Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Common Sense

Mr. Gary looked at the gradually darkened skies. He frowned and looked at the time, “We are already forty minutes late. Are we using the right route?”

“Mr. Gary, there was a mistake with the GPS just now, so we can only use the highway until we get a signal. Then, we can determine our location and direction.” The assistant answered right away.

Jean looked at the weeds by the roadside. “This direction should be right. That is City River, but… I remember that there is a piece of swamp area here.”

“Ms. Eyer, you don’t have to worry. Ray is a local.”

Jean looked at the lights outside the window. She quietly unbuckled herself.

“Mr. Royden, we have lost contact with everyone in that car. Their GPS is not showing an accurate location too. We only know what they are headed toward West City District.”

“They couldn’t be stuck in the swamp, could they?” Someone suggested.

The man’s look became stern instantly. He ordered coldly. “Find them. Immediately.”

“Yes, Mr. Royden!”

They were still empty handed after half an hour.

Royden Group immediately formed several small groups and started to search the whole way to West City District.

“Are you going too, Mr. Royden?” Miles was a little hesitant. “You still have to meet with Mr. Wilson tomorrow. If anything happens…”

Edgar frowned and continued to walk down the hill.

He remembered that Jean was just wearing a thin coat. The night was cold. He had to find her as soon as possible.

“Mr. Royden, careful!”

Edgar stepped into the wet mud. “Are there any tire marks nearby?”

“Yes. But they stop here. They must have changed route, or… sunk into the swamp.” The employee’s voice got lower and lower, because Edgar’s look was too terrifying.

The man’s cold eyes looked pitch black under the dim moonlight.

“Mr. Royden, the rescue search team is almost here. Please return to the car first for your own safety.” Miles tried to advise Edgar even though he knew he might get scolded.

Others might not know this, but as Edgar’s personal assistant, he knew what would happen if they did not find Jean.

“Continue searching.”

Edgar merely said these words, then took his coat and headed downhill.

He cannot put Jean’s life in danger.

“Both of you follow Mr. Royden.”


However, because Edgar was too anxious to find Jean, his employee soon lost him. Moreover, their phones had no signal.

Both the employees had no other choice. One stayed back while the other headed back to inform Miles about this—Mr. Royden was lost too!

The dead leaves cackled when they were stepped on.

Jean tilted her head and looked at the small bonfire before her. The three people beside her all suffered injuries.

“Want some?” Jean waved the branch in her hand. A roasted sweet potato was on it.

The three of them looked at her pitifully and nodded eagerly.

Jean was happy to see their reaction. “Great. Your brain is not frozen yet. But I found this sweet potato, so I shall eat it myself.”

“Can you give us some…”

“No.” Jean refused right away without waiting for him to even speak.

Nobody knew how long it would take for the rescue team to find them. She had to stay strong, and not be dragged down by these three fools. She had warned them about the swamp nearby, but they hadn’t heeded her advice.

When their car rolled downhill, Jean managed to jump out of the car in time. So, she only suffered from minor scratches and did not have any huge injuries.

The three of them, however, had bruises all over them. Jean had to pull them out of the swamp. But now, they wanted her to share her dinner! Are they out of their minds?

If it wasn’t for their mistake, she wouldn’t have had to suffer from hunger out here in the cold. Jean ate faster the more she thought about it. The other three people salivated as they watched her eat.

But Jean had no intention of sharing her food with them at all.

The three starving and injured men gasped the cold air in pain.

“What bad luck to be stranded in this deserted area with no signal.”

Jean was tired of listening to their complaints. She got up and cleaned after herself. Then, she stomped out the fire with her foot.

“What are you doing?” The driver shouted. “Are you going to let us freeze to death?”

Jean could not help but roll her eyes at the three drowsy men. “Are the three of you confident that you’ll be able to watch this fire all night without falling asleep? If the fire gets out of control, this whole forest will burn down. Do you want to be burnt to death?”


The driver had no words to refute. He sat back and muttered to himself.

Jean ignored him. She went to the other side of the tree and sat down. She glanced at the dark, endless sky. There were no stars at all that night.

She tightened her coat around herself. Suddenly, she heard the rustling sound of footsteps.

They sounded faint but were getting nearer and nearer.

She turned around and saw those three men. She frowned and walked to them.

“Get up.”

“Don’t you even think of snatching our spots!”

Jean turned around and said, “Fine, then you can continue sitting there.”

The three men exchanged glances. Mr. Gary was the first to stand up and follow Jean downhill. The driver and the employee continued to squat in place.

However, a few minutes later, they screamed and ran. “Dogs!”

It wasn’t a pet dog, but a group of stray dogs that roamed nearby. They were searching for food.

Jean and Mr. Gary were heading in the opposite way from them. They could hear the two screaming from afar, but they did not have to run.

Mr. Gary took a huge gasp of air. He was fortunate to have made the right choice!

Those two definitely had worse luck than him.

Mr. Gary smiled. “How did you know, Ms. Eyer?”

“Common sense.”

Jean simply replied and continued to focus on her footing to find a path.

Mr. Gary followed her carefully. He dared not make an extra movement nor ask more questions. He kept telling himself that perhaps this was the reason Edgar had chosen her as his woman.

“Mr. Gary.”

“Yes!” Mr. Gary replied enthusiastically when he heard Jean calling for him. “What’s the matter, Ms. Eyer?”

“Can you lend me your tie?”

Mr. Gary lowered his head and looked at his tie. Then he immediately took it off. “No problem.”

Jean took the tie and twisted it. Then, she swung it in circles before hurling it hard. The tie caught one of the higher branches. Its silver stripes were eye-catching when it caught the light as the tie swayed in the wind.

“That way, the rescue team will be able to find us.” Jean was quite satisfied.

Mr. Gary nodded reluctantly. He had just bought that tie!

“Ms. Eyer, what should we do now? Find them?”

Jean looked at the bridge hole and answered, “No.”


Mr. Gary immediately shook his head. “I’ll follow you!”

But he had a larger doubt in his heart. Jean was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. How did she manage to get so much ‘common sense’?

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