Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 250

Chapter 250 As Expected

He was so close to her. So close that Jean could hear his heart beating clearly. Suddenly, she could no longer think straight. She gritted her teeth and pushed him hard.

“That is my business. You have no right to interfere.” A trace of disappointment flashed across Edgar’s eyes. But it disappeared quickly.

He refrained from showing his feelings, then nodded lightly. “That’s right.” The bright moonlight shrouded the two of them. Neither of them spoke again. “Gigi and I…”

Before Edgar could finish himself, a knock sounded on the door. Miles’ voice was heard outside the door. “Mr. Royden, we have found everything out.”

“Come in.” Edgar rubbed his eyebrows, then went to the sofa at the side to sit.

Miles brought Mr. Gary and the others in. When they entered the room, they saw a messy bed, the dim light, Jean sitting on the bed and Edgar who was sitting at a side sullenly.

The few of them took a deep breath.

Miles was even more anxious. Would he be able to keep his job after this?

Edgar saw them keeping silent. He scolded, “Well, speak up!”

“Mr. Royden, we have checked the car GPS and everyone’s phone. We found out that someone had installed a locator and a hearing bug on Mr. Gary and Mr. Jenkin’s phone. We suspect that a spy had been secretly stealing business information.”

“Those who were chasing after Mr. Gary and Ms. Eyer were found as well. They were all illegal immigrants. They have not revealed anything yet.”

“Who is the largest suspect?” Edgar glared at them. “I want results.”

His character had always been like that.

All of them looked at Miles at the same time.

“If we do not have other new evidence, it is probably Mr. Shaw.” Miles spoke as he looked at Mr. Gary.

Mr. Gary and the others quickly supported Miles’ theory.

“We have thought about it carefully. The person who is most likely to have leaked about this site visit would be Mr. Shaw’s assistant.”

“It couldn’t be anyone else other than him.”

Edgar narrowed his eyes. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

Mr. Gary trembled all over.

He quickly gave a ninety degree bow and said solemnly, “Mr. Royden, we wouldn’t dare to make any wild guesses. But this definitely has something to do with Mr. Shaw’s assistant!”

“Would your answer be the same if it were someone else questioning you?”


Only then, Edgar’s face softened a little. He raised his hand. Miles immediately led all of them out.

All of them sighed in relief as soon as the door was closed.

Especially Mr. Gary. He had been following Jean the whole day and was already under a lot of stress. Now, even though he was finally safe, he still had to face Edgar’s interrogation.

It seems like he is terribly in need of some anti-anxiety pills!

Miles, on the other hand, immediately notified the hotel to send a set meal for two and a bottle of red wine to Edgar’s room.

When Mr. Gary heard Miles’ orders, he could not help but give Miles a thumbs up. “Mr. Miller, you are indeed the best. You can still stay calm and do your job when the situation is like this.”

Miles put on a reluctant smile and left quickly.

He knew better who his boss cared about most.

Moreover, he was doing this to protect his own job.

Sure enough, when Jean saw the table full of dishes, she forgot her dissatisfaction toward the man temporarily. She began to eat hungrily.

The frown on Edgar’s face slowly dissipated as he watched her eat happily.

When Jean was finally full from eating and drinking, she put down her chopsticks and got ready to leave.

“The roads nearby are all under construction. Do you plan to walk back to the city?” He reminded Jean lightly and ruined her thought of leaving.

“Then you go out.”

Jean glanced at Edgar warily.

Edgar’s face darkened. “Fine.”

She could only sleep peacefully if he left. But he could not trust her to stay safe alone after all that happened today.

“Go to sleep.”

He reminded before closing the door.

Jean leaned her ear against the door after he left. When she was certain that the sound of his footsteps was getting further and further away, she turned back and looked at the empty suite. She finally took a deep sigh of relief.

She laid on the bed and fell asleep in no time.

Outside the suite, Edgar swiped his card and went in. He took off his coat and slept on the sofa in the living room.

He could only be sure that she was safe like this.

Early next morning.

Miles knocked on the door. “Mr. Royden, Mr. Shaw is here.”

Edgar raised his eyes and looked. Gigi was behind Andy. Both of them were walking toward him.

When Andy saw Edgar safe and sound, his frown grew deeper. But he first thing out of his mouth was concern for Edgar. “Are you alright? I came right after I received the news. Is there anything I can do to help?”

Edgar did not speak. He simply stared back at Andy.

Andy scratched his head anxiously. “Don’t look at me like that, Edgar. No matter how many disagreements I have with you about the company’s prospects, we have been partners for a long time. I, of all people, wish that you would live longer. If anything happens to you, I would be the largest suspect. Would I be so dumb as to hurt you and slander myself?”

This was also why Edgar was not sure if he was the one who plotted the accident.

Andy had always been a careful but arrogant person. If he dared to declare war with Edgar face to face, he wouldn’t stoop so low as to using these cheap tricks.

Moreover, the person whom he had targeted was Jean.

That was a more troublesome way he had taken. He should know too that if anything happened to Jean, it would be difficult for him to end things.

Andy looked at Gigi, who was crying behind him. He complained, “Your fiancée insisted that she followed my car here. I have nothing to do with her. I will wait for you downstairs.”

Then he turned around and left without even looking at Gigi.

Gigi, on the other hand, threw herself into Edgar’s arms. She cried messily, with snot and tears all over. “Edgar, why didn’t you answer my call? I was worried to death. I saw on the news that there were many accidents. I was so afraid that something had happened to you. I was so afraid that our child will have no father as soon as he is born.”

Her cries got worse in time. Nothing seemed to be able to stop her tears.

Edgar pressed onto her hand. He had already made himself clear the last time.

“Don’t cry.”

He was annoyed. He looked at the tightly closed room door. He had no choice but to bring Gigi out of the suite first.

Little did he know that Jean was already awake.

Ever since the catastrophe that befell the Eyer family, she could never sleep soundly. She would wake up at the slightest noise.

She had woke up just now when Miles knocked on the door.

She had overheard their conversation because the door wasn’t soundproof.

It was quiet again outside.

Jean looked at her own reflection in the mirror. Her eyes trembled as she smiled slightly. “Turns out that nothing’s different.”

It did not matter anymore if Edgar really cared about her.

After Edgar managed to settle Gigi down and returned to the suite, Jean was no longer in sight.

“Where is she?”

“Mr. Royden, Ms. Eyer has gone back to the city.” Miles knew that he was at fault. He frowned hard.

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