Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 249

Chapter 249 Humility

Edgar stood in place. He glared at Miles coldly. “I’ve told you to keep this a secret. How did Zenith and the Ludwigs know about this?”

“Mr. Royden, we did not release any information about this. But Ben Ludwig dispatched his men the moemtn he was unable to reach Miss Eyer.”

Edgar looked at the shadows far away and walked straight over. As soon as Jean appeared, Zenith Rocher and his son, Jenson, surrounded her. “Are you alright? Are you injured?”

“The ambulance is coming. You must have a complete body checkup. Jenson, you have to accompany her later!” “No problem, Dad. Don’t worry, I will make sure that Jean is fine.”

Jean was not sure how to react. But before she could say anything, Ben arrived in a hurry. “Jean, are you alright?”

He was sweating profusely and was soiled all over from his search for Jean. “I’m alright. Sorry for making all of you worry about me.”

“Why are you apologizing? This is not your fault. It’s a failure in management that almost caused a huge accident.” When Zenith saw Edgar walking toward them, he deliberately raised his voice so that he could hear it. “Some people are still not worried even though their company has internal problems. That would create larger troubles sooner or later. Luckily you weren’t hurt today, or I’d have investigated this matter thoroughly.”

Ben and Jensen glanced at Edgar at the same time.

“Mr. Ludwig is right. We have to investigate this matter thoroughly and punish those responsible.”

After speaking, he glanced at Jean. The look in his eyes was inexplicable. “Moreover, Eyer Group is now collaborating with our Royden Group. If Jean’s accident was planned, I will definitely find out who it was.”

When Zenith heard Edgar’s words, only then did his face become less tense.

Jean, however, frowned at Edgar for a while.

Why did he seem like he was on her side and was defending her?

Mr. Gary and the other two were found not far away. But they looked like a real mess, especially the driver, whose pants had been torn by a dog.

The three of them looked like they had been robbed.

But when they saw Jean suffering no injuries at all, and with Mr. Royden’s coat draped over her, their faces were full of admiration.

“Let me send you back, Jean.” Ben walked over to the other side of Jean to take her away.

Zenith quickly tapped his son’s shoulder. “Jensen, didn’t your mom tell you to send Jean back?”

Jensen nodded immediately. “Right. Let me send you back.”


Before Jean could say anything, Edgar said coldly, “The police have to conduct an interrogation for investigation. She cannot leave.”

“But she is already exhausted from the whole day. It’ll do no harm if she went to the station tomorrow.” Zenith quickly refuted.

Edgar pulled off his coat that was covering Jean and hung it over his arm. “Didn’t Mr. Rocher say that you’d punish those involved just now? Have you forgotten your words so soon?”

Zenith regretted the words he had spoken, but this matter was indeed urgent.

Jean shivered from the cold wind, having the coat taken away from her body all of a sudden.

“Mr. Rocher, Ben, don’t worry. I shall go for the interview first.”

Jean said and followed Edgar into his car.

Ben watched as the car left. Then he walked to his car as well.

The more Jensen thought about it, the more he felt that something was off.

He chased after Ben. “Don’t you feel something off about the look in Edgar’s eyes when he looked at Jean just now?”

It wasn’t how an ex-husband would look at his wife.

It was a strong desire. Moreover, how Edgar treated her was completely different from how he treated others.

Ben paused for a while. Then, he raised his eyes and looked at Jensen. He smiled, “What’s off?”


Jensen was suddenly at a loss for words.

But Ben’s question reminded him.

“It was the same as the look we have when we glance at Jean.” Ben answered. Then he got into his car, stepped onto the accelerator and left.

Jenson was left standing in place. He suddenly realized, “Does Edgar have the same intentions?”

In the car.

Edgar ordered the driver, “Drive carefully.”

The driver immediately decreased his speed.

Because the woman sleeping at the backseat was swaying side to side from the increasing speed of the car.

Edgar frowned. He gently placed her head on his shoulder. The car was now less shaky, and Jean was sleeping more soundly on his shoulder now.

She slept for two hours straight.

But when she woke up, she realized that Edgar had not taken her to the police station to record her statement. Instead, she was brought to a hotel in West City District.

There weren’t many guests in the hotel. It was probably because it was newly opened.

The initial plan for this place was for it to be a holiday villa. The rooms were renovated in a French design, which was romantic and warm. It was indeed a good experience to stay here for the night and have a few glasses of wine.

But Jean had no more time to care about this now.

She immediately got off her bed and walked out of the room.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Edgar talking to a few people.

They were all stunned when they saw Jean.

Jean immediately apologized, “I’m sorry, I went the wrong way!”

Then, she opened the door to get out.

“Hold on.”

Edgar stopped her. He got up and walked to her. His tone was the gentlest she had ever heard in her life. “I’m done. I will accompany you to rest.”

When he finished speaking, he put his hands on her shoulders, and pushed her into the room.

“Let go of me, you…”

“Those people are all managers of Reece Group. They are here to discuss a collaboration. Do you think what happened today is related to them?” He changed the subject immediately.

Jean stopped struggling. She thought hard.

But she wasn’t sure about her own decision.

“Those who were after me had a foreign accent. I’m not sure if they were hired, or if it was just a coincidence. Anything could happen at that place anyway.”

This was the fact.

Her judgment had a basis. But Edgar thought differently.

He stared at Jean attentively. “Where did you learn those things?”

“What?” Jean was surprised. She could not catch Edgar’s meaning.

“Jumping out of the car, avoiding certain routes and the way to leave marks.” He frowned. Initially, Jean’s performance at the Fashion Week abroad had caught his attention.

But she was performing self-defense at that time. It was a different situation this time.

She made him feel like she had learnt those survival skills a long time ago. So, over time, it had become an instinct for her.

The sharp, poking look in his eyes made Jean very uncomfortable.

She turned away. “I don’t understand what you’re saying. I just did whatever came to my mind. Is there a place where you can learn that?”

Her nonchalance made Edgar even more curious.

But before he could probe any further, his phone rang.

Jean could see who was calling. She felt disgusted, so she immediately walked away.

Little did she expect that Edgar would chase her. He caught her arm, and as he pulled her, the two of them fell onto the bed.

His chin rested on her neck. He spoke in a low voice. “If I did everything that would make you happy, would you spare me one more look?”


“Then, what about, can you stay away from Ben and Jensen?”

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