Jean decorated it, the house was empty at the old Eyer Residence.

Shadows of good memories in the past surrounded her. As the night went on, she was still feeling awake. She could only take medicine to force herself to sleep.

She also knew that the people outside had been sent by Edgar to protect her.

But if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have been sucked into these matters. Was it Andy or other people who wanted to deliberately destroy the partnership between Royden Group and Eyer Group?

If she could make use of the relationship between them that was falling to pieces, maybe there would be a turn for the better!

Early the next day, Jean rushed to Royden Group with Mr. Martin.

“Ms. Eyer, are you sure that you want to sue Royden Group?” Mr. Martin had an uncomfortable expression. “It’s not that I don’t want to take your case. It’s just that there’s no need to hit a snag with matters that already have a decided result. As far as I know, it hasn’t been easy for Eyer Group to come so far. You should appreciate it.”

“That’s right. That’s why I have to take back what I deserve.”

Jean smiled and waved her cell phone. “I have evidence. Let’s see who will have a higher buying price.”

“Ms. Eyer… Are you setting me up by bringing me along to Royden Group?”

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