Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Survival Instincts

Jean walked toward the bridge hole. She studied it for a while, then compared it to Mr. Gary’s tie on the tree.

“The distance is just right. If the rescue team comes, they will be able to spot it right away. If someone else other than the rescue team sees it, we will be saved too.”

Mr. Gary was puzzled. “Who else will come other than the rescue team?”

Jean lowered her head and moved the branches under her foot. “There are still buildings and houses around this area. There are no surveillance cameras around, and there is no signal here. Anything can happen.”

They were lucky that they had only ran into a group of stray dogs.

Humans were the scariest creatures on Earth. Especially humans who are left with no other choices.

They would do anything to stay alive.

“Mr. Gary, was our route to the site predetermined?”

“…Yes. We decided it during the company’s meeting.” Mr. Gary stared at Jean for a few seconds before shaking his head. “It wouldn’t be planned by someone, would it?”

Jean smiled. “We don’t know for sure.”

It was not a hard task to stage a car accident.

Especially for someone powerful like Andy.

Jean narrowed her eyes. If this was a scheme plotted by someone in secret, then tonight would not be a quiet night. They might not even be able to wait for the rescue team’s arrival.

Mr. Gary was a smart person too. After hearing Jean’s words, he muttered in a low voice. “Well, Mr. Shaw’s assistant did ask…”

As soon as he finished his words, he widened his eyes in surprise. “Ms. Eyer, do you think that we have a mole in our company? And that mole is Mr. Shaw? That’s impossible.”

Jean lowered her head. She wasn’t sure whose side Mr. Gary was on.

“I didn’t say that. I was just asking you about the company’s arrangements.”

This reason sounded legit.

Mr. Gary swallowed hard. He wiped off the cold sweat that broke on his forehead. “Right. You didn’t ask me anything! I didn’t say anything as well!”

It was a windy night. It was not wind-proof under the bridge, but it provided them with some shelter.

Mr. Gary squatted on the floor. He was already too exhausted.

Jean tilted her head and saw someone heading toward the tree from afar.

But it was only one person.

Jean narrowed her eyes. She intuitively stepped back and hid.

Unfortunately, Mr. Gary was lowering his head at that moment. He accidentally hit a branch beside him. “Ah!”

The person noticed their presence when he heard Mr. Gary’s shout.

“You can’t do anything right.” Jean stretched her hand out and grabbed Mr. Gary’s arm. “Run!”

She had seen the terrain nearby. She knew where to hide.

Mr. Gary broke out in cold sweat from fear. “Ms. Eyer, who is chasing after us?”

“I don’t know.”

Jean didn’t bother explaining.

She was not sure of the person’s identity. Moreover, they had no time to waste by talking.

“Then do we still have to run? I can’t run anymore.”

Jean replied coldly. “Your choice.”

She continued to run ahead. Not long after, she heard Mr. Gary wailing.

Jean had no more energy left. She had no choice but to look for a place to rest.

She had a vague sight of three or four men grouped together. They had a foreign accent. “That wrench! She can really run, and knew to use this method to call for help. Luckily, I found it.”

“She cannot run any further. We should split up and chase her down!”

Jean bent down to hide in the midst of the bushes. She dared not make a single noise in fear that she would be found.

About five to six minutes later, she raised her head to check the situation. But she suddenly felt a presence behind her.

She immediately took a sharp branch and held it in her hand.

That person touched her shoulder. She turned around swiftly and pierced the branch out with her right hand.

“It’s me.”

He dodged, but his arm was scratched.


Jean could not see his face clearly, but she could recognize his voice. “Why are you here?”

Was Andy after the whole Royden Group? Was he really so bold to even plot against Edgar?

Edgar’s eyes seemed even colder under the dim moonlight.

After making sure for himself that she was fine and still had the strength to protect herself, only then did the anxiousness in his eyes disappear.

“We got onto the wrong route too.” He simply answered, then looked in the direction behind Jean. “Is someone after you?”

Her tense and defensive stance made him concerned.

Moreover, the stick in her hand… If he wasn’t the first person to find her, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Yes. Three or four foreigners. I couldn’t see their faces clearly.” Jean simply answered, then put the branch in her pocket.

She turned around and looked, “There is no signal in this area and we haven’t heard from the rescue team yet. I believe that…”

“Follow me.”

Before she could finish speaking, Edgar put his coat over her, and grabbed her wrist.

He had left some clues for Miles and his assistants about where he was headed to on the way here.

But after taking a few steps, Jean shook him. “Don’t you think that it’s a little too quiet here?”

The man tilted his head. His eyes were dark.

Before Jean could explain further, he pulled her into his embrace forcefully.

She raised her head to resist him.

He lowered his eyes and voice. His tone was cold. “Someone’s here.”

Jean dared not move. She laid in his arms. Both of them would be discovered if she moved.

It was the few foreigners Jean saw. One of them had discovered the clue left behind by Edgar.

Jean raised her head and glared at him fiercely.

She seemed to blame him for that!

Edgar nodded helplessly. He mouthed silently, “My fault.”

Jean was reluctant to fight him. She frowned as she watched those people, and carefully listened for any movements.

But the loudest and nearest sound she could hear was Edgar’s heartbeat.

It was steady and powerful. It was as if each beat could pound into her soul.

Jean could not help the urge to move backwards and hide from him.

But the man stopped her. He shook his head lightly.

As they were situated in such a special circumstance, Jean could only stay still.

Edgar leaned his jaw on her head. The man’s thin lips curved upwards into a smile.

“There is no one! Could it be just a random scribble by someone?”

“Continue looking.” The leader said. “Their people are almost here. Hurry.”

When Edgar heard this, he gave Jean a tighter hug.

Jean did not resist.

Both of them waited in place for quite a while. Jean could feel her body stiffen.

She raised her head slowly and whispered, “Are they gone?”

She could not see them from her angle.

Edgar replied, “Not yet.”

He turned to his own personal desires, and only let go of Jean reluctantly when he saw Miles’ car.

“We’re safe.”

Jean immediately took a step back and kept a distance from him.

The man frowned. Was she so anxious get away from him as soon as they were out of danger?

It made him unhappy. But there was more to come behind.

“Mr. Royden, the rescue team’s car broke down. It’ll half an hour before they can arrive. The Rocher and Ludwig family have dispatched their personal bodyguards. Zenith Rocher is coming himself too.”

“Is Mr. Rocher coming as well?” Jean hurried over.

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